Icelandic Town Discovers Source of Construction Problems — Angry Elves

The town officials of Bolungarvik have been plagued by construction delays and accidents in their effort to complete a tunnel and an avalanche barrier. Local citizens believe the problems are the work of angry elves and have begun singing songs and offering prayers to appease them.

Many blame the failure to receive the blessing of the elves before beginning the blasting of a road tunnel through a hill. A ceremony has now been held to rectify the problem.

This is not the first construction project with Elf problems. It appears that those Christmas specials are just Elf propaganda designed to hide the darker side of the little people.

Here is your educational film of the day on Icelandic elves:

Source: Ice News as first seen on Pharyngula

9 thoughts on “Icelandic Town Discovers Source of Construction Problems — Angry Elves”

  1. which is probably why they’re getting so mischievous … idle hands

  2. Songs? Prayers?? Faugh! Everyone knows you leave cookies and milk out for them. Jeez……

  3. There’s a certain style of General Contractor who has a million places to point his finger other than at himself when there’s a delay or cost-overrun. I guess I’m lucky that I haven’t had to deal with the “grumpy elves” excuse… yet.

  4. Excellent video, thanks. TARDIS-like rocks, the hidden people, earth sheltered buildings (hobbit houses), geothermal energy- it looks like a perfectly wonderful place.

  5. mr. ed……..

    Please do not mess with the “Drizzt.”

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