NPR Fires Back: Analysis of O’Keefe Video Shows Highly Distorting Edits

In a little discussed release, National Public Radio has identified some alarming edits in the video footage released by James O’Keefe III — purportedly capturing NPR officials slamming conservatives and seemingly agreeing with radical Islamic funders. The analysis linked here shows a series of edits that produce a highly distorted picture, including the removal of statements defending conservatives and expressly warning that NPR’s coverage could never be influenced by financial support.

Ron Schiller’s comments appear heavily edited and sometimes taken out of order with immediately following material, according to the analysis.

For example, the tape released to the public shows Schiller laughing with the men as they described how their “organization sought to spread the acceptance of sharia across the world.” NPR notes that “[i]n reality, as the longer tape shows, that laughter follows an innocuous exchange as Schiller and Liley greet the two supposed donors at their table.” Other more disturbing claims of misleading edits are contained in the NPR analysis.

It make for interesting and disturbing reading.

Jonathan Turley

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  1. Elaine M,

    I see the little twerp is living beyond his means – I know some great bankruptcy attorney’s … lmao!

  2. Got some spare change that you’d like to donate to James O’Keefe so he can keep making those great “edited” videos that Fox News loves? Read on…

    From TPMMuckraker
    O’Keefe Says He Racked Up ‘Major Credit Card Debt,’ Needs To Raise $50K
    Ryan J. Reilly | March 23, 2011

    Conservative provocateur James O’Keefe, fresh off his sting operation aimed at NPR, “must raise $50,000 quickly to keep moving forward” he said in an e-mail to supporters.

    “Up ’til now, my friends and I have financed all of our work on our own — running up major credit card debt,” O’Keefe writes. “We made a lot of sacrifices — personally and financially — because we fight for what we believe in.”

    “But, now we’ve hit a wall. This has gotten a lot bigger than we ever imagined. The multi-billion dollar major media Goliath is embarrassed by their failure to make a meaningful impact like we have — that’s why they’re attacking us,” he writes.

    “It cost us about $50,000 when all is said and done to produce the NPR video,” O’Keefe said. “If you help us raise over $50,000, it will go toward our next video — after we pay off our credits cards, of course.”

    “If you help us pass $100,000 — we can do two new videos…” O’Keefe said. “…And if by some chance, we raise $1,000,000 — we could expose 20 disturbing cases of government abuse and corruption. But, all I’m worried about is $50,000 right now.”

    “Give what you can and take the Survey on Media Responsibility and Ethics. America needs The Project Veritas to grow quickly. But, we can’t continue, much less grow, unless we receive financial support soon.”

    The survey implores readers to donate and ask questions like “Do you think the mainstream media will have to embrace the tactics used by James O’Keefe’s The Project Veritas to be credible in the future?”

    “We’re ready and waiting to expose more government corruption. But — it all comes down to money,” O’Keefe writes in the e-mail to supporters.


    Here’s a link to O’Keefe’s email:

  3. Speaking of hypocrisy, here is more on a story we discussed earlier; An excerpt:

    Small government Republicans are at it again, normally these tax hating knuckle draggers hate the IRS; but now they want them to audit us if we have had an abortion.

    Lets see so far:

    1] They want us battered and bleeding enough so that rape can be determined.

    2] They want to allow hospitals to be able to let us die rather than help.

    3] They want to make our health care as unaffordable as possible.

    4] They want to remove access to contraception to millions.

    5] If we want to have an abortion we must first undergo an Inquisition.

    If all this fails they now want the IRS to investigate via HR3: No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

    So much for small government and the government staying out of our personal affairs. More here:****!!

  4. OS,
    O’keefe has already been shown to be a liar and manipulator. Now this article that Elaine provided us shows him as a hypocrite.

  5. I wish some enterprising soul with the proper technical and acting skills would set up a sting on that little weasel. Sauce for the goose and all that stuff.

    Ultimately, however, it will not take a sting. He is going to flame out pretty soon anyway. It is just that I would like to see a good “gotcha” on him before he does.

  6. From Asbury Park Press (3/18/2011)
    Hidden-camera activist James O’Keefe turns away APP videographer

    KEYPORT — James O’Keefe, the conservative activist known for his hidden-camera videos that have made headlines, apparently was not thrilled about the idea of being videotaped himself during a speech he gave Thursday evening.

    O’Keefe, who spoke to about 100 members of the Bayshore Tea Party and their supporters at Ye Cottage Inn, declined to be videotaped by an Asbury Park Press photographer who was there to cover the event.

    His wishes were communicated by Tea Party members at the event, who asked the photographer to leave.

  7. Stamford Liberal and frank-

    I have never copyrighted this brief rant:

    Go to hell. No particular reason this time. Just go to hell.”

    Consequently, it is in the public domain and may be used freely without my permission whenever you deem it appropriate.

  8. House votes to stop NPR fundingBy the CNN Wire Staff
    March 17, 2011 — Updated 1930 GMT (0330 HKT)

    NEW: The House votes to bar federal funding for National Public Radio

    NPR’s website says the broadcaster provides content to 900 independent stations


    The House voted earlier to cut $50 million from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supports NPR
    Past efforts to refund the CPB and NPR have failed
    Washington (CNN) — The House of Representatives passed legislation Thursday that would bar federal funding for National Public Radio — a longtime target of conservatives irritated by what they consider the outlet’s liberal bias.

    The bill passed 228-192 in a sharply partisan vote. Most Republicans backed the measure while every Democrat opposed it.

    While the measure was expected to pass the GOP-controlled House, it is believed to have little chance of clearing the Democratic-controlled Senate.

