New Hampshire Police Criticized For Tasering Wandering Cow

In New Hampshire, Wendy Bordeleau and her neighbors are up in arms over the repeated tasering of a 500-pound 1-year-old heifer that had escaped from her herd in Dracut, Massachusetts. People were trying to herd the cow back into the fenced area when police were called and began to taser the animal over the objections of onlookers.

The police insisted that they had no choice after the cow tore down a couple of fences, but onlookers said the taserings did nothing but irritate the cow.

Doug Hirsch (boyfriend of Bordeleau) stated “It was almost like [the police] wanted to punish the cow for ruining their afternoon.’’

Police, however, say that the cow had already been free for a couple of hours. Sergeant Michael Pickles stated that the police used tasers three times and that it motivated the cow to return to an area to be controlled. At least this was not another case of cow taserings for fun.

A complaint has been filed against the police.

Source: Boston

18 thoughts on “New Hampshire Police Criticized For Tasering Wandering Cow”

  1. Looks like a picture of a milker…if so…all’s they had to do was wait for feeding time…

  2. If you give these boys such cool toys, you have to expect they’ll play with them.

  3. How else could the cops provoke the cow into running so they could draw their guns and shoot it in “self-defense” ?

  4. From the article:

    “The Tasers were fired three times, Sergeant Michael Pickles said. The first two shots were ineffective, but the last shot sent a jolt of electricity into her body. The heifer, who Hirsch said weighs about 500 pounds, barely flinched, however, and kept walking, eventually making its way into a temporary pen, where residents were able to lasso her.”

    This is silly. The tasering of the cow was tantamount to prodding her with a stick. No harm, no foui, and a lesson to us all that for all the power we thnk we have over nature, it always holds the prime hand … or hindquarter.

  5. The police just can’t seem to get over the thrill of tasering anyone or anything! Was this a mad-cow diseased cow or a zombiecow that was threatening the entire population? Get these weapons out of the hands of these ill-trained law enforcement officials before more damage is done.

  6. …and once again, cruelty reigns over reason.

    you is what you is, gentlemen, reveal your knives and forks!

  7. The cow has been charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assault on a police officer.

    Chief Wiggum stated that he supports his offices decision and the department is reviewing their policy.

    Have I missed anything?

  8. I would assume that the cow while loose wasn’t threatening anyone’s safety. Therefore to me the most interesting aspect is why the police felt it so necessary to disregard the pleas of the owner, not to taser the cow. My thought is that it illustrates the inability of police to listen to anyone, even if those people are not menacing, or suspected of any criminal conduct. It is this scary “us vs. and we’ve got guns” mindset that leads to so many unfortunate incidents, where the police overreact.

  9. “At least this was not another case of cow taserings for fun.”

    Any fun had by these particular officers was purely incidental.

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