Obama Administration Pledges To Hold Gaddafi Accountable For War Crimes

In an announcement that has many civil libertarians charging hypocrisy, the Obama Administration has gone public with a commitment to hold Moammar Gaddafi accountable for war crimes. This is the same Administration that has been denounced internationally for blocking any prosecution of Bush officials, including Bush himself, for alleged torture and war crimes. This includes the recently disclosed communications with the Spanish government revealing that the Obama Administration pressured Spain to shutdown its own war crimes inquiry.

U.S. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley insisted that the Administration would insist on the full investigation and prosecution of Gaddafi and his family. Crowley insisted “[w]e are going to hold him accountable.”

To be sure, the Bush Administration did not commit the wide array of atrocities of the Gaddafi. However, the Administration is claiming the very authority over alleged war crimes that it blocked in Spain. The announcement is likely to increase the view around the world that the United States applies one law to itself and one law to the rest of the world.

Source: CNN

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  1. @ AY
    This is the old seamus. I just don’t post too much stuff any more. I get too angry. I still reading your posts. Trying to behave myself.

  2. My view is that the “wise Old Men” of foreign policy, that helped the President start on this course and Obama himself, actually don’t understand the irony of this position. They are oblivious to their own hypocrisy and truly believe in its’ wisdom. This could be the most frightening aspect of all.

  3. Is this the Old seamus or a New one? If the Old where have you been posting….under what name?

  4. @ Catch22oy

    How can the US refer Ghadaffi to the ICC if the US is not a member of the ICC?? I guess the hypocrite in chief is just endorsing the UN’s decision to refer Ghadaffi to the ICC.

    Meanwhile, back at Gitmo…..

  5. The aspect that has me LMFAO is that a lot of these so called “law makers” carry on as if they believe that they’ve be appointed as God’s deputies. In the words of the one who they claim to follow….”remove the plank from your own eye before you attempt to help your brother remove the sliver from his”…

  6. This action by Obama is the very definition of American exceptionalism.

    This has been well practiced for many decades now – it’s who we are. The entire world seems to know this save for the population of the United States.

  7. I want to see video of the President making that statement ’cause I’m betting he couldn’t keep a straight face.

  8. kadaffi can be held accountable for his actions

    he’s muslim

    different rules

  9. Let’s review:

    Supports the Use of Torture and Extraordinary Rendition

    Refuses to Close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center

    Resumed Military tribunals

    Pledges To Hold Gaddafi Accountable For War Crimes; while allowing Bush and Cheney to slide…

    Continues to Suspend Habeas Corpus without the existence of insurrection or rebellion

    Defending Warrantless Wiretapping; 4th Amendment be damned

    Issued an Executive Order Authorizing Extrajudicial Execution of American Citizens

    Change you can believe in; eh?

    Better a tyrannical democrat than a tyrannical republican?

    On what planet is that an argument?

    “Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others.” — Dostoevsky

  10. rafflaw,

    Bush’s evil twin could be Gaddafi!?”

    Lol – Gaddafi or … Satan!

  11. Pride comes before the fall……just like the Egyptians of antiquity, Greeks, Romans, etc…… She’s circlin’ the drain folks time to wake-up.

  12. This is the same Obama that had the gall to sign off on a UNSC resolution referring Gadaffi to the ICC, a body the U.S. doesn’t recognize, while carving out an exception to protect Xe, Dyncorp, & co.

  13. Maybe Obama should start with the Man in the Mirror. How about those drones in pakistan?

  14. So, let’s see…it’s hard to know where to begin there is so much material here.. So, I guess let’s put it real simple…

    IF Muammar is a WAR CRIMINAL – then CHIMPY BUSH and DARTH CHEEEEENEY are TOO! OR, are we (Americans) saying there ARE TWO SETS OF RULES??

    BUBBA ‘BAMA BEST STFU before he gets ahead of himself here because the American public (not dems or rethugs) but EVERYBODY has a LONG memory regarding criminal double-talk on this subject.

  15. Try Bush for torture and war crimes.. there’s an amusing thought.
    How about you get to the point and try him for genocide (at home and abroad) or treason.

    I guess it’s too much for justice to remove the bloody blindfold and get ‘er done already… They’re probably awaiting the new millennium, you know, get the timing right. Timing is very important in politics, euh I mean, justice.

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