Iran Calls For Investigation of England’s Treatment of Protesters and Calls For Dialogue With Rioters

Honestly, what would we do on this blog without those hilarious guys in Iran. In their latest standup routine, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast issued a statement to the British government to show greater restraint in dealing with protesters in London and other cities. That’s right, the government that has killed, beaten, and raped protesters is publicly calling out England on its efforts to stop the rioting and looting in London.

Mehmanparast called for an international investigation by human rights groups (which are largely banned from investigation in his own country) and suggested a “dialogue” with the protesters to avoid violence.

We have previously seen the disconnect of Iran from reality in such statements. That includes officials investigating the influence of genies and hidden messages in Olympic symbols.

I took steps to try to find a clinical definition for the collective insanity of the Iranian government starting with the most obvious: delusional disorder. However, this is defined as “characterized by the presence of recurrent, persistent non-bizarre delusions.” This is obviously bizarre and thus would not fit. However, the Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR) does note that “bizarre delusions represent the manifestations of more severe types of psychotic illnesses (eg, schizophrenia) and ‘are clearly implausible, not understandable, and not derived from ordinary life experiences.'”

That seems to fit nicely.

Source: PressTV

13 thoughts on “Iran Calls For Investigation of England’s Treatment of Protesters and Calls For Dialogue With Rioters”

  1. Alina, if you could point to something good or useful about the Iranian government, perhaps we might be enlightened. Until then, they have managed to convince the world they are backward, ignorant, vindictive, duplicitous, and oppressive. To mention just a few of their better qualities.

  2. The United States is hypocritical as well. Our country also makes statements of peace, but we go off and destroy other countries, kill civilians, and displace innocents. All nations will behave in a hypocritical fashion. Why is Iran getting all the slack? They are trying to do something good here, why must we always have negative things to say about the Iranian government? Food for thought.

  3. Raff, we do have our home grown version. Who could forget these legendary moments in oratory.

  4. Raff, I dunno. He has a lot of competition in the batshit crazee department. There are a lot of throwbacks scattered around. North Korea’s “Dear Leader” comes to mind immediately. Then do not forget our very own Bush the Lesser.

  5. OS,
    “Iammadinthehead” is one of the craziest world leaders in my lifetime. He reminds me of the Iraqi general in charge of publicity who kept telling the newspeople that the Iraqi military was squashing the Allies even while video was being played that showed just the opposite.

  6. I would have posted a comment earlier, but when I read this both my snark meter and irony meter went into overload and shorted out.

    If anyone ever wanted an example of the pot calling the kettle black, this is it. The current Iranian government proves, every time Ahmadlottaletters or one of his ministers makes a pronouncement, that reverse evolution is not only possible but exists today.

  7. One of the most horrible governments in the world attempting to lecture Britain on showing restraint.


  8. It must be insanity because no one in the Iranian government has demonstrated as highly refined a sense of irony it would take to make this statement otherwise.

  9. Why not?

    It appears that they know all about what abuse is, rape is, death, assault and generally denying to others what rights we think we have…

    Sometime the insides of the pot is darker than the outside….

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