A Comet’s End

This amazing photograph has been released by NASA and, if you look closely, you will see a comet speeding to its demise on a collision course with the sun.

This occurred during a huge coronal mass ejection (CME), an burst of plasma that sent solar particles shooting into space at breathtaking speed of 1 million mph.

The suicidal comet was a member of the Kreutz family of comets that orbit a few hundred thousand miles of the sun. Our condolences to 19th century astronomer Heinrich Kreutz.

6 thoughts on “A Comet’s End”

  1. Can’t help but envision our similar, long dying arc into whatever may be.

    If only the final snuffing of the very last remnants of the human race would look so pretty . . . .

  2. But this isn’t in the Bible….it just can’t be! *snicker*

  3. Although a cosmic vision, it would be nice if it was more than just a chunk of dirty ice being marched into the sun . . .

  4. The power of the universe is a wonder to behold. You don’t need a genie or wizard in charge, just the raw power of the world around us. Though it would have been more fitting if it had missed the sun by about 90 million miles.

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