Indonesian Islamic Legislator Who Cracked Down On Pornography Caught Watching Explicit Video During Parliamentary Debate

An Indonesian member of the Islamic Prosperous Justice Party known only as Arifinto has become the latest religious hypocrite who does not practice what he preaches. Arifinto, 50, is one of the leaders of the staunch Islamic party and helped lead the fight to pass a tough anti-pornography law. Arifinto, however, is shown in the articles below, watching sexually explicit videos on his computer on the floor of the Parliament during a debate.

Arifinto apologized and stepped down. Under his own pornography law, a person can go to jail for up to 15 years from such acts as kissing in public or the exposure of a woman’s “sensual” body parts or displaying “erotic” artworks. It also includes storing or possessing pornographic material.

The Islamic party has led such movements as stopping dancers from gyrating to bring the population into forced adherence with morality standards.

Of course, we have a long line of our own religious hypocrites in office (here and here and here and here and here and here and here) as does the Islamic world (here).

Source: Yahoo and BBC

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  1. It all boils down to “Same Laws for All”.

    I made a sign saying “Same Laws for All” when I was trying to get the City of Steamboat Springs to enforce the zoning laws on Kevin Bennett the city council president. The police said that they were told not to enforce any law on Princeton Ave.

    “equal protection of the laws” is too long for a sign and not clear enough

  2. It is just so incredibly cool when the Internet helps advance rights like in the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. According to Wikipedia

    It is readily believed that a hand full of people through Facebook, Twitter, and blogging sparked this uprising. One of which is Wael Ghonim . Many believe Ghonim was the first contributor to spark the Egypt revolution when he created a Facebook page dedicated to a Kaled blank entitled We Are All Khaled Saeed . Said, an Egyptian business man was beaten to death by police in June 2010. It is believed that this was in retaliation to a video he posted showing Egyptian police sharing the spoils of a drug bust. The Facebook page blew up to over 400,000 followers, creating an online arena where protestors and those discontent with the government could gather, vent, and organise. The page called for protests on 25 January, Known as the day of wrath. Hundreds of thousands of protestors flooded the streets to show their discontent with the murder and the corruption within their country. Ghonim was jailed the 28th and released 12 days later. Ghonim has also gained quiet a large following through his Twitter account where he has been creating a narrative of the events happening day to day in Egypt. Ghonim is the Middle East and North African marketing manager at Google. He is currently on leave.

    Another major contributor is Egyptian activist and member of the April 6 movement Aasma Mahfouz. A week before the first protest she posted a video urging the Egyptian people to meet her at the Tahrir Square, rise up against the government, and demand democracy. In the video she also speaks of 4 protestors who had set themselves on fire in revolt against the 30 years they had to live in poverty and degradation. 24 January she again posted a video chronicling the efforts that people have made to support the protest from printing posters to creating flyers. The videos were first posted to Facebook, then to YouTube where they went Viral in Egypt within a matter of days. The day after her last vlog posting hundreds of thousands of Egyptians poured into the streets in protest.

    Though these two are credited with being the first social media faces of this revolution, since the 25th people have posted videos, tweeted, and wrote Facebook comments to keep the world abreast of the turmoil in Egypt. Including videos posted of a badly beaten Khaled Said, disproving the first claims by the police that he had choked to death.

    You can bet that the picture of Arifinto watching porno on his laptop went thru Facebook.

  3. He was just doing research!


    I love it when hypocritical pols get caught with their hand in their . . . um, red handed, er, in the act.

    It’s also nice to see that the hypocrisy about the sexual nature of humans isn’t just confined to this country’s Christian right.

  4. There is just so much I can say…I’ll reserve opening statement after a few poster have posted….lol…

  5. Why am I not surprised… And, of course, he’ll be going to jail…

  6. I’m sure he was only watch so that he could verify how truly awful it was. Once he assured himself (is that what they are calling it these days!?) that porno really is very very naughty I’m sure he turned it off and redoubled his efforts to protect the purity of his nation.

  7. Yet another example of displacement as a psychological defense?

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