The Obedient Wives’ Club: Muslim Advocate Tells Women That It Is Their Duty Under The Koran Is To Service Husbands Like “First-Class Prostitutes”

In Malaysian, sharia law already strips women of many of the most basic protections in society. However, the Obedient Wives’ Club is creating chapters around the country to remind women that if they are beaten or abandoned, it is really their fault. Indeed, vice-president Dr Rohaya Mohamad has publicly told women that it is their duty to service their husbands like “a first-class prostitute.” It is just another insight into the plight of women in some of these Sharia-based systems.

Rohaya instructed women to obey their husbands and that if their husbands cheat, it is because they are not meeting them needs. She explained that “women who fail to fulfil their husband’s needs leave their marriage open to breakdowns. So many men now have girlfriends, mistresses and visit prostitutes.”

The Obedient Wive’s Club has over 1,000 members and chapters in other Islamic nations like Malaysia.

Source: NST

36 thoughts on “The Obedient Wives’ Club: Muslim Advocate Tells Women That It Is Their Duty Under The Koran Is To Service Husbands Like “First-Class Prostitutes””

  1. Possibly the only aspect of this entire Sharia-tweaked mental midgetry – albeit a mere faction of the whole – is the outlook that American society need accomodate literally every fragment on the human behavior meter, in order to be a “free” society.

    To my way of thinking, too many spices ruin our soup.

  2. Is it ok for a male Muslim to have sex outside marriage but not a woman….

    I am not understanding….

  3. Buddha:

    Your comment reminds me of a divemaster I had on a scuba vacation a number of years ago. He had once worked as an orderly in a mental institution. His rendition of what he called the “thorazine shuffle” remains one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.


    I would like to see you post a comment for once consisting of something other than stringed, angry generalizations. It might even encourage an actual exchange of ideas.

  4. That was a particularly hateful and factually inaccurate rant even for you, Tootles.

    It’s the bottle labeled “Thorazine”.

    Don’t skip it.

  5. No wonder Democrats are so fond of Muslims.

    This all fits in with their rabid promotion of abortion. If a leftist man wants to treat a woman like trash (they do)then all those resulting babies (about a million a year here in the USA) get in the way of it. That won’t do. So they help her snuff it out or outright slaughter it. She can be easily persuaded to do this since she is not so bright and easily deceived to boot (like Eve in garden).

    It is such a delightful fruit.

    If the morons (e.g. Democrats) viewed the abortion statistics like they view the murder rate by guns they should, for consistency’s sake, try to take that weapon away (Lorena Bobbit style would suffice). After all, that little weapon (and I don’t mean the guns) is what causes the abortion stats like the gun supposedly causes the murder rate stats. And the abortion rate is many many times the murder rate by guns.

    All this perversion, by the way, was the reason for infanticide in the days of old. Instead of Lorena Bobbitting the thing, they bobbed the babe. Real manly, eh? And this is why whole civilizations were once gulty of infanticide. It is why America is. It is this rutting-pig sexual practices that men like to persuade stupid women is normal that leads to sacrificing infants on altars. Literally. And when this doesn’t work on the women men will even go into strange flesh. Time and time again.

    But back to sex with women. This corruption by sex-crazed men leads to infanticide in ancient times and abortion in our modern one.

    Oh yeah, that reminds me. It was these very same peoples (the pagans of the Middle East) who excelled in this very thing that caused the God of the Old Testament to try to stamp it out early on in human history. This whole subject greatly infuriates left-wingers and Democrats. They can always be found angry at God for trying to stomp out Middle East sex perverts in Canaan who liked to copulate like dogs running rampant in the streets and then roast the resulting infants to death on the barbecue (Molech/Baal).

    So if you want to make a leftist furious, tell them God was right to do it. They are not fond of a God who stomps out a civilization devoted to perversion and slaughting infants. Naturally, their first thought is: Crikey! That sounds like me! Just think how much better my world would have been if several thousand years ago the Middle Eastern pagans had persuaded and forced all the women of the world to be sex slaves to us perverts? Bad God! BAD BAD BAD GOD!!! We prefer the God that reduces women to sex slaves!

    Thus we have a religion that has codified sexual slavery still growing in the world and Democrats getting all excited about it. Only they dropped the infanticide business. I suppose the perverts eventually figured out that the more females they created the more sex slaves they could have.

    Especially if they got to boink them at nine years old while pretending they were married to them. Then the poor things knew no difference but still provided a steady supply of sex slaves. Their founder taught them this by implication. Their religious texts by codification.

