Florida Boy Attacked, Stripped Naked in Public, and Videotaped By Three Girls — Resulting In No Charges

There is a sharp disconnect between two prank stories this morning. When Tyrell Morton put an inflatable girl in the girl’s bathroom at his high school, he ended up with a felony charge and a potential jail sentence of eight years. However, when three eighth-grade girls from Dunbar Middle school in Florida tackled an 11-year-old boy and stripped him naked (and proceeded to videotape him and taunt him), they were let go as a simple prank in bad taste.

In the video, the girls stop the boy to chat and then hold him down, strip him naked, and mock him. The video was put on YouTube.

The boy is a fifth grader at Ray Pottorf Elementary. One girl faced a single misdemeanor battery charges, but it was abandoned when the boy’s mother has refused to press charges. I commend her for her restraint, but I wonder what the charge would be if a group of boys attacked and stripped a girl in public, videotaped her, and mocked her.

I tend to disfavor criminal charges in such cases. However, it seems clear that the girls should be expelled and subject to the most severe forms of school punishment. What I find interesting, however, is the sharply different treatment given such acts by boys as opposed to girls. Indeed, I doubt seriously this would have even confined to a misdemeanor if the genders were reversed or that, with the existence of the videotape, the failure to press charges would be determinative. If the police witness or have evidence of a felony, they do not necessarily require the consent of the victim. Once again, I would not take this to the criminal system. Yet, I am surprised that the articles only refer to the possibility of parental punishment as opposed to immediate expulsion and other measures, such as denial of social clubs, graduation etc.

Jonathan Turley

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248 thoughts on “Florida Boy Attacked, Stripped Naked in Public, and Videotaped By Three Girls — Resulting In No Charges

  1. My son is in fifth grade. Tell me that kid won’t be scarred for life by this. You can be darned sure I would be doing everything in my power to get those girls expelled, ON TOP of pressing charges. My god.

  2. I totally agree: these girls should be punished somehow. How are boys supposed to respect others’ boundaries if their own are discounted? If it’s wrong to do to girls, it’s wrong to do to boys.

  3. I’ll chime in as agreeing with the others. These girls deserve expulsion and public scorn, not 15 minutes of fame on YouTube for a nasty film.

  4. Good for this mother to not press charges. She is absolutely correct that it should be the responsibility of the parents to meet out punishments. And she should keep tabs on what happens to the girls. If some kind of just punishment isn’t given out, then she should press charges.

    This poor kid. Sounds like he has an awesome mom capable of helping him overcome this nasty attack.

  5. That was no prank! If these girls thought what they did to this boy was funny, I’d say they need some therapy.

    Could this matter be handled in a juvenile court?

  6. The kid should just find them each alone and kick their skanky asses. But then their mothers would probably have the kid on death row or facing life in prison.

    Kids used to handle this type of thing themselves after school.

  7. Why are these girls not guilty of distribution of child pornography? There have been stories on this blog of underage boys being listed as sexual predators because their underage girlfriends sent them a sexting picture. Here you have girls attacking, taking pictures, and posting them to the Internet. That poor boy will be scarred for the rest of his life.

  8. Nal,


    “[F]ind them each alone and kick their skanky asses.” Awwww. Someone sounds bitter. Speaking from personal experience, are ya? My but you are a good role model for children on appropriate dispute resolution.

  9. My god … can you imagine three 8th grade boys stripping a fifth grade girl, video taping her, mocking her and posting the whole thing on YouTube?

    I’m sorry but there is no way in hell this incident qualifies as an innocent prank.

    According to one source the boy’s mother only found out about it after his older brother had seen the vid on-line. “Fort Myers Police says the girl would have faced misdemeanor battery charges, but that the boy’s mother has refused to press charges. She wants the girls’ parents to hand out a punishment instead.” (http://www.winknews.com/Local-Florida/2011-06-01/Online-video-shows-Fort-Myers-boy-being-bullied)

    Now that’s an interesting reaction … I have to think about it.

  10. In North Carolina, a first grade boy was expelled for “sexual harassment” after giving a little girl a peck on the cheek. I am waiting for common sense to come back. I fear I am going to have a long wait.

  11. What endearing naivete you all show, in the belief that boys acting in this manner toward girls would be expelled or imprisoned! A generation ago, when my daughter was in elementary school, her school had a tradition known as Friday Flip-Up Day. If any girl was inattentive enough to wear a skirt or dress on a Friday, groups of boys would knock them down and pull their skirts up over their waists.

    When I complained to a playground monitor, her answer was, “Boys will be boys.” When I complained to the principal, he seemed to take me seriously. I don’t know what measures he took, as I moved to another school district. I did notice, a few years later, a scandal that hit the newspapers; at the high school fed by this elementary school, boys in clubs raped girls for points. I don’t have the link, but if you google “Spur Posse,” (the name of the club) you can probably find the story. It didn’t surprise me at all.

    On the other hand, I’m sure the girls in question would have been expelled if they had Midol in their purses for treatment of menstrual cramps.

  12. I don’t understand why the mother refused to press charges. It was a criminal act and I question the parent’s ability to handle it appropriately, if their kids are capable of doing this in the first place. I think they need to be tried and given community service or something to fully understand the extent of what they did.

  13. Some things…..just some things make no sense…and this…could it be a prank or a reflection of parenting kills…..or are these Carolyn Warmous wanna be’s….

    Although its a prank…and yes the out cry would be different if the sexes were reversed…but my god…what trauma would be wrought on the boy if he would be called to testify….

    I heard a something this weekend….Somethings just shouldn’t be tried…

  14. Different anon from above.


    Why is it up to the mother to press charges? Why is this not up to the prosecutor? How is any of this at any time in a criminal matter up to the victim?


    While I don’t think this is necessarily a matter for law, I also disagree with the suggestion “that the girls should be expelled and subject to the most severe forms of school punishment.”

    What is important is that boys and girls are treated equally. What is not important is zero tolerance demands that expels kids and subjects them to the most severe forms of punishment without some sort of appealable legal process.

    According to the article, the boy and at least one of the older girls were friends. This was a prank gone awry. That tells me that regardless of the gender of the perpetrator and victim, this may not call for expulsion and the most severe form of school punishment.

    Are you calling for this because a) you honestly feel that’s what the situation requires, or b) that’s what would happen to a group of boys in 2011? I am saying the answer may be c) the 2011 punishment is stupid, cruel, abusive, inflexible, and surely the product of some dumbass lawyers meeting with a dumbass bureaucrat.

  15. “On the other hand, I’m sure the girls in question would have been expelled if they had Midol in their purses for treatment of menstrual cramps.”

    You’re right about this, but instead of making it a boy v. girl, patriarchal, sugar and spice v. snips and snails, feminist thing, why don’t you actually act as a moral adult and put and end to robotic lawyer approved zero tolerance practices?

  16. Buddha is Laughing:

    Dispute resolution for 11 year olds used to be the sand lot down the street from the school.

    And yes I had a few dispute resolutions when I was 11 or 12 but only with guys. But if girls are going to do that type of thing maybe they need to be treated like a boy.

    My son was harassed on the bus for a time in 5th grade. We asked the parents to please speak with their son. He kept doing it. My son got his arm broken by the kid in a fight but the kid didn’t bother him again. If diplomacy doesn’t work then force is necessary.

    Conservative dispute resolution – ask nicely and then kick their ass.

    Progressive dispute resolution – ask nicely and then kiss their ass.

  17. Intelligent dispute resolution – outsmart and outflank your opponent to either get what you want or to cause them twice the trouble they caused you.

    At least you’re consistently a bad example and not very bright.

  18. I’m not one to criminalize kids stupid behavior normally but his isn’t a prank. Putting a blowup doll in the girls restroom or the principals office is a prank, this was an assault. Like any other persons that commit an assault they need to see a judge (in juvenile or family court) and they should be given the minimum sentence that will deter them from behavior of this sort in the future. That could be therapy if it’s needed and/or house arrest and/or community service or whatever is appropriate. I have some suggestions if they don’t spend 30 days in lockup.

    I think that the girls should first be forced to go to other schools away from each other. Those kids are a critical mass of stupid (and mean) and should be broken up with all due haste. They should spend no time together.

    They’re also spending too much time watching stupid shit on YouTube and probably other “humor” sites. There is a whole world of stupid and mean spirited and drunk college kids pranking their peeps (in awful ways) on the internet and if kids spend too much time there I believe the lines between !OMG/LOL! and horrorshow can blur. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that they’re not a trio of sociopaths that found each other at school and bonded.

    So take away all their ‘personal electronic devices’ and if they have to use a computer for school then someone needs to sentence their parents to sit next to them so they don’t spend time in confusing places. If they thought it was YouTube worthy to do this then they’re spending too much time at YouTube.

    Parenting skills didn’t seem to be too effective in preventing this assault. I can’t understand how a reliance on it now will work to prevent further anti-social behavior without some outside reinforcement, to the girls and their parents, of the knowledge that this was a serious and totally unacceptable act.

  19. Anecdotal but pertinent, I can report that for years I’ve reviewed EMS prehospital care “run” reports, for training purposes.

    I can fairly say that in southern Califoria, between 1978 and 1997, female teens’ & ‘tweens’ incidents of assaults on male teachers and male peers – at least those that required 911 response – was almost unheard of.

    Between 2002 and today, however, young female violence in & around schools is so common now, that it merits its own EMS code.

    I’d have to opine that young female behavior appears to be deteriorating as rapidly as anything else in society.

    Which depresses me no end. I’d always considered female superior social development as a human default safety net, that would at least slow our descent, as we all hurtle downward, toward quantum chaos of our inevitable end as a species.

  20. Florida….well I was going o get all Florid rape cultre blah blah blah but apparently it is everywhere…


    Quietly leaving the discipline to parents when thier monste…er, children, behave this way is so ridiculously passe, for damn good reason. My guess is the parent did not want to press charges because she (and her traumatized child) have to continue to live amongst the brutes….

    These behaviors are increasing in number and brutality. I believe it is an extension of the current political and economic policies that reward bullying and predatory behavior and a weak legal system that has decided to do ‘business’ instead of doing ‘law’.

  21. Lottakatz,

    I agree–except that I’d say that what those girls did was more malevolent than stupid. I think the girls may have a sadistic streak.

  22. Review as response:

    The Denial of Death
    by Ernest Becker

    “A Classic in Social Psychology”By Douglas (Auburn, WA, United States) Jun 22, 2010
    Based on the work of Freud’s least credited successor, Otto Rank, The Denial Of Death weaves an irrefutable argument that human aggression stems from an overweening hubris based exactly in the daily repression of the inevitability of our own individual death. In this denial, we attack and metaphorically or actually kill others–this can range from talking about our neighbor behind his back to all-out assassination on the battlefield. There is no easy-breezy solution to this problem, as in many lesser popular works–Becker sees human nature remaining more or less the same–but he does urge the reader toward redirecting hateful energies away from human scapegoats and toward abstractions like human suffering itself. A penetrating and unflinching work completed just before Becker’s own demise from cancer. A must read.

  23. Yes, and sometimes your flanking maneuver can cause you unnecessary pain and suffering. And you never know if the guy you think your flanking may have set you up.

    Just a thought.

  24. Elaine M.
    1, June 6, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    I agree–except that I’d say that what those girls did was more malevolent than stupid. I think the girls may have a sadistic streak.

    If the aggression wasn’t so revered in this country then I don’t believe these events would be happening…at least not so exponentially. Donald Trump will get his golf course…maybe even become President. Or a Sarah Palin or some other uber aggressive no rules, no holds barred alpha wanna-be sort. The Jimmy Carters and others who respond with reason and Marquess of Queensbury rules are actually ridiculed rather than respected for even attempting civilized behavior.
    It’s all Mad Max and Thunderdome or shut up and pay the bully.

  25. Ms. M, I don’t know what’s wrong with them. Their first stop (every kids first stop) in the system should be a child psychologist to find out because it could be any of a number of things including malevolence and a tendency to sadism. If you’re 12 your brain isn’t fully formed for another 10-12 years and the part of it that deals with the action, consequence equation (prefrontal cortex) is the last to be formed and filled with good data so I’m always hoping a kid can be corrected and move on.

    I’m not one for trying kids as adults unless they commit crimes so heinous I’d lock an adult up and throw away the key but damn, you have to get their attention in a measured, proportional way if their parents haven’t.

    I don’t like the ‘video games turned me into a killer’ argument either but if your focus is narrow you can be lured into thinking the norms of your narrow environment are the real norms. They’re not. If you’re 12 and working on becoming a YouTube superstar I’m going to view it differently than if you’re 27 and posting wiener shots and worse around the interwebs. At 12 (if parenting skills are lacking) the line can blur but at 27 there’s no excuse for the the online memorialization of your interpersonal failings.

    I’m one of those people that believe the studies showing that high order animals learn by watching, that the visual cortex is best gateway for most practical knowledge to be passed on. That a ‘mirror neuron’ in the brain was found and demonstrated to have a direct connection to learning delighted me.

    That though gives me pause regarding the power of popular, visually driven media when it comes to young kids. Add a very narrow focus or menu of learning inputs, peer reinforcement and an under-developed prefrontal cortex (low brake on risky behavior) and I tend to revise my thinking when it comes to 10-14 year olds. They’re usually not even at the stage where moral reasoning is on the radar at 12. They know “do” and “don’t” by rote but the reasoning end of it is just not there. My default would be censorship and very close control of the electronic gateways.

