Trump Hits Scottish Couple With Bill For His Own Fence In Campaign To Force Them To Give Up Their Home

While Donald Trump is now saying that he might still run for president, he might want to keep one case off his campaign resume. In Scotland, Trump is bullying a Scottish couple who have had the temerity to refuse to surrender their home to his development. Trump is reportedly not only seeking governmental order to acquire the land but he encircled the home with a fence and then charged the couple with half of its cost — hitting David Milne, 46, and his wife Moira with a bill for £2820 for a fence they do not want.

Trump is building a new golf course in the Menie Estate in Balmedie, Aberdeenshire. He already has acquired a huge amount of land for two courses, a clubhouse, a hotel and 950 houses. However, he now wants more land and Milne and his wife are in the way. He does not appear to care that the couple has lived in the house for almost 20 years and simply do not want to give up their dream home — which Trump has publicly called “ugly.” (Presumably, this is because the home is not covered in gold gilitter, fake Corinthian columns, and of course the Trump name).

Trump appears to be using a rule that I have long opposed from the common law — the ability of a property owner to force a neighbor to pay for a fence. This device was used by the infamous Virginia attorney John Frederick Ames to allegedly ruin his neighbors. Since Trump is being supported by many Tea Party members, it may seem a bit odd that he is not only using this abusive fence rule but angling for a Kelo-type claim to the land.

I suppose the Milnes could just look him in the eye and say “Fella, you’ve had your fun. Your fun is over.” Then again taking the home from a middle-aged couple for a golf course seems to be part of the fun for Trump.

Source: Daily Record

Jonathan Turley

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