Wisconsin Mayor Tells Agency Heads To Read and Discuss Book By Christian Author With City Employees

Waukesha (WI) Mayor Jeff Scrima promised fiscal responsibility in running for office, but he has drawn criticism for his decision to use city funds to buy books of a campaign contributor and Christian author — and telling agency heads to read and discuss the book with city employees.

The mayor paid $428.16 in tax money for 30 books. The book, “Sequencing: Deciphering Your Company’s DNA” was written by Michael Metzger. His blog gives his bio:

Mr. Michael Metzger is the President and Senior Fellow of The Clapham Institute, whose mission is to help people and organizations advance faith-centered cultural reform. TCI works primarily with business professionals, the arts, media, and civic organizations in a mentoring and consultant role. Prior to launching the institute, Mike was the Executive Director for the Osprey Point Leadership Center, which is part of The Trinity Forum. Before his involvement with The Trinity Forum, Mr. Metzger worked as a consultant and advisor for dozens of organizations and churches, speaking and lecturing throughout the United States and Western Europe. He has also been an adjunct instructor at several seminaries.

The book’s publisher, Game Changer Books, was founded by Gary Lato of Waukesha. Lato who gave $500 to Scrima’s mayoral campaign. The Lato Family Foundation gave $16,500 to Scrima’s New Day in Waukesha charitable fund.

On his blog, Metzger highlights the Christian basis for his work:

Books on Christianity will not trouble those outside the faith, wrote C.S. Lewis. He recommended “more little books by Christians on other subjects—with their Christianity latent.” Latent means underlying or hidden. It fits human design (creation) yet recognizes human corruption (the fall). Sequencing: Deciphering Your Company’s DNA is a case study in latency.

Police Chief Russell Jack has objected to the move as inappropriate, even though he wrote to the mayor saying “I am a devout WELS [Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod] Lutheran, but I don’t believe it is legally appropriate to bring these ideas into a department directors’ meeting.”

Scrima insisted in defense, “The intended focus of the book study is to create dialogue and the conditions that engage everyone to achieve organizational goals.” Well, it certainly has generated dialogue but not type that Scrime probably hoped for.

Waukesha City Administrator Lori Luther has stood by the principle of separation of church and city in a text message that read: “I have a duty to uphold the constitution and protect this organization. Sadly, the mayor’s action puts our organization at risk,” she said. “Without question, there will be no further book discussions in my presence.”

In the meantime, Scrima was criticized in 2010 for not immediately fulfilling a pledge to be a “full-time mayor at half pay” — promising to take only half of his salary. When he came to office, people asked if he was going to fulfill the promise. He insisted, however, that city council members agree to give half of their salaries as well. He then stated that he would not be declining half of his pay (to leave it in city funds) but rather donate it to a new charity.

For his part, Scrima has called Jack a hypocrite for giving free office space and other resources to a Christian minister.

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  1. rafflaw,

    Trump! I wish I could just press a button and make him disappear.

    I’m sure “The Donald” doesn’t go to a barber. He probably has his own personal hair stylist who gives him that birther bob!

  2. Lotta,

    Ruminate? I get it. Here are two quickie cud-dly couplets for you:

    Yo mine,


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    I love you more than biscuits and buddah.

  3. Elaine,
    A “wedge” issue?!! It is getting deep in here! I think this guy goes to the same barber as Donald Trump.

  4. Elaine, BIL, you’ve given me plenty of info to ruminate on with your postings.


    Richard, it looks like making Christianity the official religion is just another plank in the Republican platform.

  5. who cares?? A book is a book. A contributor is a contributor. I see no issue here.

  6. Buddha,

    GROAN! BTW, The mayor didn’t realize this book reading requirement would become a wedge issue. I heard he grates on people’s nerves–and he isn’t always curdeous to his underlings.

    Now you can throw things at me!

  7. No whey! That’s some serious holding power even on a milquetoast. I just hope their ad campaigns aren’t too cheesy.
    I’ll tell Paul it’s both a sourcing and manufacturing issue and he better get moo-ving.


    (Please feel free to throw things at me now.)

  8. Buddha,

    He’s a mayor in Wisconsin. Being a cheesehaed, he holds his dark curls in place with a concentrated whey product.

  9. Elaine,

    Is it held in place by the rendered fat of blasphemers and heathens? Or is that shellac? Paul Mitchell is on the line asking if he needs to do new sourcing or modify his production facilities to get on that bandwagon.

  10. It sounds like he has a credibility problem, overall, and having people buy/read/discuss the work of a campaign contributor just adds to it. The religious aspect just makes it work. A lot of passes for management “theory” is garbage and I would imagine that this is some pseudo Christian variant of that.

  11. Oh what a sobering thought….. but then again….after reading this who wants to be as sober as they….

  12. Under a very serious effort to corrupt or otherwise twist Christianity, there are many who follow (perhaps even unknowingly) the tenets of Dominionism/Christian Reconstructionist Theology/Theomony, which for all practical purposes is the equivalent of the Taliban in the United States.

    Efforts such as this are oblique attacks that prepare for the more direct efforts to follow.

  13. What a bunch of religious garbage. And we are supposed to be afraid of Sharia law creeping into government? We should be worried about Biblical law creeping into our legal system. What the hell is going on in Waukesha County these days?!

  14. Another gem from the source “JSOnline”

    Lato’s publishing company is described as one designed “to create individualized campaigns for books that foster human flourishing and the common good. It is a niche publisher seeking books that challenge prevailing assumptions about society and call for a return to the objective reality of the good, true and beautiful. Its audience is cultural creatives and institutional gatekeepers.”

  15. Waukesha City Administrator Lori Luther and Police Chief Russell Jack,

    Good on you, Ms. Luther and Chief Jack. We need more speaking of truth in all levels of government.

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