Putinodox Faith: Russian Official Proclaims That Putin Was Sent By God

It appears that Vladimir Putin is not just an action hero but an actual gift of God. First deputy administration chief Vladislav Surkov set a new standard for sycophants and lickspittles everywhere by announcing that Putin was sent here by God to lead the Russian people. Wow, I thought he was just sent by Marvel.

Surkov stated on television that “[t]o be honest, I think of Putin as a person who was sent to Russia by fate and the Almighty at a difficult hour.” Well, as long as he is being honest, does that mean God wants to beat protesters and reformists?

Surkov, however, has competition. A group described as a small female sect believes Putin is the reincarnation of Paul the Apostle. More important for Russian, he has his own vodka label. A saint who can make a mean Martini — now that should bring even the greatest agnostic to his knees.

Source: Yahoo

18 thoughts on “Putinodox Faith: Russian Official Proclaims That Putin Was Sent By God”

  1. W couldn’t look into someones soul and eat a pretzel at the same time.

  2. Back in the bad old days he would be accused of a ‘cult of personality’ and sent to Siberia for re-education. So at least the good ‘ol CCCP has taken some lesson from us: deify the tyrant, it makes them harder to defeat.

  3. That sounds a little too prejudiced. Cut the man some slack ; after all he brought back Russia from its former ruins and ended the Chechnya conflict. Iron handed; yes. And hey, he is better than the Chinese , atleast!

  4. HenMan,

    You know I always thought there was something familiar about certain leaders of Corporations and Republicans. It was perhaps the lack of empathy, self-centeredness and abiding belief that via birth that they were ordained to power.

  5. Mike-

    The Tsars were exiled to the United States because of their brutality, greed, and stupidity. Today they are running our major corporations and the Republican Party.

  6. I understand there is a surging NAZI movement in Russia, wouldn’t this dovetail nicely into its canon? A friend of mine in the 60’s, with a MA in Chinese History, explained to me that belief in Mao was akin to the Chinese past worship of Emperors. If you look at Russian history, since its revolution, did they really ever get rid of the Tsars?

  7. Ditto what mespo said….But a Good Martini can not be undone…..

  8. I could see somebody on M Bachmann’s team saying the same thing about her as the electoral season heats up and the religious loonies start giving their 2 cents worth….

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