    I’m always in conflict about kids and crime even when I’m thinking ‘that kid’s too damaged to ever be allowed into society even if he is only 13 now’.

    “Mirror neuron” from Wikipedia

    “A mirror neuron is a neuron that fires both when an animal acts and when the animal observes the same action performed by another.[1][2] Thus, the neuron “mirrors” the behavior of the other, as though the observer were itself acting. Such neurons have been directly observed in primate and other species including birds. In humans, brain activity consistent with that of mirror neurons has been found in the premotor cortex, the supplementary motor area, the primary somatosensory cortex and the inferior parietal cortex …”


    Last para. “Update II”:
    “A National Institutes of Health study suggests that the region of the brain that inhibits risky behavior is not fully formed until age 25, a finding with implications for a host of policies, including the nation’s driving laws.

    “We’d thought the highest levels of physical and brain maturity were reached by age 18, maybe earlier — so this threw us,” said Jay Giedd, a pediatric psychiatrist leading the study, which released its first results in April. That makes adolescence “a dangerous time, when it should be the best.”.”


  26. Woosty’s still a Cat: “If the aggression wasn’t so revered in this country then I don’t believe these events would be happening…at least not so exponentially. … The Jimmy Carters and others who respond with reason and Marquess of Queensbury rules are actually ridiculed rather than respected for even attempting civilized behavior.
    It’s all Mad Max and Thunderdome or shut up and pay the bully.


    And let’s not forget “Bring it on”. Violence seeking as an easy, effective dispute resolution tool, torture as an investigative tool, directed assassination as a justice substitute are all in play. Made more easy to sell in a violent (or at least a violence de-sensitized) culture as well.

    Good points posting to Woosty. Sex and death, it’s always about that, I’ve come to agree with Freud about that one point. Money is just a means:

    Jake Gittes: How much are you worth?
    Noah Cross: I have no idea. How much do you want?
    Jake Gittes: I just wanna know what you’re worth. More than 10 million?
    Noah Cross: Oh my, yes!
    Jake Gittes: Why are you doing it? How much better can you eat? What could you buy that you can’t already afford?
    Noah Cross: The future, Mr. Gittes! The future.

    Chinatown ’74.

  27. BIL, Thank you, kind sir. I notice you’re busy fighting the fight for reason and justice on a couple of other threads. It’s never-ending work ‘eh? 😉

  28. “Yes, and sometimes your flanking maneuver can cause you unnecessary pain and suffering. And you never know if the guy you think your flanking may have set you up.”

    Spoken like someone neither very bright nor a competent tactician.

  29. I am against the criminalization of pranks. While this act progressed too far, criminal charges are inappropriate. Since it happened off school grounds, school officials are correct with not punishing the girls. What I suggest is a juvenile court magistrate’s intervention with meting the punishment of strict curfew for the girls; then, if any other extreme acts occurred, criminal punishment could ensue.

  30. i’m not going to tell what it costs at the chicken ranch in nevada to have three girls dressed as cheerleaders tear your clothes off.

  31. Do you mean expulsion or suspension? Expulsion from what I recall is being kicked out of a school for good. Suspension is more or less a punishment period where one is not allowed at school for days or weeks.

    If one is expelled, then there is no need to consider denial of social clubs, graduation etc.

  32. FF LEO,

    “While this act progressed too far, criminal charges are inappropriate. Since it happened off school grounds, school officials are correct with not punishing the girls.”

    If the girls and boy all attended the same school, do you think school officials would have to do something?

  33. “If the aggression wasn’t so revered in this country then I don’t believe these events would be happening…at least not so exponentially.”


    I agree with you in this. However, I suspect that it is a genetic heritage we all share to an extent, from a far distant past. I suffered a lot of bullying and verbal derision in school and while I would fight back verbally and physically it left its scars on me.
    We are little more than apes, establishing ourselves in the social
    pecking order. I suspect that a difference today is that at least in some societies women have become part of the status equation.
    While I’ve always believed that women are generally smarter than men, with a greater ability to empathize with others, they too contain the genetic heritage to use aggression to establish status.

  34. Florida law:

    (a)A person who intentionally touches in a lewd or lascivious manner the breasts, genitals, genital area, or buttocks, or the clothing covering them, of a person less than 16 years of age, or forces or entices a person under 16 years of age to so touch the perpetrator, commits lewd or lascivious molestation.
    (b)An offender 18 years of age or older who commits lewd or lascivious molestation against a victim less than 12 years of age commits a life felony, punishable as provided in s. 775.082(3)(a)4.
    (c)1.An offender less than 18 years of age who commits lewd or lascivious molestation against a victim less than 12 years of age; or
    2.An offender 18 years of age or older who commits lewd or lascivious molestation against a victim 12 years of age or older but less than 16 years of age
    commits a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.
    (d)An offender less than 18 years of age who commits lewd or lascivious molestation against a victim 12 years of age or older but less than 16 years of age commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

  35. This is utterly repulsive. I totally agree that had the genders been reversed in this case the attackers would have been arrested and the wheels of justice would be turning. This child was basically raped but due to the fact that he’s a male child we’ll simply overlook the obvious because admitting young girls are capable of such horrific acts is uncomfortable to our socioty.

    Outstanding site Mr. Turley. I’ll definately be back.

  36. Mike S., I didn’t make that observation, Woostie=^.^ did. I do though agree with you. Kids are all intrinsically vicious little creatures. I don’t say that with malice or derision. I think that training out those natural, infinitely old, hardly more than lizard-brain impulses is the primary job of parents and simply not always possible.

  37. Ms. EM wrote:

    “If the girls and boy all attended the same school, do you think school officials would have to do something?”

    Yes, the girls must receive counseling that such actions will not occur on campus and expulsion will result if they engage in such behavior. The curfew and its stipulations from the juvenile court judge would pertain to any actions on and/or off campus. There is need for some action but an abundance of room for redemption at that young age.

    In the 50s/early 60s, girls from that era were a whole lot different from what occurred in this incident and regarding girls’ general conduct within today’s culture.

  38. “In the 50s/early 60s, girls from that era were a whole lot different from what occurred in this incident and regarding girls’ general conduct within today’s culture.”


    As I remember it the only difference with girls back then was that their cruelty and bullying never got physiscal. For us guys it was different in that physical aggression often accompanied verbal taunts. I’ve said before and it is true during Elementary and
    Jr./Sr. H.S., I had more fights that most professional fighters have in the ring. I was a shy, overweight kid, who hated fighting, but was encouraged to stand up to bullies by my father and big brother. Most times I got my assed kicked, but did inflict some damage. Too often that era is remembered fondly, as we codgers are prone to do, but the scars of growing up in it still remain and it was certainly not a happy time for me.

    My wife who comes from the next generation down also experienced cruelty and bullying from other girls, but that was never physical.
    However, as we both know offtimes words can be more harmful than physical deeds. Going back to my father’s generation, he had on many occasions had to fight his way to and from school. As I stated previously this is all about the ancient human trait of establishing a pecking order. I despise that reality, but must acknowledge its presence.

  39. Mike Spindell,

    Good points, all. I still must admit that I did not observe the girl-on-girl cruelty during my years growing up, mostly in Colorado. Part of that might have been because I was a devout Southern Baptist until my college years and I experienced a different group of kids, although I was around other very rough kids during school. I was a rather quiet country kid so I stayed out of trouble until I got into high school. Fortunately, my “crime wave” of doing stupid acts occurred before the age of majority so I have a very clean record…

  40. “Fortunately, my “crime wave” of doing stupid acts occurred before the age of majority so I have a very clean record…”


    My record is also clean, but that is more good fortune, than good sense. I never stole or attacked anyone, but my street drag racing alone displayed amazing stupidity due to its possibility of injuring others, much less myself. In life I’ve had the good fortune to learn from my mistakes and the luck not to inflict grievous harm on anyone.

    What I think we both understand is the capability of youth to behave stupidly. With that understanding of our own experiences we are capable of recognizing that some can make mistakes, without being bad people. Many in our society and indeed many LEO’s subscribe to a “one strike you’re out” kind of mentality, based mainly on their own lack of ability to remember their own mistakes.

    Isn’t this why we are both so interested in true justice? That is, a justice system that deals appropriately with the individual acts of miscreants, rather than viewing them as “one size fits all.

  41. Mike Spindell,

    Yes, your concept of true justice is the one I champion. There must be redemption in life; otherwise, there would be no incentive to right your wrongs against others.

  42. “There must be redemption in life; otherwise, there would be no incentive to right your wrongs against others.”


    What I find so gratifying about our exchanges through the last few years is that we agree on the essentials. He we are two men, of similar age, yet vastly different backgrounds and even political belefs. Your upbringing was the rural West, your famly’s religion was I believe Baptist, your views are Republican Conservative (real not faux conservative). Your career was spent in law enforcement and I’m not sure but you probably are a veteran. I’m an NYC guy from Brooklyn, Jewish and politically left wing. I was 4F and spent my career in social services. You’re a crewcut kind of guy and when I had hair it was shoulder length and all over my face. A straight guy and a hippie.

    Neither of us though believes that a higher being orders the world or our individual lives, though I feel that there is something akin to Karma. We believe in true justice, the possibility of human redemption and that our society should be fair to all. We are patriotic, but the antithesis of Jingoists. I think that the current view that imposes political labelling on people is a false one.

    As I’ve said elsewhere it is the “Isms” that keep people apart, angry and combative towards eachother. Perhaps when people can begin to focus on the essentials to be strived for and let the details take a back seat, we can all begin to live in harmony.

    While the cynic in me cries out that there are far too many people who deny the essential need for human harmony, the idealist still believes that in a distant future this will become the true canon by which people lead their lives.

  43. Mike Spindell wrote (amongst other good points):


    What I find so gratifying about our exchanges through the last few years is that we agree on the essentials. ”

    Yes Sir, indeed we do.

  44. As a male survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I have long since had my fill of bigotry against male sexual abuse victims! Why aren’t these perverts registered as Sexual Offenders?

  45. I’m not sure which is more reprehensible – having a child post the video on YouTube or having an adult post the video here. At least *one* of these people should know better.

    Having said that, I can’t say as I think a whole lot of the boy’s mother. If it had been me, I’d have moved Heaven and Earth to get those girls charged and punished. What they did went way beyond ‘cute prank’. They’re at least 13 years old, if I’m not mistaken. That makes them old enough to know better, even without strict parental supervision. I don’t know that jail time would do them much good, but a public humiliation of their own wouldn’t come amiss. Maybe a sign that says they’re child-molesters that they have to wear for a couple of weeks? Maybe that’ll smarten the parents up, too. Sheesh!

  46. The results of Feminism, plain and simple. The double standard from this is that if 3 boys had done this, they would be in so much hot water they’d drown. Girls and women are not help responsible for the behaviors.

  47. Stripping him may be considered a stupid prank, but posting the video on line is just malicious. That should have led to charges. It just further underlines how males are treated as second class people even by their mothers. Imagine guys doing it to a girl? They’s be doing time for rape.

  48. Couldn’t posting the video online constitute distributing child pornography. Regardless if it was a prank or not. There are a lot of serious, criminal violations in the video. Assault. Molestation. And like I said, child pornography. These girls could, and probably should face serious criminal charges.

  49. I guess this is what women mean when they want “equality”. If women want the “right” to molest, rape or kill males with impunity they can have it as they are drafted to fight in WW3 because the son’s of America are going to say NO WAY MANHATERS!

    The all girl’s club that thinks “they shouldn’t be thrown in jail for molestation and distributing child pornography” are no different then their great grand parents who seen nothing wrong with lynching or cross burnings targeting African American’s!

    In the 21st Century

  50. Because if yous don’t think all the young guy’s 18-30 weren’t paying attention when Duke, Mary Winkler and the million and one other blatant acts of hatred against boy’s and males with women and girl’s cheering it on happened yous are wrong.

    Everyday more and more young men are waking up to the fact that we are barely second class citizens and often treated as slaves. And as soon as all the older males die off, women will find a world that holds no good will towards them whatsoever.

    Don’t believe me? Poke around online. Research terms like MGTOW, marriage strike and “feminism is a hate movement”.


    You laugh at our tears, kick us when we are down and get drunk on our blood; woe to Babylon the Great.

  51. “Everyday more and more young men are waking up to the fact that we are barely second class citizens and often treated as slaves. And as soon as all the older males die off, women will find a world that holds no good will towards them whatsoever.”

    All the blithering idiot males on this thread who believe that it’s mostly males who are beng persecuted by women, can’t hold onto a woman because they are not only lousy lovers, but they also have the kind of stupiidity/personalty that would drive worthwhile women away. The amount of male violence to women. partriarchical prejudice and inequality in pay is so far off the chart, that to make that statement shows the grossest of stupidity and no doubt an unendurable fear of women. Kris you need to grow up and stop acting and thinking like a ten year old when it comes to women, perhaps then you might even get laid and perish the thought but she might get some pleasure too.

  52. “The amount of male violence to women. partriarchical prejudice and ”

    Intimate partner homicides are about equal.


    (from comments)

    Here’s the whole paragraph from the DOJ Website that shows the honest mistake. On the other hand, the speech is completely untrue, unsupported, and sensationalistic.

