Dr. Walsh on CNN: Atheists Die First

Dr. Wendy Walsh has added to the increasing claims against atheists from their taking over the country in league with Islamic radicals (Gingrich) or destroying the world (various political and religious leaders). Dr. Walsh has told the nation on CNN that “studies” show atheists always die first in survival situations.

Here is Dr. Walsh on atheists:

“…it doesn’t mean that science has the answers for everything… Most studies on survivors show that atheists die first. Because if you don’t believe in something super-natural, how can you imagine that you yourself have supernatural abilities enough to survive?”

Hmmm. Wouldn’t the atheist cling on longer since they have nothing to look forward to?

By the way, who are doing these studies and how many atheists and religious people have died as part of their dark clinical programs?

Of course, a few more such interviews by Dr. Walsh and I will personally welcome death.

44 thoughts on “Dr. Walsh on CNN: Atheists Die First”

  1. To clarify, the studies show that people who believe they will survive are more likely to survive than people who don’t. Apparently Dr. Walsh is so incompetent the only way she can imagine surviving is via miracle.

  2. AY,

    “I wonder why Dr. Walsh does not eat bananas…..she can’t find the zipper…..”

    Lol – missed that one from earlier today!

  3. I wonder why Dr. Walsh does not eat bananas…..she can’t find the zipper…..

  4. Blouise
    1, March 29, 2011 at 2:20 pm
    Most studies I’ve read on survivors show that religious folk die first. Because they believe in heaven and can’t wait to get there

    religious people die first because the rest of us get tired of listening to them. also saves time on saying grace.

  5. I think Dr. Wendy got confused by those studies that actually showed that a theist is more likely die before an atheist in survivalist situations.

  6. HenMan,

    I think rafflaw would agree … you win … at least until pete shows up later tonight.

  7. In fairness to lawyers, physicians and psychologists are late to the party. The very first doctoral degree was conferred by the University of Bologna in the eleventh century-in law.

  8. Dr. Wendy’s theory on the Survival of the Pious-est was disproven last week when Japan’s only known atheist, Jim Bob Yamamoto, survived the tsunami by jumping on his surfboard and surfing to dry land in central Japan. When he returned to check on his beachfront home, he found it to be miraculously undamaged. He also found that his three beloved cats, Clarence Darrow, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, and Dirty Godless Bastard had survived for over ten days by learning to operate Jim Bob’s Swing-A-Way can opener, and had, in fact consumed thirty cans of Boo-Boo Kitty brand Gourmet Cat Sushi.

    Atheists die first? I think not.

  9. Mike S.,
    I have been having problems lately with my laptop. Last Saturday, my computer won’t allow me to go to this site, unless I do it on Firefox! Must be something in the water!

  10. I’m in laptop Hell right now. 8 keys don’t work. Keyboard on order.
    cutting and pasting letters. Damn shame! Good stuff to comment on.
    See you all soon. 😛

  11. Buddha,
    I thought you might catch that! It was intentional. I figured if Newt can do it, so could I. After all, he is a religious man now so it must be ok.

  12. Are you feeling okay, raff? Maybe a fever? Because “atheists making a pact with the Devil” sounds rather Newt-ish. :mrgreen: (I kid!)

  13. Blouise,
    I think the atheists survive because they make a pact with the devil to keep themselves alive!! 🙂

  14. Everyone knows that in survivalist situations the athiests are always eaten first. That is why EVERYONE prays when a plane is heading for a snowy mountain.

  15. Most studies I’ve read on survivors show that religious folk die first. Because they believe in heaven and can’t wait to get there.

  16. I am sorry but I’ll only be able to read from my phone the rest of the day….this has been interesting..

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