Dr. Walsh on CNN: Atheists Die First

Dr. Wendy Walsh has added to the increasing claims against atheists from their taking over the country in league with Islamic radicals (Gingrich) or destroying the world (various political and religious leaders). Dr. Walsh has told the nation on CNN that “studies” show atheists always die first in survival situations.

Here is Dr. Walsh on atheists:

“…it doesn’t mean that science has the answers for everything… Most studies on survivors show that atheists die first. Because if you don’t believe in something super-natural, how can you imagine that you yourself have supernatural abilities enough to survive?”

Hmmm. Wouldn’t the atheist cling on longer since they have nothing to look forward to?

By the way, who are doing these studies and how many atheists and religious people have died as part of their dark clinical programs?

Of course, a few more such interviews by Dr. Walsh and I will personally welcome death.

44 thoughts on “Dr. Walsh on CNN: Atheists Die First”

  1. This woman is uniquely moronic. I really doubt if she has a PHD. Has what passes for journalism really sunk this low.

  2. @Michaelb

    You are well-informed about use of the title “doctor” but I must add clarification about use of the title “psychologist” as it appears that many educated people are not clear.

    In order to use the tile “psychologist” one must have a doctorate in psychology (either PhD, PsyD or EdD) AND have completed approximately 3000 hours of internship AND have successfully passed the Board of Psychology licensing exam.

    That’s right, psychologists are licensed. Licensed at the doctoral level in psychology. An MFT with a doctorate is not a psychologist – but in Wendy Walsh’s case, there is something even more troubling going on: Wendy Walsh has no license at all! She claims to have a PhD from an unaccredited school that only gives PsyD degrees. She is currently registered by the Board of Psychology as an unlicensed trainee, called a Registered Psychological Assistant. Psychologists are always licensed to practice independently.

    Psychological assistants are ethically bound to correct others who mistakenly address them as psychologists, to clearly indicate they are unlicensed, and to make clear who is supervising their work. They are not to present themselves as “experts” or to try to finesse their way around fraud charges by avoiding the title psychologist by misappropriating the DEGREE “Doctor of Psychology” as it that were a title itself. Misleading the public is fraud and is a crime.

    The person you mentioned, Dr. Laura, is a great example of somebody with a doctorate in something completely unrelated (in this case, Physiology)who is misusing the title “Dr” to fool people. But she is not a psychologist. She is a MFT, licensed at the master’s level. Even many PSYCHOLOGISTS had not realized she was not a psychologist, ironically, only learning as much when the Board and APA said their hands were tied because of that very fact.

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