    “While women are by no means the only victims of domestic violence, the facts are clear – women are most often murdered by people they know. In 2007, 64 percent of female homicide victims were murdered by a family member or intimate partner. By comparison, 16 percent of male homicide victims were murdered by a family member or intimate partner.”

    And by the same DOJ website men, are four times as likely to be a victim of homicide.

    So is domestic violence, with women a bit ahead.

    “inequality in pay is so far off the chart”

    “In 1969, data from the American Council on Education showed that female professors who had never been married and had never published earned 145 percent of their male counterparts’ pay.
    Even during the 1950s, Farrell says, the gender pay gap for all never-married workers was less than 2 percent while never-married white women between 45 and 54 earned 106 percent of what their white male counterparts made.”

    (Warren Farrell, author of “Why Men Earn More”)

    the “1 in 4 women are raped” is also a lie if you don’t know it yet.

  53. “I did notice, a few years later, a scandal that hit the newspapers; at the high school fed by this elementary school, boys in clubs “raped” girls for points.”


  54. The reason why the mother of the boy is not what the girls to be charge with a crime is because the attackers are girls against boy. Now if two boys did that to a girls, the parents of the girls would have what the boys arrest and charge with a crime. ]

    This is how sick our culture is there is so much double standard. If you look at the video you see both girls touch his gentiles. They sexually abuse him.

    Girls do just as much sex crimes on boys as boys on girls. For the girls to do this is not the first time they sexually abuse other boys and girls.

  55. simplest solution is to get those three girl in the crime scene, told them to strip in front of the boy, let the boy film it and post it on you tube..

  56. Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. Give this boy a few years to grow and I hope he takes appropriate action, What was done to him was a sexual assault and not a prank, these skanks should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  57. to otteray Scribe
    Explain to me why posting pictures of these girls on u-tube is a felony, yet what they did ( a sexual assault and battery) which they posted online, is not. Some real double standards here.
    I hope their parents are real proud of them.
    By the way if anyone knows the names of these harpies I hope they publish them online, name and shame them!

  58. Ben, this is a felony: “…get those three girl in the crime scene, told them to strip in front of the boy, let the boy film it and post it on you tube..”


    That is advocating kidnapping, assault, and posting nude pictures of minor girls on line. In some jurisdictions, forcing a female to strip against her will could result in a charge of attempted rape.

  59. Firstly, my main concern is for the boy, who has said he wants to put this all behind him. Fortunately he has a wise, compassionate and loving mother to help him. And she is aware that the boy doesn’t want to press charges either. All these kids knew each other and were actually friends. Don’t you realize that these girls have been severely punished already…with all the contempt and threats heaped on them? Believe me thery are sorry, but I hope they apologize to the boy. Still there should be more punishment: house arrest for three weeks….no computers, no television.

  60. If nothing is going to be done, is there anyone interested in pursuing this? Contact with the District Attorney is in order. Like the article above states, the police do not have to have consent to press charges if they witness evidence of a crime. If they do not press charges, then the police department is derelict. Anyone interested, reply here.

    If nothing is to be done, then by default the perverts have set a precedent that this is only a “prank” and the boy is welcome, if not encouraged, to do the same to them, as a “prank” as well.

  61. FFLP, Respect the wishes of the boy and his mother, who don’t want to press charges. These young girls did something very stupid, but they are not career criminals. And they’ve already been considerably punished and will face more punishment in the future. Please don’t further destroy their lives. Theyill never do anything like this again.

  62. The state can press charges regardless of the wishes of the mother. If a crime has been committed (and it was), the state has an obligation to uphold the law and press charges. Realize that being grounded from TV for a few days or getting their cell. phones taken up for a few days does not justify what happened. It is up to the state now, and if they don’t press charges, it is a glaring double standard and it will set a precedent.

  63. But why put the boy through the humiliation of a trial? Also, these girls can’t go anywhere without scorn being heaped on them. They are being considerably punished already.

  64. Their lives are a living hell now. They can’t go anywhere without people threatening them, screaming at them, shunning them, etc…both adults and their peers. I feel so sorry for the boy. Of course, he’s the victim in this mess, and he wants to put this all behind him. He doesn’t want to be dragged through court proceedings. And I have a lot of anger at the girls. But I feel sorry for them too. They’ll never do anything like this again, FFLP.

  65. How are you aware of this? I haven’t found a follow-up to the story. It’s as if nobody cares, and it was just dropped. The only thing I found out was that the matter is being turned over to the State of Florida. The girls should have thought about what they were going to do and the consequences first. It’s too late now, and an example has to be made. Like several people have already said, if three boys did this to a girl, they all would have been expelled, and would already be serving time in juvenile detention, the state would send DHR to talk to the parents and possibly the parents would have been fined, jailed, etc… Justice is supposed to be blind of bias and persuasion so the same punishment that would happen to boys needs to happen to them. Anything else, and there is bias, a double standard, and a huge group of angry people wanting justice.

  66. I’ve read bits and pieces about what the boy wants and the troubles the girls are now having. Justice can be achieved without totally destroying the lives of the girls. One of the girls was seen walking through the streets hiding her face. I have to admit I’d also like to know what the State of Florida is doing about the matter. It happened on May 31st. I’d like to see a follow-up story too, FFLP. But I just don’t want to see that unfortunate boy dragged through
    a trial, nor the lives of the girls totally ruined over this one incident. The last I heard, the matter was in the hands of the Ft. Myers Police Dept. and not in the hands of the State.

  67. So here is the choice I give the parents of the girls. Your daughter will stand naked in front of my child on your front lawn for 30 seconds or she gets the charges. She will be mortified on what to do if she really knows what the misdemeanor charges will do to her if they are part of her permanent record. If she does not she will take the charges.

  68. You know I really don’t go in for harsh punishments of kids, but I think we need a little perspective here. Were the reverse true and these were boys of the same age as the girls, they would now be in detention and there would be a clamor to try them as adults. Few people would be writing in sympathy for the current pain those boys would be suffering.

    I don’t want to see these girls go to jail. however, I think the real problem is our cultures skewed sense of both sex and sexuality. Perhaps it time for Americans to reject the rhetoric of the sexually puritanical. The most disgusting thing about this offense was the unwarranted humiliation of an innocent kid. The nudity was secondary to it. There are a vast amount of school bullying incidents that occur daily, but no one gets excited about it unless sex or serious damage is involved.

  69. Jim, you are advocating the commission of a felony. Sorry, sport, that dog won’t hunt. Unless you like prison food a lot.

  70. What’s bothering me is that this case seems to have been dropped. Despite the fact that I don’t want these girls to go to jail or have a permanent record, or have to register as sex offenders, some sort of other punishment is needed….i.e. house arrest, community service, a day at the Scared Straight Lifer’s Club, etc. If the boy needs therapy to get over his trauma, the parents of the girls should pay for it. I pray that this boy has emotionally recovered.

  71. Otterary – interesting. Jim is advocating a felony? However he’s advocating what was done to the boy. So the girls are guilty of at least a felony each? That puts things into perspective.

    Robert – the reporter who told the story emailed me and said that the police sent the report to the state attorney’s office. They haven’t decided on anything yet.

  72. But let’s remember one thing….these girls are not career criminals. And they will never do anything like this again…they’re already enduring much suffering. They are three very young lives that can be salvaged. I pray they don’t go to jail or have any kinds of permanent records. They can and should have punishment for what they did, but without that happening. And most importantly, that boy should be spared further humiliation.

  73. Some years ago, I received a school report that my 7th grader son “was involved in an episode of sexual harassment, was punished, and will have this report in his record through graduation.”

    Angrily, I asked my son what happened. He told me that he was eating lunch with 3 male friends. Four girls passed their table. One girl said to one boy, “I heard you’re a dickless wonder.” The boy replied, “And you’re a titless bitch.” Keeping a straight face, I asked my son what he’d done. He said, “I kept eating my sandwich.” He further explained that all of the kids attended a sexual harassment assembly weeks later. After the assembly, the girls filed a sexual harassment complaint over the earlier incident. The boys were detained after school for two hours of counselling.

    Thinking my son was minimizing, I visited the female principal. I told her my son’s account and waited for more damning details. She said, “That’s accurate.” I asked, “Why are we having this conversation?” She said, “You made the appointment.”

    I explained to the principal that her report – “was involved in an episode of sexual harassment, was punished, and will have this report in his record through graduation” – would damn my son to a conclusion without details. Having been a military recruiter, I knew this “report” would keep my son out of military service and, probably, civilian jobs or colleges.

    I visited the administration’s EEO officer. She explained that a girl had just been awarded $50K for grafitti about her in a boys’ bathroom. The school took harassment seriously. She alleged there was pushing, leering, and “posturing,” according to the longer full report. When I asked to see it, she said I couldn’t. When I asked to see it with names redacted, she said the principal hadn’t forwarded it. I asked what posturing was. She said that by staying at the lunch table, my son lent his presence to the other boys while they intimidated the girls. I said, “You expect a 13-year-old boy to express shock and dismay, while moving to a different table?” She said yes. I said, “As his father, I’m incredibly proud that he was capable of keeping his mouth shut, without leering, commenting, or laughing.”

    After several follow-ups by my lawyer, it was learned that the principal had never written a more detailed report, only the boys were disciplined, and only the boys’ parents were notified. Only after my lawyer threatened the school district with my intention to file a lawsuit, did I get a letter that said my son “witnessed” sexual harassment; he was “counselled” about what he’d seen; he was never punished, because he was not a participant; other than two rude remarks, there was no conversation, no leering, no pushing, no posturing. My son’s “report” was expunged and replaced by a commendation for comporting himself politely while two other children insulted each other. The final sentence: “We try very hard to teach our children to respect each other; it’s unfortunate that we’ve not done so to your liking.”

    I let it go at that point. The following year, the principal was transferred to teaching an elementary school class.

  74. I’m not sure what these girls have done prior to their attack on the boy but that is irrelevant. They need some sort of punishment because of what they did. Bottom line. They should get the same punishment a boy would get if he did the same thing. No bias.

  75. The boy’s mother writes:
    “I am writing in hopes that my response to the media attention given by my son’s story can help the people of fort myers better understand the situations surrounding the video the three girls posted on youtube. I want to start by saying these are not random felon serial sex offenders that decided to brutally or maliciously attack my son. They are children that are 12 and 13 years old. I agree they need to be punished, I agree what they did was so totally wrong in every way. I don’t know however if they should hang for it. He’s my son and after losing a child to illness, he is my life. People that know me know that I have a compassionate heart, they know I’m a strong, fair and intelligent person. My hope was that the media attention would show these girls what they did was wrong, My hope was that seeing how upset the community, friends, classmates and most of all their parents are would change these girls from the inside out. All parties involved are suffering right now. I can’t imagine that these parents are not crushed by having their children subjected to this negative attention as well. I wanted the community as a whole to look at this and make some changes. And see that this can happen to anyone and that we need to teach our children compassion, teach them how to treat others, sit down with our children and say this is not right. My family is hurting with the back lash and harsh judgments in regards to me not pressing criminal charges. I’m not a bad mother. My son is my first and only priority. The hope was to as a society and community benefit from seeing what those girls did and make a difference. We could learn from this and learn how to be better people, better human beings… I’m glad that we are not all judged on the things that we did when were young and stupid because where would we be? Punishment will be served but the punishment is not for me to decide.”

  76. FFLP, Please keep us informed about what’s happening. It’s been 2 months
    since the terrible incident occurred and the State of Florida has done nothing about it that I know of. I very much agree with the boy’s mother
    and still hope the girls will not go to jail or be on a list of sex offenders.

  77. I’ll pass along any info. I get. I still think the girls should get some kind of punishment, be it time and/or fines. As far as being registered as a sex offender, it has already happened and according to law, they must be registered as sex offenders. I don’t believe anyone is given an option when they do something that requires them to be registered. It just happens because its the law. Jail time would give this whole thing closure and it will hopefully teach the girls that they don’t need to ever do something like this to another individual. There are conesquenses for what they have done.

  78. Young females these days have too much testosterone while young males have too much estrogen. It’s all part of an intentional population control process to emasculate men while making women more masculine. This situation is just one of the symptoms. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. Just look at the appearance of young men and women these days and observe their behaviors.

  79. Girl, 11, Raped By 3 Boys, Ages 8 and 9

    November 19, 2007

    Acworth, Ga. – Three boys, one 8 and two 9-years old, are in a Cobb County youth detention center after being charged with the kidnap and rape of an 11-year-old girl. The girl told police they had all been playing outside the West Ridge Apartments before she was taken into the nearby woods against her will and assaulted.

    “The three boys have been charged with crimes ranging from rape, sexual assault, kidnapping and false imprisonment,” said Capt. Wayne Bennard of the Acworth Police Department.

  80. According to the State attorney’s office, the case is not closed; they may file charges against the bullies. State attorneys are elected officials and must consider public opinion. If you think bullies are allowed to get away with too much in Lee County, tell it to the state attorney at http://sao.cjis20.org/Lee.htm

    also the attorney general at http://myfloridalegal.com/contact

    Please email them and encourage others to do so. We cannot allow this injustice to stand. It was not publicized, but the victim is mentally handicapped. Make sure any handicapped advocate you may know is aware of this.

