GW Student Commits Suicide in Dorm Room — Fox Pulls Article Linking Suicide To President’s Visit

One of our students yesterday was found dead in his room at the City Hall dormitory. The name of the male student has not been released. Fox News, however, caused a sensation by running an article tying the suicide to the arrival of President Obama on campus for his speech on debt reform. Fox later removed the article entitled GWU Suicide Tragically Coincides with Obama Speech from its website after objections from the school and public.

We remain in many respects a small university and these tragedies are felt deeply. For this family, there are no words that can truly offer solace in such a circumstance.

There was, of course, no connection between the acts. We saw yesterday how Forbes magazine sought to attack the chosen location for the speech in a specious article. The desire to make collateral attacks or associations appears irresistible.

The original article stated:

GWU officials tell Fox that police were notified about the incident around 2pm, which happens to be at the same time that President Obama was speaking. A source tells Fox that the incident may have occurred earlier, noting that police went knocking on the student’s door at 1:30pm. As of this writing, Fox has not been able to obtain reaction from the White House.

Fox later stated (after pulling the piece) that “We were contacted by the university and decided it would be best to take down the story, although nothing was factually inaccurate.”

Politico reports that “A Facebook group with almost 1,300 members and the name “HOLD CHERNENKOFF AND FOX NEWS ACCOUNTABLE” appeared shortly after the Fox News item ran, encouraging members to call the network and voice their displeasure with what the group called a ‘RIDICULOUS article.'”

Source: National Journal

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  1. I’m sure that “Fox News” is internally disciplining the writers and editors responsible for implying a link between a suicide and the president…

    for not having written the article in the first place to imply that the president used his Kenyan IslamoCommuFascist mental rays to murder the poor kid for having discovered proof of his birth in Kenya or some such vile baloney.

    I’m sure Senator Kyl is rushing to the Senate floor to say that “90% of what President Obama does is kill college students.” #NotIntendedAsAFactualStatement

  2. PS The subject of the article is not just that a young man committed suicide. It is the press coverage of the suicide by press that is considered Republican.

    The “blogs” offer a forum for persons with different backgrounds and points of view to try to find constructive solutions.

    What ever happened to the idea of the loyal opposition?

    Forbes and Fox are both basically U.S. companies and they basically have an interest in a strong and good country. Their employees, managers and owners all have children who will probably spend most of their lives in the U.S.

    George Washington University contributes to a strong U.S. because it is a major intellectual resource in Washington D.C., which is our nation’s capital.

  3. Why would it be “offensive” to suggest that Professor Turley or GW PR could “blog”? I do think it is sad that the young man committed suicide and I think it is hard for GW to deal with the p.r.

    I was trying to be constructive.

  4. “My sympathies go to the friends and loved ones of the young man.” – Blouise

    And mine, as well.

  5. This is a tragedy, and anyone that attempts to use an unrelated tragedy to further any agenda needs to turn in their “Human being” membership card.

  6. That is a sad story and a tragic one. For Sly Fox News to use this students tragic death to try to score political points is horrible. I am beginning to think that I have to find a new definition for disgusting each time I read anything from Fox News.

  7. Swarthmore,

    “SL, I agree. They are the Nobama network.”

    I guess the fine, upstanding “journalists” at FAUX never played the “Kevin Bacon” game successfully …

  8. “‘RIDICULOUS article.’”

    If FAUXNewz could tie the President to those responsible for the the crucifixion of Jesus H. Christ, they would.

    My thoughts are with the family …

  9. When you write here you are basically preaching to the choir, or at least to people who are predisposed towards you and therefore towards GW.

    I clicked on your link and there is a blog facility connected to the article. Why don’t you or a GW dean post on the blog?

    Forbes Magazine also has a blog. Why don’t you post there?

  10. AY,

    I think Rupert’s greed knows no boundaries of impropriety.

  11. Buddha,

    Do you think that Fox really cares about the value of human life… its not like this is one of its patrons….

    This is very sad….my condolences to the family….

  12. Correlation is not causation, but a loss of ad revenue caused by protest is something FOX can understand.

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