Israel To Seek $20 Billion More in U.S. Aid

As cities and states shutdown basic programs and sell off parks and lands due to a lack of money, Israel will ask the U.S. for $20 billion in additional military aid. This is being supported by various members of Congress and the Administration, who continue to spend wildly abroad while demanding cuts in education, the environment, and other programs at home.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal Defense Minister Ehud Barak has said that the unrest in the Arab world requires billions more from the United States for Israel. Israel had criticized the United States for not propping up dictators like Mubarak.

Israel already receives $3 billion in military aid a year from the U.S. — an amount criticized by some as excessive, particularly in these difficult economic times. Ron Paul has sought to end foreign aid to countries like Israel and Egypt. Not only was that proposal defeated, but an increase in aid is likely to be approved.

In the meantime, Americans continue to struggle financially as their leaders spend billions of dollars abroad. I believe in foreign aid but there has to be some logical limit when citizens are being told that their cities and states are near or at bankruptcy.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. 20 billion from our tax-payers? I’m sure they’ll get it, I just want the name of the traitorous politician that provides it so the public can hold him respondsible. Israel can hit up the jewish owned federal reserve or the Rothchilds if they need more money for their genocidal schemes. We should do everything possible to disarm Israel, not support them.

  2. Turley has conveniently omitted where we have sent more than a trillion dollars not merely in money but the lives of American men and women: Iraq and Afghanistan. In his haste to throw the rocks at Israel, he has also overlooked the fact a lot comes backin terms of science, medical advancements and the avoidance of our men and woment to fight their battles. If Israel has reached the economic heights Turley asserts in such a short time, despite continued assaults from its neighbors and the need to be ready for them, then she has indeed earned her place. I don’t see Turley arguing about the tens of billions we send to the Arab nations who also have us fighting their battles for them.

  3. israel is not the 51st state. if they cannot get along with their neighbors it isn’t our fault or our business. we have enough problems of our own.

  4. Recently Pope Benedict stated in his new book: that the Jews are not collectively to blame for Christ’s death. He didn’t state that certain Jews were to blame. Therein lies the rub, that’s why many people hate jews.

  5. 20 billion is 1.6% of what we are actually spending on defense this year.

    Can we possibly get exercised on the 98.4% of our wasteful military spending that doesn’t go to Israel, or is stoking the fires of antisemitism that fucking stimulating?

  6. “And they rule your community and mine, and they get away with everything !The jews own the world and the people in it, we are their puppets”

    Is that you, Mel Gibson?

  7. No Luna, they, the Jews, don’t rule everyones community, get away with everything, own the world or eat babies on high holy days (Insert Dick Cheney joke here) but they are still the old, go-to scapegoat for a lot of people and groups that wish them harm and, in fact wish you harm too.

    Your attitude needs an adjustment, how’s this: if you postulate that an attempted genocide 60 years ago can no longer be used to excuse today’s bad acts by a nationalist/religious state I’ll agree with you without hesitation. But, but, you have to agree that the foundation-less propaganda and villainous lies of 60 years ago that helped caused that near genocide can no longer be used to hate and fear an entire racial/ethnic/religious group.


  8. To Diogenes, have you ever heard of the genocide that took place in Germany during second WW ? Well thats what the World has to pay for – DEARLY – never mind the continuous Genocide that goes on EVERYWHERE, and rigth now. BUT they are NOT jews !! And they rule your community and mine, and they get away with everything !The jews own the world and the people in it, we are their puppets

  9. This khuzpah is out of bounds!

    Sometimes I think that the ruling-class there, in the “Jewish-Democracy,” keep an everlasting state of warfare because it is highly lucrative.

    BUT, why is OUR ruling-class going along with it? What do they gain?

  10. Frank said:

    “Keeping the settlements growing is a key part in maintaining the hate that stokes anti-American violence around the world. We need that hate as it gives us an excuse to maintain a military presence in the oil-rich region. Israel gets the $20B and the American public, head firmly planted deep in their large intestine, continues to believe they hate us for our freedom and that Islam is the problem.”

    Thank God some people “get it.”

    Please do keep writing, Frank.

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