  81. We know the bullies are girls who live in Cypress Landing in Fort Myers. Is there anyway to find out theur names? If residents are afraid of them, the names could be posted anonymously to a blog.

  82. if this happened to my kid, i would have pressed charges so those girls would be in the juvinile system till they were at least 21 and then sued they’re parents for enough money to bankrupt them for raising such evil lil bitches. if the roles would be reversed, there woulda been a massive public outcry. this is why i refuse to listen to women complain that its always men’s fault. they have been playing this bs hand for far to long and need to recieve a kick in the but once in a while to realize that life isn’t fair.

  83. I agree with you. There’s a huge double standard, and if nothing is done, the DA is going to look bad. We have to keep reminding people of this because the longer it takes to come up with something, the less likely anything is going to be done.

  84. They should face the same punishment as boys/males face in a situation like that. What is being said by not making them face the same is that girls can do those things and rape some one and it is OK. boys/men on the other hand pay dearly for doing shit like that. WHAT A MESSAGE THEY ARE SENDING. Thank GOD i don’t live in nor visit Florida.

  85. “Mother”, please listen… this happened to me at that age and its haunted me. Back then things were handled differently and I’ve always wished my parents had done something about it. The girls got half the school to taunt me for years. Nothing was ever done to them and I blame my parents. Mother, later on down the road you’re going to regret not pressing charges. My parents, who left it to their parents, regret it today. It bothered me more as I went through school and even though I was ok with my parents at first, it tore us apart later in my teenage years. You’re making a mistake.

  86. Like someone said.. you can’t respect women rights if you they don’t respect yours. And I suppose.. in the end it can back fire on them.

  87. Anybody heard the latest about this? The last I heard, the Florida DA was reviewing the case and determining whether or not to press charges. If they don’t we will need to do something.

  88. Seems hard to believe kids that age would actually go that far, to actually strip someone completely. It’s a sad commentary on parenting and our society in general that limits are not understood.

  89. I recently saw a Lifetime movie (with my wife…ha ha) which had a disturbing message. It featured a girl who was severely attacked physically by a group of older girls who recorded the event on a cell phone and then uploading it to a YouTube-style site. The prosecutor was a woman who wanted to throw the book at the attackers, but the girl decided that seeking any kind of legal retribution would be as bad as the physical attack committed against her. If the attackers had been males, I doubt that the DA would have allowed the victim to decide against prosecution. I also felt that the message in the end was unsettling, as if using the legal system to vindicate oneself was just as bad as the original act.

  90. There needs to be community service, rehabilitation and counselling for these girls. Hopefully, this will scare them and they will never do this ever again.

    For this boy. He needs counselling because it will take a long time to get over this. It should be the responsibility of these three girls families to pay for it.

  91. Just a quick note to Mike Spindell. Hey, not every man out there agrees with you regarding the victimization of American women. And, by the way, we all have our own methods of getting laid. Was yours to agree and vote for the oh so “Victimized American Female?” Is this how you got into her pants?

  92. Here is another case of a young girl in Lee County Florida behaving badly. A 9-year old girl had a temper tantrum on a school bus. She later threw a piece of asphalt at the bus. She was arrested, taken to jail, and charged with multiple felonies. The girl, who has mental problems, was shown on Channel 2 news November 1 and her full name was given. I will refer to her only by her first name, Amber. Compare this case with the youtube assault incident.

    1. How responsible are the perpetrators for their actions?
    The youtube bullies were 13; Amber is 9. The youtube bullies made a deliberate decision to commit a crime, and cooperated to carry out the assault; Amber had a tantrum and may not have understood what she was doing. The youtube bullies acted over a considerable period of time, first committing assault, then posting it on youtube, then boasting to friends about it; Amber had a tantrum and ceased criminal behavior when she calmed down.

    2. What is the seriousness of the crimes?
    The youtube bullies crimes include sexual assault on a minor under 12, a life felony in florida. Only capital offenses like murder are more serious. They also produced and distributed child pornography, another very serious felony. They traumatized the victim mentally, as well as stomping on his throat.
    Amber threw a piece of asphalt at a school bus and cussed at the driver. Nobody was injured.

    3. Do we have evidence that would justify a trial?
    We have absolute proof of the youtube bullies crime in the video they made of it. Whether we have witnesses telling the same story of Amber’s actions is not known.

    4. What is the racial and social status of the perpetrators?
    The youtube bullies are White girls living in an exclusive gated community. Amber is a poor Black girl.

    It would appear that to the Florida state attorney, race and wealth have priority over all other factors in deciding whether to prosecute. I had put links to the story, but it kept my post from going through, so I am only keeping the link to NAACP. Please let them know if you think there is injustice here.

  93. A couple months ago, my six year old kissed a girl in his class on the cheek. The girl complained to the teacher. His teacher didn’t make a big deal out of it and just asked my son to “say you like someone from now on.” What concerns me was MY initial reaction to this innocent tale. I got nervous. It really pisses me off that I got nervous about something so cute. Why am I recounting this? I am by no means comparing this happenstance to what these thug girls did, what I am saying is that our school culture has to find a balance. Zero tolerance school culture has made a lot of really good parents really really paranoid.

  94. Robert , i heard these girls enjoyed their prank, and continue pick younger kids. how do you know they will never do it again?

  95. To Bette Moir…. Your comment was, “A generation ago, when my daughter was in elementary school, her school had a tradition known as Friday Flip-Up Day. If any girl was inattentive enough to wear a skirt or dress on a Friday, groups of boys would knock them down and pull their skirts up over their waists.” I do understand her embarrassment and your anger with school officials. It is very sad that they had this type of attitude towards the incident. However, I do have to ask you respectfully, did this incident include pulling down her undergarment thus exposing everything, having a foot placed on her throat during the event and lastly, pasting a video of the entire event on You Tube for anyone in the world possessing Internet access could view? Honestly, I believe part of the problem with the (Florida) incident just being called a prank (more or less) is an easy out for Florida’s D.A.’s and police department that are involved. Also, even though I totally agree with the comment, “If the genders were reversed……” I don’t want to say anymore since it has already been said many times. However, I would like to add, (a generation later) that we now live in a society/culture that always puts a female’s problem(s) first. And, since this was not a female on the ground and three boys removing her clothing, this embarrassed and humiliated young boy will only have to “live with it” for the rest of his life. It is truly sad that our society has accepted this attitude rather than a healthier attitude that protects both young girls and boys. Maybe one day, but definitely not tomorrow.

  96. “There is an attempt to warn parents that these girls pose a danger to children, and young children should not be unattended when the girls are around.”

    This is creepy, cyber-vigilantism. I would recommend JT remove that hyperlink immediately.

  97. why hasn’t the law done anything about this act? this happened to me, it was horrible and embarrassing, and top of this had other boys calling me gay,cause i didn’t enjoy it. why should anyone enjoy someone violating them for there own sick pleasure. this stuff rips stomach apart. all i can say to you girls, shame on you for this horrible act. you girls have now made yourselves target. i hope you girls don’t have boyfriends for a very long time. you don’t deserve one either. horrible trolls.

  98. keestadol: why do you find that creepy? If someone is warning people that these girls could possibly do it to other kids. they might not post it on youtube again. but what’s to say they just keep the act on their phones. to be honest i wouldn’t want these girls looking after my kids, if they are capable of doing that sort of an act. I agree with you that vigilantism is wrong. but a bit of public humiliation want go a miss on their part. considering what the young boy has gone through. i have had it happen to myself at school. that act still affects me to this day after 20 year. these girls have only themselves to blame. i have no sympathy for them what so ever. what of sexual violence is getting out of control, and the law is just not stepping up to the plate. so what happens people take the law into their own hands. i also have a fear that violence is going to grow more worse the way our governments and courts deal with things.

  99. [“There is an attempt to warn parents that these girls pose a danger to children, and young children should not be unattended when the girls are around.”

    This is creepy, cyber-vigilantism. I would recommend JT remove that hyperlink immediately.]

    What??? Don’t you find at all what these perverts did to the boy creepy??? It appears the justice system isn’t going to do anything so it’s left up to the public to inform everyone about it. They would be better off just going to jail for a sentence rather than nothing happening and then the public has to warn everybody about them.

    Something needs to be done and we will need to check with the Florida D.A. office. Last I heard from the reporter that did the story, he said they were determining what to do about it. That was a few months ago. We need to check with them again for an update.

    It would be “creepy” if we didn’t do anything about it and let this kind of behavior go on.

  100. agreed fruit flies, if the law actually did something about it, this would not happen. let them suffer a bit of humiliation in prison.

  101. Yeah, really not going to feel bad for not wanting to hop on the facebook-marginalizing of anyone. As far as “spreading the word and warning” people about these girls, I’m thinking that has already been well-accomplished and that’s GOOD. And some food for the thought before I exit this thread: We’ve seen the power of facebook (good, bad, and ugly), so to all of you endorsing the facebook “info center” on these evil girls (and I AGREE that they are just that for extra clarity), I would ask you to think a bit about the medium you’re endorsing, the lives it has wrecked, and the body count it has accumulated.

  102. i agree with you keestadoll, but the girls only have themselves to blame. there is only one person that is probably suffering and that’s little boy. as far i am concerned there is only one body count and that’s the boy. who know’s what mental trauma he has to endure now. i can understand for him, cause i still haven’t got over what kids did to me at school, and that’s 20 years ago. me personally I can’t be bothered with this facebook crap. we think we as a society should stop relying on the law to punish our kids, and start putting pressure on parents to do a better job, on kids morals. I have mixed emotions about this whole case. I don’t know even if the media is telling us the right story. they will also twist it for their own purpose. as from the video i cant tell much to what is really going on. can we really make a judgement to what’s really going on in 20seconds and its all blurred. we don’t what happened behind the scenes. 3 parties have not pressed charges, the mother, state attorney, police, don’t you think that’s strange to me that is very strange. this whole thing on double standards cause its a boy is rubbish to me. maybe a little double standards. but let face it will never equality in this world, race, sex, age, disability, status. not of those categorises are treated equally. we will alway struggle for equality.

  103. the facebook page is gone now. Please send any information about the girls’ identities to register-her.com

  104. So, if Florida’s DA’s end up doing nothing about this incident what are we left with? As stated before in other responses, if the genders were reversed there would be a deafening roar of disapproval along with a resounding attitude for justice, possibly even a lynch mob. I am sure on every news report we would hear, “Put those boys in prison, where they belong!” It is just another example of how our society always puts a womans problems or issues first (or, young girls in this case). It doesn’t really matter what the boy feels about his experience, because afterall, “He will just get over it.” Our society should step back and take a long serious look at just how powerful the gender bias is between young boys and girls.

    As a father of two boys I would not ever tolerate this type of behavior being brought against either one of them. If the laws in my stae could/would not protect them both as living human beings with emotions (just like everyone else) I am afraid I would have to take matters into my own hands. And believe me it wouldn’t be allowing the parents of these girls to decide on what type of punishment they should receive! Honestly, I am not sure how I would react since it hasn’t happened, but I am sure it wouldn’t be pleasant.

    I think today, boys should be taught to defend themselves even if it is a girl or a group of girls that attempt to physically harm them. No more of the old cliche’ of “boys never hit girls”. Maybe, boys should never hit girls unless in true self-defense. As for my boys, they have been insructed if a girl, or group of girls attempt anything similar to them – it’s all out war. Kick, punch, slap or whatever it takes to prevent this from ever happening to them. By the way, they do understand to never hit a girl unless it is in true self defense.

    Lastly, two months ago the DA’s stated they were looking into it. How long do they really need to look into it? It sounds more like they are allowing the parties and families involved to come to some agreement where everyone is happy. And, of couse, once this happens the DA’s office can discontinue any further investigation. My point? We cannot give up on pursing this incident until it is truly resolved. This particular incident could set precedence in any future cases that are similar and at this point in time I believe it wouldn’t be good.

  105. hi Richard H, the problem is richard, if the boy and the mother is not willing to testify then, its going to be very hard for the state to do anything. they will definitely will not press charges against the girls for pornography, i think they are just to young to understand that side of things. I know some the story, i some how just don’t know if i have can believe the media’s version of events. from what i understand the boy is still friends with the girls. we have to remember the media will twist stories round to suit them. what could of being a innocent play between kids, the media will turn it out into girls attacking him. something in this story just doesn’t add to me. ask yourself a few question:

    1) why wasn’t the boy trying e.g punching,biting,kicking or could it be he was scared? i don’t know, i can’t tell much from a blurred video, how the boy is reacting. the only screaming i can hear is the girls. i did some from the boy but it’s vague, we can all scream from a bit of playing.
    2) there were 3 parties that could of pressed charges, the state,police, mother none the didn’t anything? that to me smell like a rat.

    the whole case is to fishy for my liking? we are missing some the story that what i think

  106. lee,
    The mother seems like a good woman who wants to do what is best for her children. There could be valid reasons for not pressing charges.

    It is worrying, however, to hear that the boy is still friends with the girls. If the boy still associates with the girls, there could be trouble. If there is another prank and anybody gets hurt, or presses charges, it will be bad for the mother. Kids have accidents playing all the time. If an accident with an injury occurrs when the boy is with these girls, it could have serious repercussions. People will say the mother knew the girls were dangerous. She allowed the boy to play with them anyway. She endangered the boy by allowing him to associate with bullies, and is not fit to be a mother.