  9. Gee, I wonder what we would do without those video tape thingy’s, the internet tubes and stuff …

    “New NPR tape: NPR director admits to having received Soros money for years…”

    — Right-wing activist James O’Keefe, 3/17/11


    “This American RadioWorks documentary aired on All Things Considered® from NPR News and was made possible through major funding by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Florence and John Schumann Foundation, with additional project support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Open Society Institute, the Sandler Family Supporting Foundation, the U. S. Institute for Peace, and the Glaser Family Foundation.”

    — NPR press release, 4/06/01, announcing funding from George Soros’s Open Society Institute

    Courtesy of The Progress Report

  10. Lottakatz.

    I think this is an appropriate thread to expand on my earlier comment about the excessively narrow popular definitions for the words “racist” and “racism”.

    To talk sensibly about any issue requires a meaningful vocabulary that is shared by all involved in the discussion. Unfortunately it the nature of human nature that no such universally shared and meaningful vocabulary exists for talking about racism and other prejudicial -isms.

    Most of the things that most people believe about racism are fallacies. There may be a minority of maybe less than 5% of the population that attach appropriate definitions to the terms “racist” and “racism” but these 5% have little hope of communicating with the other 95%. Ideas from some among this 5% can be found at Rev Alan Bean’s excellent “Friends of Justice” blog and I recommend anyone seriously interested in learning how racism works to browse the archives of Alan’s site.

    Most people see racists as racism as things that existed in the far past or if in the present then far away, they refuse to admit the legitimacy of using the words except for what I would describe as a certain type of extreme racism practiced by a certain type of extreme racist. But racism comes in multiple strengths. Also while one might postulate using a single number to summarize the racism characteristics of a single individual, what one might term the absolute value or modulus of racism for that individual, such a concept is far from adequate. Racism has multiple aspects or dimensions and at minimum one would require a vector of dimenseion N (where N is an integer) and where different people would disagree on how big N needs to be.

    An example, when I was at at St Andrews College at Sydney University I noticed that one of the medical students several years ahead of me seemed from his frequent use of derogatory terms for black people to be an extreme anti-black racist. However I later observed that he spent a lot of time with two students from Ghana or Nigeria who were fellow members of the college athletic team. I came to the conclusion that his habits of racist speech were the result of his coming from rural Australia and that he failed to connect the words with the racist concepts.

    It is possible for a person who peppers his speech with the words “nigger” and “Coon” to be less of an anti-Negro racist than someone who is careful to keep his speech polite and politically correct. Alan Bean at FOJ has many articles demonstrating how Southern politicians and officers of the legal system manage to act in a manner that a genuinely open minded observer would conclude involve discrimination against minorities motivated by prejudice but against whom the terms “racist” cannot be deployed because of a new right-wing counterpart of political correctness. In the case of NPR adherence to this right wing orthodoxy caused the preemptive surrender and a failure to defend against O’Keefe’s misleadingly edited tapes.

  11. rafflaw,

    “the Tea Party is not racist, they just like white people only.”

    Lmao – one trait you forgot … white CHRISTIAN people only 🙂

  12. Whoa! Didn’t see this coming!

    Even the liberal Huffington Post
    by Doug Hill

    I never liked Huffington Post. It always seemed like a dumber, more celebrity-obsessed version of Politico. So this doesn’t surprise me (via):

    Bloggers have been coming and going very rapidly over at Huffington Post since Arianna Huffington sold out to AOL last month. There has been mounting speculation about the death of the once liberal-leaning HuffPo in light of editorial changes. Well, we can now confirm that the old HuffPo is dead and something hideous is sprouting in its place. We know this because of the revelation today that right-wing extremist Andrew Breitbart is now blogging for Huffington.

    And what has Breitbart chosen to write about in is premiere post? His friend James O’Keefe.

    The latest James O’Keefe success story against NPR has taken a predictable pattern — panicked press releases and firings, followed by denunciation of O’Keefe in a belated attempt to discredit him. Naturally, conservatives are crowing about it, but I wanted to give a little perspective to those Huffington Post readers — whatever your political stripe — who share my passion for free speech, honest debate, and fairness in the media.

  13. LK,

    It has been installed for a while…I just started using it….so far no repercussions…It is kind of different in that you type your search in the task bar….and then it takes over from there….also….if you highlight the the icon on the bottom it will show you all of your history….kind of different…

  14. Blouise,
    I love your grandaughters post!! She would proably be the youngest turleyite!
    the Tea Party is not racist, they just like white people only.

  15. Blouise



    My apologies. I heard my 2 year old granddaughter counting and reciting the alphabet … I had no idea she was making a blog appearance.


    Rotflmao! Tell the little one I said, “Welcome!” Does she realize how awesome her grandmother is??!!

  16. “Anonymously Yours 1, March 15, 2011 at 8:53 pm

    It is nice when our children are smarter than we are and when we encourage them to learn…we benefit…if we are not afraid of the necessary change….we learn to… stiffing isn’t it….”

    Well said.As long as They don’t have video cameras:

  17. I’m with Carlyle Moulton on this one. “In my opinion Ron Schiller’s description of Tea Party members and Republicans as racist is correct, the problem is that the popular definition of the word “racist” is so narrow that it can only be used to describe Adolph Hitler and the men in Texas awaiting the death penalty for killing a Negro by towing him behind a light commercial vehicle.”

    My first impulse was that O’keefe did it again and that Mr. Shiller should issue a strong statement defending his statements on the basis that the truth is an absolute defense.

  18. OT: I need chrome to try out some new free-ware I’ve found but read (some time ago when it first came out) that it had problems. I’ve never installed Chrome. Should I take the plunge now- I really want to play with this free-ware?

  19. I’ve been using Chrome for a long, long time … I don’t bother with anything else.

  20. I am trying out Google Chrome….so far I like it…it has windows that you have looked at that are recently closed in the task bar icon…

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