Sarah Palin: The Rosa Parks of Guns?

Folks at the National Rifle Association are celebrating what some are calling the “Palin effect” — a sharp rise in female membership in the NRA and gun ownership generally due to the rise of Sarah Palin. According to the article below, the Palin effect has encouraged new design and marketing efforts by gun manufacturers vis-a-vis women customers.

The article recounts how Regis Giles, 18, has become a hit with women in recounting her shooting of animals on her blog. (“Thwoop-pow! He is hit hard! He’s running! Get up! Run!… I Shoot, reload, shoot, reload, shoot.”). The closest thing we have on this blog is watching Nal find typos in my morning postings.

Diane Danielson of the NRA’s Women On Target program, say that Palin is responsible for an increase of 20 percent in female membership 20 per cent and “the NRA teaching 10,000 new women a year to shoot, and making more girls want to take up hunting.”

It is sort of like Jane Goddall as a role model . . . except you go and shoot the chimpanzees and then run for governor of Alaska.

Notably, Palin continues to appeal to an extremely narrow part of our society with her unfavorable numbers continuing to rise — and not just among Caribou. Methinks the most likely presidency in her future is that of the NRA.

Source: Daily Mail

24 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: The Rosa Parks of Guns?”

  1. eniobob,

    Lol – tells us how you really feel about Christie!


    tommie Gun,


  2. I actually would PREFER to hunt PEOPLE…ANIMALS are MUCH Better! NOW…I am a MARINE and as far as I am CONCERNED the NRA SUCKS …BIGTIME!,s why…SINCE O,BUMMER was ELECTED into OFFICE NO ONE can ADVERTISE or SELL a GUN in ANY NEWSPAPER!!! HAS the NRA done anything about this….HELL NO….and they wont! Get on can FIND ENDLESS SEX of ANYKIND..BUT you CANT BUY or SELL GUNS..try the Daily Journal in Franklin, In…NO buy or SELL Guns! THIS is NOT right and the NRA has DONE NOTHING to HELP gunners out. IF these places sell Knives, saws,forks,picks.paint ball guns and all that..why not GUNS..these items and MORE can KILL you…SEX on CL will KILL you but ..WHERE are the CHICKEN SHIT NRA…I will NEVER be a MEMBER of these PUSSIES!!!

  3. More Real!!

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