    For her family’s sake, it would be best if she forbids the boy to see these girls.

  107. Lee, the reporter told me that even if the mother did not want to press charges, the state is OBLIGATED to press charges if they witness a crime. Seeing the video which recorded the incident is proof, and they know for a fact that the video was on YouTube and actually stayed on there for a while. So it is really irrelevant if the mom doesn’t want to press charges. The state has an obligation to uphold the law and if they don’t, it will be a mess and will set a precedent. Thereafter, even if a boy did the same thing to a girl, they would not be able to do anything. That’s something the Florida atty. needs to think about.

  108. This real-life story is interestingly similar to the climactic incident in the “cyber-bullying” plotline that ran on the ABC daytime soap opera ONE LIFE TO LIVE from February to April, 2011 (in which high school freshman Shane Morasco attempted suicide after a relentless series of bullying incidents culminated in his being publicly stripped, and in a video of that humiliating event being posted on the internet).

  109. fruit flies, i just don’t think the state will press for charges. what we need is to find out more about what happened? I have heard from friends and family that this boy wasn’t all innocent. they are were all playing. and the media hasn’t told the whole story. so something is not adding up. i think the mother was just angry about the girls posting it on youtube, humiliate the girls like they did to her son. and bring shame on them in their community. and i am sure the community will not look kindly on them. if they are intelligent girls they won’t do it again. if they have the criminal mind than yes they will do it again. but will they bully again, most probably. cause bullying isn’t a crime yet.

  110. They should press charges – especially if the residents in Florida remind them about this issue so it doesn’t get swept under the rug. The video depicts sexual assault and it’s a fact that these girls uploaded the video to YouTube. So laws have indeed been broken and that’s what the Florida Atty. needs to follow through on. I haven’t heard anything that would suggest the boy wasn’t all innocent. Someone posted on here earlier that he was mentally challenged (what’s the politically correct term for retarded now?) The investigation should reveal what all happened. There should be a full investigation and they need to serve time for what they did. Plain and simple.

  111. There are some reasons that the state has not pressed charges, but I really think the state should.

    The video was removed from youtube before the police were notified of the incident. The police and prosecutor never saw the original unedited minute-long video on youtube. They saw only a few seconds that the media edited from it and put on TV. This edited video appears to show a battery. It could also show an event that is not battery, just as a boxing match or a fistfight between actors in an action movie are not battery. The difference is that in a boxing match or movie fight, all involved are consenting to the fight. Were these kids engaged in mutually consentual play? If we saw the whole video, would the beginning show the boy agreeing to play along with this prank? Or would it show the girls suddenly attacking an unsuspecting victim?

    We don’t know. The only way we can know is to watch the entire video (maybe), or interview somebody who has seen it, or interview the people who were present when the video was made. As far as I know, the police have not seen the entire video. They have not seized the cell phones or computers of the bullies to recover it. They have not requested a subpoena to get it from the television station. We can assume that if the beginning of the video would show it was play to which all parties consented, the bullies themselves would have released it. The entire video would probably be incriminating to the bullies, but we don’t know for sure, and as far as I know the police have not made an attempt to find out.

    The police did question the bullies, and they said they were only playing. The police questioned the victim’s mother, and she agreed with the bullies. The police questioned the victim in the mother’s presence, and he would not contradict his mother. The police requested that the mother allow her son to be questioned privately by child protection experts, and the mother refused. As far as I know, the police did not try to get an interview with the boy against the mother’s wishes. The state could not charge the bullies with battery based on the evidence they had, and apparently did not want to go to the trouble of trying to find additional evidence.

    In the few seconds of the video shown on TV, it is questionable if the video was child porn before it was censored. There is also no proof in the edited video that genitals were touched, which would have been a sexual assault. The unedited video posted on youtube might have been child porn, and might have shown a sexual assault, but the police never saw it. As far as I know, they made no attempt to get it, to interview the victim privately, or to interview others in the neighborhood who had seen the video when it was on youtube.

  112. In the previous post I compared a legal boxing match to an illegal battery. One thing I didn’t mention in that comment was that a boxing match is legal if both boxers consent, and if it is conducted in a boxing ring so spectators all know it is just a game. What if two guys had a fistfight on a public sidewalk, and others who saw it called the police? The police wasted their time to go to the fight and stop it, and the fighters said they were only playing. It may not be battery if both fighters agreed to the match, but it could still violate other laws. Could they be charged with disturbing the peace? I’m not a lawyer and I don’t know, but I suspect they would be arrested.

    It is legal to hire a stripper to perform indoors at a private party. The same performance may not be legal if it is done outside where it can be seen by people on a public street. It may not be battery, but it could be public lewd behavior or indecent exposure, even if everybody present said they were just playing.

    Does the failure to charge anybody in this bullying incident mean that it is OK to have fist fights or strippers performing on public streets in Fort Myers, as long as the people involved say they were just playing? I don’t think so. Maybe the state attorney decided that if he were to accept that all were consenting to the play, he would have to charge the boy as well as the bullies if he were to prosecute for disturbing the peace or indecent exposure. Maybe he thought the boy really is a victim, but it just cannot be proven. Maybe he didn’t want to charge the boy, and therefore could not charge the girls for disturbing the peace either. This is just a guess, I don’t know why the state attorney acted as he did. But I agree with “Fruit flys like Pears” that he should have done something. This is such an infamous case, that it sets a very bad example to do nothing.

  113. i think before we go any further, we need to find out the whole story? until we do. nothing will get done. because we don’t know what the situation is? and what we are dealing with. if no justice is getting done, its quite simple to me, that all the kids were playing along. i can’t understand any mother that wouldn’t press charges against those girls, if they did decide to randomly attack her don. and by the way she stated that her statement. quote from mother: “I want to start by saying these are not random felon serial sex offenders that decided to brutally or maliciously attack my son”. if she says they did not maliciously attack her son. what else could that mean? an act of that kind is malicious. because those girls intended to humiliate that boy in front of everyone,class mates, and the world. i consider that malicious doesn’t anyone else. i certainly don’t consider that a prank? unless the boy in on it as well. then you say it was prank gone to far.

  114. i really do think someone needs to find out the whole story first, and then decide what to do from there? if it’s prank gone wrong among friends, leave the case alone and let the parents handle it among themselves. if it was a random attack, justice then needs served in some way?

  115. if we decide that justice still needs to be done, when all friends are playing and it got way out of hand. then our society is completely undermining what responsibility parents should do with regards to our children. and that parents have no say in how our kids should be punished. everything our kids do wrong should be handle the law. which is absolute rubbish to me.

    there are times when the law shouldn’t be involved, and let the parents handle it. yes the parents of all parties involved failed, no parent is perfect in bringing up their kids. if the law got involved in everything i did wrong? that’s means i should locked up as well. i have done more crazy things than those girls did.but let me tell you my parents gave 10 great whacks across my butt with a belt. and certainly never did it again. and there was no need for the law to get involved, because my parents had done the punishment. our society is getting more and more unforgiving toward our kids and parents. and getting more corrupt.

  116. The big problem is the damning evidence that is seen in that little snippet of video. It shows sexual assault, which would be a felony. And it is a fact that such was posted on YouTube which is another felony. Just on what little we saw is enough to put both of them in jail, right now.

    If you’re thinking there might be something in the video before the incident, that might justify these actions – there couldn’t be anything that would justify what they did to him.

  117. this is what i think what happened fruit flies:all the kids were willing in the prank, and was not a random attack on the boy. he thinks that the girls asked and convinced him to take part in the prank, but also not telling him they were going to post it on youtube, basically tricked him into the prank. and the reason the girls picked him is because he younger and was not wise to what the girls were up to, and he did not realize the severity of what they were doing to him. also the reason he thinks the boy was willing in is, because he was not putting up much of a struggle. he was not kicking or punching or even biting the girls to try and get away,if did not like what they were doing to him, he would of put up much more of a fight. he said i can a sure you of the.but he also would had to struggle enough to make it look like a prank. if he had not struggled at all.otherwise the whole thing of looked very funny.
    if this was a horrible random attack and the girls were really mean bullies, why did the girls do the prank so near his house, and not near the girls homes or near the swimming pool, he said bullies and random attackers of this kind are not thought out to spare any kindness towards the victim especially near his house. they want to humiliate him the whole way.

  118. sorry he in my statement, refers to a police office that deal with crime. he is my friend. that my friend thinks that is a police officer.

  119. What if 3 teen aged boys convinced a younger minor and mentally handicapped girl to strip naked for them just as a prank. The girl went along with the prank, and refused to later press charges for battery. The boys posted the prank on youtube. Do you think the boys would be arrested and prosecuted even if battery could not be proven? I do.

  120. i agree with you nodoublestandard they would of being arrested. but don’t you boy’s think more sexually than girls. i don’t think the girls did this for sexual reasons more to humiliate the boy. but i think for something like this for both genders shouldn’t be put in jail. 12-14 year olds should punished some other way. they are too young to understand their actions. remember kids don’t have the same reasoning as adults do. they can’t weigh up situations like adults do. they know its wrong, but they can’t for-see the consequences of their actions like adults.

  121. i have to agree with john and nodoublestanards. i still think more needs to be find out what went on in this case. the story i posted up earlier could be true or not, remember my friend doesn’t know all the details, i forgot to tell him, he was mentally handicapped. he would of said something differently about the case. i do think they picked on him because he was younger and handicapped. human nature is the same animal nature the weakest will always get picked on. its sad when a adult lion kills a baby zebra, and its sad when adult picks on a child. but something that always happen and will never stop.

  122. its look like justice may be served the girls name are out. i hope those bullies suffer like that boy suffer.Johnna Cadena, Allie Bailey, and Ariana De La Torre, you had what was coming to you. you must now suffer the consequences of your actions.

  123. I am 30 and I know it is hard in school it is getting picked on. I actually finish 9th thru 12th grade at home. I wasn’t a built guy or did I want to worry about getting picked on. It is hard enough for the change in life but I also was gay and I was always trying to avoid someone that would pick on myself. I suffered from panic attacks bad BUT a lot of it starts at home. TEACH YOUR OWN D**M kids some manners it starts when they are babies. I know people know that say OMG spanking is horrible but REALLY lets look at the older people 30-40 and 41+ most of those people got spankings. Look at the difference between now and then. I think that these girls need a gooooooooood spanking hard love is the BEST love sometimes. And I agree with most of you if that was boys that done that ” and these idots can say boys think about it more sexually different way than girls” they would be in jail and looking to face it as ADULTS I am sure of it. I don’t think it matters if it was breast or a penis being shown. That is personal to that young man that is probably already feeling weird at that point in your life. They are wondering is it small or normal ? Is my body normal? YOU GET THE POINT it is very wrong and yes I think the law should get in it. Do you have kids? What if its your kid and you got these child preditors out there looking at this. Kids at school seeing it and he is going to be teased and once its on the WEB it is always on the WEB. Like I said if you got kids when they start walking and talking YOU NEED TO RAISE THEM, I am shocked when I hear kids saying yes sir and no sir or you see a kid opening a door for a older person because its far and FEW they are your kids teach them right it starts at home. So these girls mommies should not come in and say I will handle it because they are probably going to loose their cell phone for a hour. Yes, they should be in court as kids not adults and learn that you don’t. Kids now days need to know it is not all about them and when you doing wrong there is a price to pay. And if you know the little boy of this story let him know that the people are pulling for him because what the girls did was wrong. With me being 30 and not all but you know who you are I will never get to retire we are going to have to take SSI to build more prisions. Well, I think you all know were I stand and if it made you made to bad.

  124. you have some good points chuck, same happened to me at school, luckily for me there was no internet, for people to post their acts of what they did to me. i was sexually assaulted school as well. a good spanking will do them good,my parents gave some good whacks in my time with the belt, and i can a sure you i learnt my lesson. i even got a wooden stick across my butt at school for chucking litter a bus window. after i got a few beatings in time its made fear to do anything wrong, or do something stupid like that again. i also hope that boy knows that we are on his side. that those girls are terrible bullies. karma will have them sooner or later. i am so disgusted of what they did. just makes think what are parents of those girls are like? whatever they are doing they are bringing them up to be nut jobs, and will end up in prison for their behaviour.

    i hope the girls parents are proud of their nut job daughters?

  125. Good point. That’s why there are grown men and women now that act like children. They grew up, never getting a spanking. Only a “time out”, or sitting in an “opportunity room”. Some people would have turned out much better if they had a trip to the wood shed when they were younger.

  126. FFLP and Lee,
    Do you know people who were involved in the incident, or their families? Has anybody disputed the allegation that Johnna Cadena, Allie Bailey, and Ariana De La Torre are the bullies?

    Lee, you suggested that before we go any further, we need to find out the whole story. How can we find out the whole story? If we find out the whole story, what are you suggesting we do to “go any further”?

