Cost of Afghanistan War This Year: $113 Billion

While Congress continues to plan for hundreds of billions in cuts and states are closing parks and educational programs, we continue to gush billions on three wars. This fiscal year alone the cost of just Afghanistan will be $113 billion. Just this year. Just for Afghanistan.

We continue expend lives and billions in a country where polls show the majority of citizens want the United States out and are hostile to our presence. Afghan leaders repeatedly have called for us to leave the country. The corrupt president of the country has repeatedly called the West an enemy, stripped women of protections, expressed a desire to be with the Taliban, and sought to tax even the aid to his country and charge for war damage.

It is otherworldly that we are planning cuts in medicaid and other programs while continuing these wars. Even if we pull out next year, we would have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on this war alone with precious little to show for it except enriching some of the most corrupt leaders on Earth.

The American people want out of Afghanistan. Afghans want us out of Afghanistan. However, our leaders do not want to risk be called soft on the wars or responsible for a defeat. So we continue to spend money that we do not have and lose men and women who are irreplaceable. By latest count we are up to 1500 dead in Afghanistan — though it is the money that has finally gotten the Obama Administration to “focus” on reductions.

Source: USA Today

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  1. anon nurse,

    I just finished listening to Greenwald’s ACLU speech (36 minutes and not a dull second). Too bad those die-hard-no-matter-what-he-does Obama voters herein do not listen to the facts against their hero.

  2. Mr. Obama and others in power are corrupt and they are prolonging the Global War on Terror for their enrichment and incumbent job security.

    Nothing else makes any sense to any reasonable person…

  3. Glenn Greenwald, June 1, 2011:

    “Last week, I delivered the keynote address to the ACLU in Massachusetts for their annual Bill of Rights dinner. The topic was the Bipartisan National Security State and President Obama’s continuation of it, and it relates to many of the topics discussed here. Those interested in listening to the 25-minute speech can do so here.”

  4. It will be much more than $113 Billion. There are all sorts of off-the-book costs.

  5. Budget cuts, tax cuts and spending freezes come with a price. In San Fransisco, first responders had to stand and watch a man drown because they did not have cold water rescue gear or training in cold water rescue.

    This headline is misleading. It was not policy that handcuffed the first responders, it was the politician’s mentality of no new taxes, and tax cuts at any price.

  6. anon nurse,

    “Ah, the shrill voice of ‘compassionate conservatism’…”

    Just a suggestion. 😉

  7. Troll,

    “Your momma told me . . . that is why she preferred the real men.”

    I guess you two have something in common then as evidenced by your preoccupation with me.

  8. Thank God we have a preeminent Constitutional scholar and lawyer here to explain the intricacies of the US Constitution to us.

    Plus, we learn that Boy George was a ‘leftist’, which will come as a huge shock to sentient beings throughout the galaxy.

    Now if it could only understand the difference between “Democrat” and “Democratic” the other sponges in its colony would elect it as ruler for life as it would certainly be the brightest sponge.

  9. Oh darn it. Did I say 50 million again? I meant ABOUT 50 million lives snuffed out in the womb.

  10. Ah, one more thing.

    The feds are authorized to spend money on war. They are not authorized to spend money on Medicaid.

    Or Social Security. Or HHS. Or Labor. Or Education. Or everything else the commies want to rob people for.

  11. After nearly a century of war mongering and making, the Democratic Party (and other assorted and sundry leftists including George Bush) is still addicted to blood-shed and blood-lust. This is why you still see us waging war in the Middle East.

    Still, what can you expect from a people who think snuffing out the lives of 50 million little human organisms in the womb, who are more sophisticated than the snail darter, is a good idea.

    Oh I know all the logical justifications by cynics. It’s GOOD that dirt-bags too loathsome to reproduce should curtail their contributions to the genetic pool. And it is understandable (after having meeting proponents of abortion) why copulating leftists want to get rid of the evidence of it (they are so personally abhorrent they cannot even stand each other enough to care for what they have created together). But that doesn’t change the true essence of the matter. Its true brutality and evil nature.

    Still, when combining together a century of leftist war-mongering and abortion, the Democratic Party and the leftists in America have shed just about more innocent blood and murdered more innocent people than Mao and Stalin put together.

    But that makes sense. All three groups–Maoists,Ruskies, and “Democratics”–are adherents to Marxism. And Marxism steam-rolls over innocent life more effectively than a level five tornado.

    So I am not surprised that the most evil group of people on the face of the earth (“Democratics”/Democrats/liberals/leftists/progressives) continue this war.

    These Marxists under Obama were never REALLY opposed to “Bush’s War”. They were just opposed to war run by GOPers. And since Democrats (or “Democratics” to the simple-minded) are so experienced at murder and mayhem I suppose one could say with a reasonable amount of confidence that they DO have a point.

    Oh, by the way. More soldiers were killed last year under Obama than under the last year of Bush.


    And my software editing program doesn’t like the word Democratics. It always has a zigzag red line under it. Proof again that this nonsense about how to refer to the murderous crowd of thieves, liars, and perverts known as Democrats is a constantly changing shell game of attempting to cover up who these evil people really are. And the people trying to cover up who these evil doers are are Democrats.


  12. “On Tuesday, the focus was on activities Pakistan’s spies are better known for domestically: punishing those who cross the influential military, the main locus of power in a nation with a weak civilian government.” -from the following article

    Just like home…


    Syed Saleem Shahzad’s killing, other journalists and human rights activists said they suspected, was payback — not from militants, but from Pakistan’s fearsome spy agencies. Shahzad had written before about their dealings with Islamist insurgents, and he had said that intelligence officers had warned him.

    “I am forwarding this email to you for your record only if in case something happens to me or my family in future,” Shahzad, 40, wrote in October to the Pakistan representative of Human Rights Watch, sharing details of a meeting he had just had with officers from the Inter-Services Intelligence agency, or ISI. Shahzad suggested that they had threatened him, an experience that Pakistani journalists, activists and politicians say is not uncommon.

    But those threats rarely end in killing, and Shahzad’s death immediately sparked fresh criticism of Pakistan’s intelligence apparatus. The “agencies,” as they are known here, last month faced unusual public condemnation for their apparent failure to locate Osama bin Laden in a garrison city, as well as allegations that they had harbored him.

    On Tuesday, the focus was on activities Pakistan’s spies are better known for domestically: punishing those who cross the influential military, the main locus of power in a nation with a weak civilian government. (End excerpt)

  13. Sure, the poor American taxpayers are spending 113 billion a year in the Afpak war, but other people are benefiting by receiving that 113 billion, and the latter are more important than dead soldiers and dead Afghans.

    Understand the US does not want to win in Afghanistan but to keep the war that is so profitable for the shareholders in armament makers and contractors to the US military going as long as possible. Every noncombatant Afghan killed by artillery or drone strike motivates relatives to join the Taliban insurgency which requires more countering. This is why the US is so efficient at losing Afghan hearts and minds rather than winning them.

  14. Your momma told me you were a complainer an that is why she preferred the real men.

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