    Now you know why the Mullahs really want the kibosh put on the internet. For the first time in history the world has complete and open access to the truth about Muslim (i.e. pagan) sexual practices. Whereas before, those who criticized it were once killed or silenced and the truth was covered up, now it is out in the open for the whole world to see (and Democrats to admire).

    Democrats and leftists (some Libertarians too)are instinctively intrigued and respectful of any religion whose founder had sex with a child and promoted sexual slavery (he traded in them himself). This helps explain why they hate the religion whose founder did not, was not, and never did.

    What can you expect from these low-life, criminal-type, dirt-bags anyway? They are naturally drawn to evil even when they do not know what it is they are being drawn to. And we shouldn’t be surprised.

    Did I mention Obama’s genuine respect and affection for Islam? No? Oh, it must have been an oversight.

    Many apologies.

  6. I have always had enough self-esteem to stand up and present my opinions but I understand that a great many women lack this ability. Some women feel inferior to men, some women were raised to defer to men as the head of the household, some are educationally restricted, and some can only feel worthy when they are used by men. It’s hard to grasp that many females just don’t want to change their lives, they are comfortable living as they always have.

    As deplorable as it is, we must accept that what is reprehensible to us may be normal and common to others, and if I’ve learned nothing else, it’s that we cannot transform those unwilling to comply. Sometimes we must let people live their own lives. Knowing that we’ve tried to change nations (Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam) and seeing that our efforts are not always successful should be evidence enough that people around the world are different in ideas, attitudes and lifestyles. Leave them be.

  7. It is alarming that in this day and age, some women truly advocate being a mere chattel for their husbands.

    Perhaps ‘male chauvinism’ is so entrenched in their lives that they are willing to accept blame for their husband’s misdeeds!

    Guess this is another form of the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ when a hostage taken by terrorists began to support the terrorists!

    My question is what happens to accepting responsibility for our actions?

    By the way I am a male and not a feminist bra-burning female, but I feel it is an insult to us men to say that we so lack self-control!

    It is especially insulting to a Muslim male, because every year during the holy month of Ramadan, he practices extreme self-control in thoughts, words and deeds and refrains from food, anger and sex. To say that such husbands are capable of running around to prostitutes just because the wife is ‘not in the mood’, is a most degrading insult to the husband!

    PS: What happens if the husband is unable to satisfy the ‘obedient wife’? Is she expected to find some other man to satisfy her sexual urges?

  8. Why is this any nuttier than so many other nutty practices in any other of religion? I’ve been to a few Christian wedding ceremonies where the bride openly accepts the concept of submission to the authority and suprmacy of her new husband. It’s so sad and pathetic to hear grown, American born, otherwise intelligent women so willingly degrade and debase themselves, I wanted to scream out loud while running from the church!

  9. I’ve been told it’s best when you get one that no speaka da engles 🙂

  10. Prostitution is legal in many countries and fidelity has a different definition.

    Costa Rica comes to mind. They are issued health cards by the government and must show the card to the front desk of the hotel of your choosing. Just sayin 🙂

  11. Lemmy – lots of nations have a different standard on morality. Prostitution is legal in many countries and fidelity has a different definition.

    There was a “fine old tradition” in many parts of the US to have your son initiated into the experience of copulation by the service of an upstanding house of ill repute. So it really wouldn’t be that impossible here either, we are just too refined to admit it 🙂

  12. And how do they know what level of service a “first-class prostitute” is supposed to provide? Or are the husbands already so familiar with different classes of prostitute that they can educate them?

  13. The God of the Jews, Christians and Muslims is all the same one so we probably shouldn’t be surprised that the most conservative branches of all three religions believe that wives are the property of their husbands and to be dealt with as such. There are subsets of each that demand obedience and suggest ‘discipline’ (read: beatings) for even perceived resistance. This God person must be quite the guy. Either that or there are a lot of insecure jerks who need to dominate and abuse people for their own self-aggrandizement.

    It amazes me even more that some women encourage this garbage. A few years ago I was researching ADHD to help me deal with one of my kids & stumbled upon a web site in which a “Christian” woman gave advice on the proper technique for beating women & children. She gave several examples. They key was you had to keep hitting them until they stopped resisting and explained why she was grateful her husband had trained her this way.

  14. Somehow every time I read something like this I can’t help but feel that France has done a great service to women of the muslim faith in France by banning the Burqa in public and that the rest of the ‘civilized’ world should do the same.

  15. “culheath
    1, June 6, 2011 at 12:28 am
    Why not the Muslim men are being first class prostitutes to their faith when they come up with ideas like that.”

    What are you talking about? Did you bother to read the article or just spout off?

  16. it’s getting weirder and weirder down this rabbit hole…..

  17. Why not the Muslim men are being first class prostitutes to their faith when they come up with ideas like that.

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