  127. the reason i suggest we find out the whole story, is because from what i heard the boy and girls were friends, and was not random attack by the girls. the boy was a willing participant in the play. i hear that it was a random attack on him only from the people they assume from the media’s version. how do you know the version from media is correct? please prove me wrong? if no one is pressing charges, police,state attorney,police, something isn’t right.

    i hear from chief doug barker police chief, they were all friends and for a very long time and still are. he also said the media totally misconstrued it. took out of complete context to really what happened. i just don’t believe three 14 year old girls would just stripped a 11 year boy handicapped or not, and leave for their for everyone to see. also alot of people were watching to what was happening in the community, i have heard from the people in the area. so why did no one help if he was really was crying so badly for help. because if i saw that happening i would not just sit and let it happen.

    please produce me the fact’s that states otherwise? are these girl really that bad minded and starting to develop a criminal mind? is the mother of that really that stupid to allow her son play with those girls? if she know’s they are like that. i think all of you are making this whole thing way to far, saying she is not a good mother, she doesn’t know what she is doing. her letter state’s that these girls did not maliciously attack her son. so that means to me, it was a prank among friends. from her letter it sounds to me that these girls are family friends and by what she said in her letter and on the media. she wants the parents to punish them. she must know the parents pretty well to make those comments.

    if was a random attack see justice we can achieve in some way or other?
    if was a prank gone wrong among friend just leave them alone to handle it, and stop putting your nose in were its not wanted, and let the parents take action on their kids behaviour. jesus christ is our society really becoming the mean are our kids, soon as they something a stupid they must go to prison. rubbish.

  128. Chuck, Simon, FFLP –

    All three of you are seem to believe that corporal punishment is some kind of quick fix for bullying. That thinking is wrong for two reasons:

    First, children subjected to corporal punishment are more likely to lash out with aggressive behaviors to others. That has been demonstrated across several demographics. It’s not unlikely that these girls were living in a punitive environment in the first place, laying the groundwork for this kind of behavior.

    Second, corporal punishment assumes that the government or parent owns the body of the child. Children are not subjects for abuse by their owners. Such punishment is simply an assault. No one has the right to assault another person, and children are no exception.

  129. nothing suggests to me that this was random attack? were the facts. i don’t see anyone that knows these girls saying that. i want justice, but everyone’s else’s fact seems like a lot of rubbish to me. and that why nothing happening. its being 6 months now, were is the justice? good luck you are all wasting your time. go home and worry about your own family problems.

  130. i actually agree with that corporal punishment is the quick way to stop bullying.but i don’t think prison is the answer either. when my parents spanked me, it did me no harm, it actually taught me a lot. i did not become aggressive from it. i actually became afraid to make the same mistake again.

    common what those girls did is the same what happens to many other kids do to each other. i have had it done to me completely stripped naked plenty of times to me at school and by my neighbourhood friends. just take a look at youtube, and see many people are trying to take each other pants off. if these girls get punished for it so should everyone else on youtube. the only difference these girls were silly to post it on youtube. there are kids for godsake, have none of you made stupid mistakes? doesn’t mean you should always get law involved. were will that get anyone or any kid for that matter. let the parents handle it. i have to agree with lee on this one.

  131. This whole thread was started on the assumption that the police have dropped the case because it happened to a boy not a girl. but we dont know why they dropped it. your critisising my maybes, but people should be more open minded, you dont know why this happened or why they closed the case so you cant assume, and thus if people are going to continually assume it was because he was a boy, then i am going to throw in other explanations. i think and have always thought that it was a terrible thing to happen to a PERSON, it doesnt matter if its a boy or a girl. however, no one complains like this when they drop a rape case (of which the majority are committed by men), and rapes happen everyday and im sure at least some of them are dropped.

  132. i agree with you chris . I have seen young lads baggy trousers pulled down and a 8 yr old girl curled up on the floor after PE with her shorts and knickers round her ankles – this has been going on for decades – it is the Media, and You Tube and mobiles possibly the ‘worse’ for spreading these actions to a wide audience. We all agree what happend was not in any way ‘nice’, but we don’t know what exactly happend or why and as people says – we are not going to solve anything on here – so let’s just all agree it was an appalling act and made worse by ‘broadcast’ and leave it at that.

  133. I’ve not seen any evidence that these girls premeditated their “crime”. Considering how many children(and those girls still are that), that have cellphones on them now a days it could have been a joke that went overboard and then one of them posted it online, which I agree was most certainly wrong.

    Make no mistake I think they deserve punishment but to force them to register as sex offenders over something like this is pure zealotry. That would ruin three possible White girls lives.

    If the parents pamper the boy as a result of this. If they send him to some head shrink over something like this, they’ll encourage the emotional baggage. If they make light of it and explain that it was wrong but not really that big of a deal he’ll rebound.

    i disagree with the mother putting in the media, she should of just got the video removed and dealt with it among the girls parents. and now this is going to be on the internet forever. and the boy will be reminded of it forever. maybe alot of angry male towards the girls, and maybe revenge.

    leave the girls alone for godsake, they are 12-14years old, they made a bad mistake, and could not see their actions would be so devastating to all parties involved. i am sure if they are intelligent girls and they will think twice about doing this again. they should be punished, i think counselling would be best for them. as far as getting their names put on all over internet is flaming stupid. that’s going to a have big effect on them. i am sure when they are older enough they will be very sorry. they will be thinking how could i have being so cruel to him. all kids can be cruel to each other. its a fact of life. i have to agree with the mother, bringing the law into everything our kids do for stupidity is flaming cracked. let the parents deal with it.

    i am sure this boy will get over it.who knows there is alot worse worse things have happened to people and still no justice gets done. what about all the women that raped and their cases get dropped. i don’t see people trying to get justice for them.

    the people looking looking for justice on these girls are pathetic,they just can’t handle some girls stripping a boy for a stupid joke. i bet some angry men out their that are doing this. why don’t you focus getting justice on girls that get raped every day. and these men get away with their acts. what about parents abusing their kids every day. please just get over yourselves.

    its kids being stupid. have you never being stupid? i have worst happen to me. i was stripped naked at school. i am perfectly fine now.

  134. please remove the comments of the girls names. its disgusting that people are attacking young girls that made a bad mistake.

  135. Susan, when you say people are attacking the girls, do you mean they are actually being bullied in person? If that is the case, I hope their parents report it to the police and press charges. Our purpose should be to discourage bullying rather than to escalate it. If you mean that people are merely distrustful of letting younger children be around the girls without adult supervision, I see nothing wrong with that.

    I had a friend in high school whose younger brother was driven to suicide by bullies. The bullying seemed less severe than in the youtube bullies case. They never touched him; they only taunted him and called him stupid. They did it so often, however, that he reached the point where he could not live with it any longer. I don’t know, but would guess that bullies bold enough to post their attack on youtube must have a long history of getting away with “pranks” and recieving no punishment. Most kids try not to advertise their misdeeds to parents.

    If this was a one-time prank it is not as bad. If it is only one episode of continuous bullying, it could be tragic. As several have pointed out, we don’t know the whole story. What we know of it makes me believe we should discourage bullying, and that is not being done.

    I don’t know if it was consensual play that got out of hand or a premeditated attack. If it started as consensual play, it became nonconsensual when the boy asked them to stop. Not one of the three stopped, and at that point it became battery. One of them in fact, pressed her knee on his throat to prevent him from calling out. After the attack, the video was posted on youtube. That was not a spur of the moment lapse of judgement. It remained on youtube over 24 hours when they could have removed it at any time. Definately premeditated and intentional.

    According to what I have read, most violent crimes are not punished. Often it is because there is no proof that the suspect committed the crime. Offenders usually try to conceal the fact that they are guilty, not put it on youtube and broadcast it to the world. Sometimes it cannot be proven that a crime has been committed, as in the case of a death that could be murder, but could also be accidental or suicide. What I find so alarming about this incident is that we know what happened and who did it. It is on the video. The police and prosecutor still do nothing about it. This seems to encourage more bullying.

  136. “leave the girls alone for godsake, they are 12-14years old, they made a bad mistake, and could not see their actions would be so devastating to all parties involved. i am sure if they are intelligent girls and they will think twice about doing this again.”

    I think the boy that was sexually assaulted would have loved to have been left alone. But he wasn’t. Yes, they did make a few bad mistakes. They made a few felonies. They need to be punished. Otherwise, this kind of BS will continue and the double standard will get worse and worse, until you see some people getting revenge, since the legal system won’t do anything about it.

    The best thing to happen is they serve some sort of time for this, and this goes on their record.

  137. Johnna Cadena, Allie Bailey, and Ariana De La Torre i hate these girls, bunch of rapist. you should be in prison for what you have done. you whores. i hope you are hated at school

  138. it was a joke lol, keep doing what you need to do to stop those bullies. i won’t certainly will trying to keep my kids away from them. at least i know their names.

  139. those bitches need to go to prison, i hate them. Johnna Cadena, Allie Bailey, and Ariana De La Torre you are monsters. we don’t need girls like you in this world. i hope you never get boyfriends and people don’t like you at school. fuck you

  140. please stop the commenting of the girls, i found out that it was not the girls fault, but the boy actually asked them to do it to him. and the friends said they would not be friends with them, if they had actually done it without his consent. i have a had few of their friends tell me this. this is why no one pressed charges against the girls, and that’s why they are not in jail. yes they should not have done it. but we all get easily lead on by friends. its seems to me it was stupid prank gone among friends. this why the mother did not press charges, because the boy was the one that started it. these girls are not bullies. they all just did something very stupid. they are all hurting.

    so please leave all parties alone. this is what happened. otherwise you all a bunch ignorant people.

  141. i have heard the same story jimbo, i have just received messages from thier friends about what happened. i agree just leave the girls. the whole case make sense to me now. i couldn’t understand why no one was willing to press charges. the boy was actually the one that started it. and the poor girls got in trouble. the friends stated it, they would not be friends with the girls, if they did it without his consent. now that’s why the mother said it was a prank gone to far. and she was right. silly kids all of them. the boy also never wanted to press charges, he begged her not to. she was angry about the whole thing. this what i heard from friends as well.

  142. Riiiight… and that’s why he’s yelling for his mom while all this was going on. I’m calling BS on this one. I was born at night, but not last night.

    Try again.

  143. well then good luck fruit flies because no one will press charges. do you really think the state attorney will listen to you. because she know’s what happened. from what i know she will not even be considering prosecuting the girls. so you will be wasting your time seeking justice.i wanted justice as well.
    its being 6 months now?it doesn’t seem very unlikely it will happen. they don’t take this long to decide in prosecuting,when comes serious felonies. these girls would be in jail now. i have seen a 11 year old boy put behind bars for murder. when the state wants to prosecute they will, with you or without you and these girls had over whelming evidence against them. . these people don’t give a shit on our little opinions, on what should happen. or whether or not the mother didn’t want either.

    my uncle is a state attorney for California, and he told me they don’t care what what people want from them. do you think our governments really care about us. bullocks. i am going to carry on with eating my snickers bars. i will get more justice out of eating that, then waiting for justice to be served on these girls.

    so i will also have to agree james and jimbo on this one.

  144. so you carry on not being born, because you are obviously ignorant. cause people like you do not want accept the facts of the case. what good is printing a few names on the net to everyone. they mean’s nothing to me. i could round fort Myers for all my life, and still not know who these girls are. without pictures of the girls, your wasting time. no one seems to be willing to get these girls punished, friends, state or police. they must be laughing at us in wasting our time. sorry if i am being blunt. its the truth.

    printing a few names round the net, is little justice to me. get pictures of these girls, then i will consider that will be better justice.

  145. i think the girls could be saying that, to get out of it. cause the boy is mentally handicapped. and make him looked even more stupid. and also because he would struggle to stand up for himself.

    god know’s what to think anymore? i am so confused on this whole case. so many different stories flying round. we really need a detective on this one.

    we are going to need some serious luck on this.

  146. i think our society is getting worse with regards to how our kids are handled. parents now days spoil their kids to much. compared to my days. kids being sent to prison for murder for life is disgusting. yes these girls should be punished, some community service. prison is not the answer that is stupid. they are blady 12-14year old. this stuff happens all the time, it was just made a whole lot worst by the mother putting it in the media. i disagree with the mother, the way she handle the whole thing.

    i play with 12-14 year old kids, which are my cousins, they drive me up the wall, they don’t listen me. 3 of the little toe rags tried to pull my trousers down the other day. i couldn’t hurt them, otherwise i will get done for child abuse. so i had no choice but to runaway.

    it’s obvious that parent’s of these girls have breed this behaviour into them. i blame the parents not the girls. the parents need to be looked at.

    why don’t parents f*cking step up to the plate? what’s with this spoiling attitude. my 14 year old cousin is already dealing drugs, expelled from school and from the football. and the his parents are doing nothing about it. they just laugh at it. it won’t be long until he is jail.

  147. fruit flies, please get justice on these girls. i don’t think putting a few names up on the net will do any good. something more needs to be done. i heard debra johnson called these girls terrible bullies and monsters. my fear grow’s even worst now that they could drive this boy to suicide. it has happened to me. if they are that bad. some action needs to be stronger. seriously.

    steven stop talking shit. my previous comment was a bit shit. i fell for their friends comments. the boy was mentally handicapped, there is no way he would like that, put himself fully naked on youtube. would you? i certainly wouldn’t. the girls are making that story up so they can get out of the public humiliation.

    i really hate these girls.

  148. With due respect, the enforcement of criminal law is not “about” the victim or “about” the perpetrators; it’s about preventing criminal behaviour.

    Whether or not the mother wants to press charges (and her public statements are extremely confusing; while it’s said she doesn’t want to press charges, she has also publicly complained that nobody is doing anything) does not change the fact that the state has a vested interest in arresting and punishing criminals, because they’re supposed to protect all of us. If people are allowed to commit crimes in broad daylight and aren’t stopped from doing so, they and others will be more likely to commit other crimes, quite possibly even more serious crimes.

