Texas Legislator Introduces Anti-Sharia Law To Protect Texans From Islamic Hegemony

Texas state Rep. Leo Berman (R) has finally acted to combat one of the biggest threats to Texans. No it is not pollution, unemployment, or crime. It is Sharia law. Following 15 other states, he has introduced a bill to ban state court from considering religious or cultural law — an ill-conceived legislative initiative advanced by counterparts in Oklahoma.

Berman is a self-professed birther who has been the subject of demands for his censure in the past. He previously called President Obama “God’s punishment.”

His evidence of the threat is rather hard to follow. He cites the fact that Dearborn, Michigan is home to one of the largest Muslim populations and the largest mosque in North America. Where there are Muslims, he reasons, there is Sharia. Somehow that concentration of Muslims in Michigan is now a direct threat to Texas. When pressed, he explained “I don’t know Dearborn, Michigan but I heard it (Sharia is accepted law here) on the radio. Isn’t that true?“

There you have it. A regular Disraeli of a legislator.

Source: Think Progress

Jonathan Turley

60 thoughts on “Texas Legislator Introduces Anti-Sharia Law To Protect Texans From Islamic Hegemony”

  1. Ann sez: “…27 cases in America this year used Sharia to determine their outcome.”


    Citations please. My guess is you pulled that number out of your nether parts and presented it as fact. What courts, what jurisdictions, what facts that can be verified. The true number, as rafflaw says, is going to be zero. Zed. Nada. Zip. Prove me wrong.

  2. Gene,
    I second your thought. I would love to see the citations where Sharia law was used to decide US lawsuits. I will make a wild guess there that the correct number is Zero!

  3. God Bless Leo! You stupid Liberals. 27 cases in America this year used Sharia to determine their outcome. If you want Sharia..go live in Iran. Libs and Progressives think they are more “enlightened” than everyone else when in fact they are naive and fools. Educate yourselves before posting. Stealth Jihad is real–READ!!! and not liberal rags.

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  5. HenMan,

    If Sam Adams and Joseph Schlitz ever combined forces they could produce Blithering Idiots Barley-Wine Style Ale.

  6. Blouise-

    You aren’t really Sam Adams, you just drink a lot of Sam Adams. It’s not the same thing. (If it were the same thing, I would be Joseph Schlitz.)

  7. The world is getting smaller. Seamus, I spent a lot of time at Old Orchard and at the courthouse.
    Swarthmore, maybe I know the relatives! 🙂

  8. I had an aunt and uncle that lived in Rockford. Both of my sisters live close to old Orchard. My husband had relatives in Skokie.

  9. rafflaw
    1, April 14, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    You may still be right about the Anglicans!


    I am convinced that in a past life I was Sam Adams …

  10. Stamford,
    It is a small world. We moved to Woodstock about 20 years ago and we use to go to Rockford often when the kids were young for their various sports in school.

  11. rafflaw,

    “I am about 45 minutes East of Rockford.”

    My best friend is from Rockford – she moved East many moons ago but she still has family there and visits at least three to four times a year … small world!

  12. Seamus,
    The courthouse near Old Orchard?
    I am about 45 minutes East of Rockford.
    You may still be right about the Anglicans!

  13. who can blame him. just look at the similarities between texas and the middle east. they both have oil covered with sand. they both have strange costumes, customs,religion, and a language that’s incomprehensable to normal people. and they both eat food the civilized world wouldn’t touch.

  14. HenMan
    1, April 14, 2011 at 2:51 pm
    Stamford Liberal-

    My bumper sticker gag is entirely fictional- according to Wickipedia, Berman is Episcopalian. I always thought Episcopalians were nice dignified folks with impressive Richardsonian Romanesque cathedrals, who are not given to red-neck yahooism. Must be a new Southern branch.


    Ha! … that just goes to show how much you know. Those damn Anglicans are sending all their Bishops here to enslave freedom loving protestants of these colonies into perpetual service to the King …

    Oops, sorry … wrong century

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