11 thoughts on “I Give You Ducks Watching A Yo-Yo”

  1. Not very kind to call the guy a yo-yo, just because he’s playing with some kid’s toy.

  2. FF LEO,

    That was just gander….but it’ll bebee again and again….

  3. Clearly, this is duck torture by Yoo-Yoo. -FF Leo

    FF Leo, Thanks for the smile this morning. (Happy to hear that your granddaughter is a “roly poly”… And I enjoyed the video of that sweet, talented young girl. Regarding “breaks”, I couldn’t agree more…


    Agree with “marc sobel” about the imprinting…

  4. The good professor and Tosh.0 posted this on the same day. Great minds?

  5. “…struggled to find a legal or policy reason to post this video,”

    Clearly, this is duck torture by Yoo-Yoo.

  6. You call it “Ducks Watching a Yo-Yo.” I call it a typical audience of the Glenn Beck Show.

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