    If it was just about the victim and the perpetrators, well, heck, you could get rid of at least half of the criminal justice system and just turn matters like this over to civil courts. But it’s not; it’s about maintaining a civil society by meting out punishments that deter potential offenders and, when necessary, physically segregates dangerous offenders from society itself.

    What will happen in this case if the girls are not arrested is that the State of Florida will be, in effect, saying that teenagers stripping an 11-year-old naked in public and then putting on the video is okay, and nobody’s going to do anything to stop it. Wanna bet what’ll happen next?

  149. I am guessing (were I in his shoes) I’d want the whole thing to go away.

    We already have:

    1) The incident
    2) The video
    3) Media attention which is growing (and I feel bad I added to it to some extent by posting here)

    If it goes to court it will continue. Remember the ages here. Kids will take sides regardless of right or wrong but based on popularity. Considering these girls stripped him I am guessing he was an “easy” target. He’ll lose the popularity contest and be seen as a “dick”. Kinda like a guy who rats on people and runs to mommy for protection.

    The kid is doomed. He has no good way out. He rolls over he’s fucked. He fights he’s fucked. cause i have being in that position. i am very afraid for him.

    What would you do if this was your kid?

  150. @james

    Please don’t curse here. JT doesn’t like it and will probably delete your comments, which I think is the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish.

  151. i will have to say goodbye to this case, i actually don’t hate these girls.they are12-14 years old. i think however the names should be removed from here. i only expressed anger because of what happened to me at school. they are young and they will learn. i hope also they are sorry to the boy. sorry if i was horrible to them in anyway. i hope all parties can move resolve their problems peacefully. good luck to the girls and the boy.

    please remove girls names. its disgusting people doing that to young kids.

  152. This boy should get a few friends and do the same thing back to the girls. Then lets see the fall out…

    the cops have already set a precedent, that its ok…

    or is that because he is just a boy…

  153. i disagree with revenge that the boy now should do it them. we don’t know enough about what happened. if there is too much revenge than there is too much violence in this world. as chuck said hope the parent’s have given them a good bit of punishment and move on. they are kids of 12-14years old. i was probably just as stupid as those girls, when i was young. there were many times i could of gone to prison for the things i had done. when i did do something stupid my parents gave a good whacks across my backside. let me tell you i got a good few flaking in my time.

    what those girls did was horrible and stupid thing to do. i just hope they have said sorry to the boy, and they truly mean it. even some criminals like people who committed murder etc, have regretted for what they have done. i will forgive anyone as long as they sorry enough for what they have done.

    you dig deep enough in any human, and they will have the same emotions as you. it takes time for man and women to change. i am sure some of those parent have given those girls some punishment, maybe not all parties.i bet one them as got off with it. then i feel sad for her because what will happen, is she will keep doing more and more terrible things to other people and then she will be in prison her whole life.

  154. Steven – The state attorney would listen when enough people raise a stink and illustrate that crimes were committed and went unpunished. And we keep calling and checking on the case every week.

    Some of the comments on here are saying that all of these kids are good friends and that’s the reason why nothing is being done.

    Ok, so let’s post a video on youtube where some boys are having fun with some other friends, and a 11 year old girl gets stripped and the video stays on youtube for a while. You think nothing would happen? Since they are friends, it’s all ok?

    Then let’s say that punishing the boys would only make matters worse and we should just sweep it under the rug and drop it. They’ve already been subjected to so much trouble anyway.

  155. yes double standards and fruit flies make them listen. why should it that these girls get away with it. but it don’t them in prison or registered as sex offenders. thats going to far, when it comes kids.

  156. i think the reason the mother didn’t press charges, is because she is so traumatized and in denial of what those girls did her son. she still has 5-7years to take action. it will take time for her realize justices needs to be severed on those girls. would she want those girls punished for what they had done? by their names getting published?

    i just wish someone could tell me how that boy is? i feel so hurt for him.

  157. fruit flies i don’t think the boy was friends with all of them, he was friends with one of them, i think it was the eldest one. i mean what do you call friends anyway? i am friends with alot of people. but i wouldn’t call them close friends. we could still be enemies.
    it shouldn’t matter if they are friends anyway, because parents sexually abuse the kids. so it shouldn’t matter if they are friends or family relatives doing this act to each other is alright. so i agree with you. friends or not, it doesn’t give you the right treat someone like this.

    i think we use the word friendship in the wrong way? if anyone wants the true meaning of friendship read muhammed ali poem on friendship.

  158. Friendship is a priceless gift that cannot be bought nor sold.
    But, its value is far greater than a mountain made of gold.
    For gold is cold and lifeless, it can neither see nor hear.
    In time of trouble its powerless to cheer.
    Gold has no ears to listen, no heart to understand.
    It cannot bring you comfort or reach out a helping hand.
    So, when you ask God for a gift, be thankful if He sends,
    not pearls, diamonds, or riches but, the love of real true friends. muhammed ali.

    people don’t the really meaning of friendship.alot of us have Associates. these girls i would say associates with him, not friends.

  159. everyone can say that the boy mothers was a bad mother for not pressing charges, it quiet obvious to me that they have a lack of empathy for the son. do you think that the son would want to face everyone in court and telling everyone what happened to him, does anyone know how embarrassing it will be for the boy? I can tell you that it will be more embarrassing that what happened to him. this happened to me at school, all I wanted was to be left alone to get over it, and not face any-more humiliation of people knowing what happened to me. it takes a lot of courage to do that.

    if justice should be done? it should be without the boy facing more humiliation. let us speak for the boy, rather than him doing it. i am sure he will be very happy that the public is on his side. and that we don’t like these girls for what they did.

    I am very happy the justice is getting served, and it will be soon. it will be suitable justice for all parties involved. I do not want to see 12-14years old girls or boys in prison or labelled as sex offenders.

    i hope the girls will turn out better people for this, and wish them the best for the future.they are still very young and still can be changed from the inside out. i also hope the boy makes a full recovery. god bless for all parties involved.

  160. The difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson. so these girls have being taught the lesson of life. that you make one mistake in life, there will be no forgiveness. just severe punishment. you can’t afford to take to many mistakes in the test of life. when your at school you can.

  161. Sarah,
    They are certainly morally deficient because they get their enjoyment from tormenting smaller children. They are not mentally retarded however. Allie Marie Bailey was conducted into the Junior Honor Society at Dunbar. Johnna Cadena is honored as an aspiring author on the school website. Ariana De La Torre also seems to be at least average if not above average intellectually.

    This may seem strange to those of us who had a normal childhood. If these girls are not stupid, why did they record their crime, put it on youtube, and then call their friends to insure that all classmates, neighbors, their parents, and the police would know exactly what they did? For these particular girls, it was not a dumb thing to do. They knew they would not be punished by their parents, because their parents had never punished them for anything before. They were right. They were not punished for this bullying, nor have they been punished for the transgressions they have committed since this incident. They knew their families’ social status and money, and the fact that they are female, would protect them from being held accountable by the police for their felonies. Again, they were right. I understand that the girls are continuing to engage in criminal activities, and they are smart enough to know they can continue to get away with it.

  162. what’s all the big fuss about, its flaming kids being stupid. yeah it was horrible what they did. but kids do this all the time to each other. it only seems worst cause of the media attention.

    kids and adults always get pantsed, debbaged, owned all the time at school or in a community or at home.

    get a life people no way these girls should be sent to prison or registered as sex offenders. just take a look on youtube what people do to each other. do any of them want to be stripped naked and be put on youtube. NO, and not for the whole world to see. and please don’t justify to me otherwise. kids will be stupid all the time, and make big, and small mistakes.

    they certainly won’t be criminals, your telling me that they going to criminals because of a stupid prank gone wrong. i have had worst done to me, and i have done worst than these girls. i am not a criminal. yes kids will push their limits, and see what they can get away with. but its up to the parents, to make their kids realize what they have done is wrong.

    society is getting pathetic on the way we are treating our kids. I have 2 sons and 2 daughters. they think the same as me, sadly some of them laughed at the whole incident. one of them said whats the big deal, its just the media. making it worst. my children said to me, he will only make things worst for himself, if he and the mother were to press charges. if he doesn’t want to get bullied about it, its simple don’t make a big deal of it. and say to his friends i was joking with the girls. and the media was making it worst.

    i agree with the mother for not pressing charges, she would only make things a whole lot worse for her son. kids at that age, take sides whether they are right or wrong for what they done. everything is based on popularity at school.

    take care merrry christmas robin.

  163. i am double standards by the way. boys should be sent to prison for this sort of thing. because they think and see differently to girls. men are primarily visual creatures. women are not so turned on seeing a man naked.

    I hardly think these girls did this for sexual reasons. more to tease the boy, and really embarrass him. he might be traumatized for a year so from it. but he will get over it. just leave them alone, and let the boy get over it. your just making things worst for him, by you keep bring the subject you will keep embarrassing him. he does not want to be reminded of it.

    double standard suck’s but female and male sexes are different. get over it, cause it won’t change. kids don’t have sexual motives like adults do.

  164. Robin, your comments are a good indicator of what’s wrong with everything. Because this happened to a boy, hey, it’s no big deal, get over it. Everybody does it.

    WRONG. Sure, adults do stupid crap all the time, and YouTube is full of it. But when it’s involving children, that’s a different matter. Bottom line, what the girls did are felony offenses and they should be held accountable. If they don’t then the public keeps on with this until something is finally done.

    Otherwise, if it isn’t such a big deal, then the same thing can happen to them and there be no punishment, right?

    There is a double standard, and the way you fix it is to just do the same thing to the other side and cancel it all out.

    I’m sorry your kids think this is ok. Would they think the same if they ended up on YouTube in the same manner? Let’s see a bunch of 10 year old girls lose their pants and underwear and let that video stay on youtube for a couple of months or so before it’s taken down. Then we’ll say it’s no big deal, right?

  165. barney, i am not saying kids should do this and get away with, what those girls did was horrible, but i am sorry, why should they go to prison for it. kids will do stupid things, boys and girls. let the parents handle it.

    if these girls do it again, then maybe i would agree with you prison must be the only way to teach them a lesson. but prison should be only a last resort.

    i am sure this stuff happens all the time with kids, but it’s not put in the media. sometimes parent are just not aware of it. their children are afraid too tell the parents what happened. the boy didn’t tell his mother, it was elder brother that got the girls known.

    who ever put it on the media, has furthered his humiliation, and the world has definitely seen it. where as only a few school mates might of saw the video.

    I have good kids, they would not just attack someone like that. they laughed because everyone is making a big deal of it. i made them watch it,because i want them to be aware this behaviour is wrong.

    maybe my kids would pull off someone pants for a joke, if the person was allowing it to happen to them. playing along so to speak.

    i don’t understand why 3 13 year old girls would do that someone, even worse someone younger than them? was it just intended as a joke/prank among friends in community? are these girls just big bullies? why wasn’t anyone pressing charges?

    it seems in america bullying happens more outside school, rather than inside school. because kids know their parents won’t punish them. were as the school will.

    all i am going to say is the mother didn’t press charges must have very good reason not to. she must know the parents of these girls, to say they must be punished by the parents. she might not of pressed charges not because her son was a boy. but she was friends with these girls parents.

    i think the boy didn’t want to press charges against the girls from what i heard. he did not want to testify against the girls. so what chance have the courts got without a victim. there are only few crimes you can prosecute without the victims testimony. murder, bank robbery.

    good luck on getting these girls prosecuted, you all wasting your time. it just won’t happen.

  166. you can choose the state attorney, if the one currently won’t listen. but you really think the next one will listen. NO he/she will be the same.

    do you really think police or attorneys can be bothered with a case like this. the answer is no.they just see as kids being very stupid. even the police called the incident a prank twice. because they didn’t press charges against the girls.

    to be honest i think the same as them. if was a state attorney. i would not prosecute these girls. neither would my uncle, he is a criminal lawyer in san Francisco.

    i personally think it was just stupid prank gone wrong among friends. kids at the age can be horribly to each other, friends or not. but why send them to prison for stupidity. i think these girls got a warning from the police, and probably did the job, on scaring them. if they are criminally minded so to speak. they will do it again…

  167. If the police see or have evidence of a crime that was committed, they have an obligation to press charges and they wouldn’t need a testimony. The video was the evidence and that is all the Florida District Attorney would need. And like someone said earlier, they are represented by the people in Florida. If enough noise is made about this incident, something will be done. If everyone just says it’s a “prank”, then it’s swept under the rug. If a group of boys videotaped themselves stripping the clothes off of a 10 year old girl and put it on youtube, would that also be called a “prank” and nothing be done?????

    They would be thrown in jail within an hour and you know it. So we need to keep checking with the Florida DA to see what is going to be done, and if nothing is done, we keep checking, or use other sources. They even run “bullying” advertisements on TV and cite where some children have even committed suicide because they were bullied at school. Bullying isn’t just something taken lightly either. I’m amazed at people who think this is just no big deal. I’m wondering if they would think the same if it happened to their kid.

    Again, the mother doesn’t need to press charges. The police have an obligation to prosecute if they witness a crime or have evidence of a crime. They have evidence of at least a couple of felonies.

  168. well i have mixed emotions about the whole case. well i hope the state state attorney does do something. but i still don’t want them in prison for it. maybe community service. maybe send them to counselling. i have sent an email to the state attorney. they must be punished. i know that boys would be straight in jail for it.

    there was a case of a boy pulling a girls pants down in class, he has gone straight to jail. but his was more of prank than the girls. he didn’t mean for the underwear to come down.

    i wouldn’t take to much notice of my comments anyway, i just can’t sense of the whole thing.

    i would just like to know more on the case?

  169. Robin, why such an all or nothing mentality? Prosecuting these girls doesn’t automatically mean prison. More than likely they have no prior records and they would be entered into some sort of diversion program where they serve community service and then the charges are dropped.

    Nowhere in the law is the subjective motive of the attacker mentioned. That’s because it’s irrelevant. Whether they did it to get their jollies or “only” to humiliate him, it makes no difference. Btw, if you watch the video again, after the boy’s bathing suit is already down around his ankles, the girl holding him down by his neck tries to pull at his arm and hand covering his crotch. She succeeds in pulling it away for a split-second and you can hear her shriek as she lets go of his arm. What do you think she was trying to see? You’re the woman who presumes to speak for the intentions of all women, so why don’t you tell us?

  170. Is everyone insane here?
    The buck stops at the two places these girls learned their bad behavior, the two places where they are forced to spend nearly all of their time; with their parents, who, in the girls’ case, are obviously somehow abusive (after all, violence is a learned behavior, like speech, and where else do they get that mocking-self-esteem-crushing sort of talk) and have utterly failed to teach their children any sense of boudaries,…and the school, where bullying is a matter of course (study-hall anyone?)
    How will getting the ‘law’ involved make anything better for any of the children ? Is punishment the goal? How will the violence of the state demonstrate to these children that violence is bad? Shall we look towards the violence of the family? Seems only peaceful parenting can solve these problems…

  171. jack, i don’t know what the girls were is trying to do. i can’t see what her arm was doing to that boy?. the video is to blurred for me, to even consider what the truth of the story is? that’s i have mixed emotions about the whole case.

    if it was that bad you explain to me? why no one is pressing charges?

    i very much dealt she was trying to expose his genitals? if she was then that was disgusting. some women obviously do things for sexual motives, but its very rare.

    these girls are all 13 years old, they wouldn’t be interested in males genitals that much at that age. they were probably more aiming to humiliate the poor boy, than to see him naked. if they wanted to see a male nude, why didn’t they just go on a porn site, or youtube and have a look.

    to be honest jack i don’t know what to think of this case, so many things don’t add to me. as you can tell from what i am writing.

  172. jack, i don’t know what the girls were trying to do. i can’t see what her arm was doing to that boy?. the video is to blurred for me, to even consider what the truth of the story is? that’s why i have mixed emotions about the whole case.

    if it was that bad you explain to me? why no one is pressing charges?

    i very much dealt she was trying to expose his genitals? if she was then that was disgusting. some women obviously do things for sexual motives, but its very rare.

    these girls are all 13 years old, they wouldn’t be interested in males genitals that much at that age. they were probably more aiming to humiliate the poor boy, than to see him naked. if they wanted to see a male nude, why didn’t they just go on a porn site, or youtube and have a look.

    to be honest jack i don’t know what to think of this case, so many things don’t add to me. as you can tell from what i am writing.

  173. jack by the way i am not trying to speak for all women, i am man, same as i cannot speak for all men. i can only generalise, which most people do in this world. i am wrong to think that?
    so your wrong to think i know everything about women. no one does, every women and man is different. but every article or book is based round generalising. what women go for? it’s a pile of rubbish.

  174. “Jack:How will getting the ‘law’ involved make anything better for any of the children ? Is punishment the goal? How will the violence of the state demonstrate to these children that violence is bad?”

    How is obeying the laws and paying penalites for felonies, etc… considered “violence of the state”?

    When a crime is committed, the law is supposed to get involved – whether or not the parents want them to, or the victim wants them to, or the attackers wants them to. They are SUPPOSED to get involved.

    Robin: It’s pretty clear in the video what the girls are trying to do. And if you think they’re not interested in that, at age 13, you might want to do some research. Lately, girls can be worse than the boys in that aspect. If you saw a video of a boy that pulled down the shorts of a 10 year old girl, exposing her genitals, and then pull back her hand when she attempts to cover it, it’s pretty clear what’s going on, and it isn’t a prank.

    Yes, the parents do need to be checked on as well – why would these nutjobs be doing something like this.

  175. barney, i could be wrong, i am just going on my experience, maybe 13 year olds are different today than in my day. i was not interested women until at least i was 15.

    i am not saying i am right in way. i am open minded to any comment thrown my way. i am trying to different ideas on the subject.

    if anyone is to blame for this incident? it should be the parents of these girls. do i feel these girls should go to prison? i dont know? should they be punished? yes. what punishment remains a good for this type of crime?

  176. it would be more easier if there are some other friends who are girls and that he sick them on these skuzzes and let them stomp them into the pavement put it on youtube as for payback teaching children this garbage called pc dont work it turn them into soft girlly boys

  177. I think charges should be pressed but i dont think they should get CP charges like mike s said. No sense in making them registered sex offenders but I do think they should get some severe punishment and have some kind of restitution for the boy.

    The mother is a nitwit for not doing anything and the police should slap her in the face with a large hard object and then take it upon themselves to press charges.

  178. i seriously dislike the attorney for this now. i am going to vote for a new one, if they don’t do anything. we should all vote for a new attorney, and make it clear in florida, if no charges are press then we get them out.

  179. eddie, based on what the girls did to him, and the video, they would hve CP charges, and would also have to be registered as sex offenders. It would be unfortunate but that’s what they did. Unless the state cut a deal with them or something. I don’t know what kind of deal that would be though.

  180. I do not believe the girls should registered as sex offenders, that’s ridiculous. they are not criminals. but I do feel some punishment should be done. community service and a fully apology to the victim.

    this should be about rehabilitation not screwing up 3 3 year old girls lives, for a stupid or horrible act, for which they could not for see. they are clever girls, but stupid and cruel.

    kids can be cruel, but they don’t know they are being cruel. I think an effective rehabilitation punishment will do everyone justice.

    If you send them to prison, they only will end up criminals. they won’t get jobs, they will end up with have full of hate,bitterness, towards the boy and the family. and might seek revenge. and nothing will be achieved from it.

    I have thought about this for a long time. because in the beginning I did want them in prison for it. But now I don’t. Kids can take things to far, some more than others.

    I understand for the mother and the boy. I have being in that situation myself at school.

    the mother is not a bad mother for pressing charges, If she did, she could only further the boy’s problems.

  181. IF 3 boys did this, they’d be arrested, as sexual perverts, then lifetime Sex Criminals, reported and banned from any contact with any children, banned from living within a mile of any school or park where children might be for LIFE. As an example, if a nude man walks down the street, he is attacked, chained, and then arrested as a Criminal.
    If a woman if found walking nude down the street, she is gently detained, wrapped in blanket to protect her modesty, and taken to a psychiatric hospital for protection. This has been the the norm in America. Any assualt like these girls did, when done by boys “IS Sexual Assualt”, not a prank. When men try to defend themselves from an angry woman who is allowed to be a she devil, and if the man strikes back, who do you think goes to jail. Sorry this is life as we are living it. If men do anything as a prank, the court doesn’t see it as funny. Off to jail we go.

  182. Don Cordell has a good point. If you think this is something that should not be punishable by prison, then try to get the law changed. Maybe being registered for life as a sex offender should be for rapists and other serious offenders, but not streakers and other nonviolent offenses. If you agree, try to change the law.

    But according to current law, this is a serious offense punishable by prison and sex offender registration. It is not right to keep this law and enforce it against males, but ignore it when females offend because the punishment may potentially be too harsh. Either enforce the law equally for all, or change the law.

  183. i think the law has to change towards both sexes. this has nothing to do with the girls. we shouldn’t be angry at them for this. yes boy’s would go straight to prison for this. but then that needs to change, until both sexes are older enough to be registered sex offenders, I would say maybe 18+ would be a good age for both parties.

    until the they reach 18, it should be rehabilitation for kids, and given a second at life. make them better people, not chuck the key and leave them to rot.

    our society needs to change that way we handle our kids? it seems like kids are being treated like adults now. i don’t think that’s fair.

    but we do need to make kids more accountable for their actions in a civilized way for both male and female, with the same punishment.

  184. just cause they did do it, does mean they should be registered as sex offenders,barney. that’s crazy they 13 years old, they are kids themselves. what justice is that.

    punishment should be served, 100hrs. community service, and probation until they are 16, i think will be good enough.

  185. There is definitely a disconnect, just as there is in how women are treated in comparison with men in society. I know of a man who was done great harm while working in an office full of women (& a female boss), yet he was illegally run out of multiple courts — apparently to cover it all up! No kidding, see a website called “Supremely UNjust”, or http://www.SupremelyUNjust.weebly.com to see proof of the fact that the courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, simply ignored the evidence, the Law, legal precedent, & the U.S. Constitution to basically help “rape” the man & dump him out destitute! (Lost his car & living in a tent now!) Tell others about it, too, as the news seems unwilling to tell the truth about the popular employer.

  186. I’m not surprised the mother didn’t press charges i’m in middle school and older girls can ruin your whole life if you annoy them but also I got a week of detentions because I hugged my girlfriend so I hope the principle gives a strong punishment

  187. Ross,
    This bullying did not happen on school property. It did not involve any school activity. School was out of session for the summer when it happened. Since it was not connected with the school in any way, the school has no authority to punish anybody for it.

    The school can punish Allie Marie Bailey, Ariana De La Torre, and Johnna Cadena for other assaults and bullying when they do these things on school property. Other students at their school should watch these girls carefully and report all infractions, even minor ones. It is important to establish that illegal behavior is normal for these girls. When they have a record of chronic misbehavior, they can be severly punished.

  188. I have to wonder what the reaction would have been if the attackers and victims had all been the same sex. Would there have been action taken if the girls had done this to another girl or if a group of boys had done this to the boy. It is a sad state.

    I agree with the people who question the parenting of the attackers. Will the parents really do anything? They have set the example and raised the girls to the point where they committed the crime.

    What emotional damage has been done to the boy? Will he now accept that he is not worth protecting and can be made a victim?

  189. They should ou the fucking bitches in jail. If you believe bs like it was the boys fault, then you should go to a shrink and get your head checked!

  190. Well if it was me I’d be ready for payback…a video of them being stripped would soon be on YouTube…THEN we’ll see how funny it is…

  191. The calls for violence or retribution in the comments are just signs that men are becoming aware that we are now second class citizens in America. It is up to women to restore the balance before there is a back lash. Because a backlash will look a lot like the way women are treated in Saudi Arabia or Nepal or Haiti.

    Behavior like this makes me completely non-surprised when I read about yet another school shooting. It’s still sad, but it’s not surprising.

  192. There’s nothing amusing about what these girls did. They should face some kind of punishment thru the school if it happened on school grounds. If not maybe a swing thru juvenile court and some un-amusing community service might make them aware that they cannot do things like this.

    Now for something amusing, the video above states that it’s unavailable due to copyright infringements claimed by Disney, Disney, & the Cartoon Network. WTF?

  193. just awful…
    since the video at the top has been taken down, here’s a news story about it that shows some clips (blurred out of course).

  194. i agree. besides, i’m 12 and girls try to do this to me, it’s all-out war. the next day, there will most likely be bite mark s and bruises everywhere on th girl(s). maybe even a broken arm. i’m part snake which explains the biting. bring the motherf****ers to justice and get it over with. i hope they are stripped down teased videod and then the video goe on YouTube. then the funnyness starts to happen…

  195. Anyone followed up with this lately? Someone check with the Florida district attorney. I’m not in Florida so someone who lives there should do it.

  196. Of COURSE the girls didn’tt get into trouble. This is AMERICA, people. It’s only a bad thing when it’s boy on girl, not the other way around. If this had been three boys doing it to a girl, it would splashed all over the mass media condemning the boys.

  197. EVEN IF these girls are not sociopaths, they are definitely displaying
    sociopathic behavior. I can’t help but have an image of these girls chipping
    in to make a down payment on a house 5 or 6 years from now, then using
    the trust that is granted to most females to open up an overnight daycare.
    If some boy wets the bed, can you imagine what kind of bath they’re going
    to give him AFTER they tear off all his clothes? They only thing stopping
    them from doing this would be for them to have a criminal record due to the
    sexual assault that they committed on this poor boy.

  198. […] – only part of the personality is able to be expressed in that environment. Even so it is easy to make enough connections with work colleagues so how to get a girlfriend from facebook that someone […]

  199. Hi would you mind stating which blog platform you’re using? I’m planning to start
    my own blog in the near future but I’m having a hard time deciding between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design seems different then most blogs and I’m looking
    for something unique. P.S Apologies for being off-topic but I had to ask!

  200. If anyone is wondering how “rapists” are made, this is it, and it’s only in the news because it was filmed.

  201. “Poententiate”: Can you add a little more detail to your post, Please?
    Even though I might not agree with it, I would like to learn more about your

  202. Any followup on this story? I’d like to at least see how the district attorney could demonstrate that no crimes were committed here. I know it’s been a couple of years but something still needs to be done about this.

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