Is The Media Actively Erasing Ron Paul From Election Coverage?

While some on our blog (including many regulars who I respect) disagree, I have never hidden my respect for Ron Paul. I have occasional lunches with Paul who is one of the brightest and most engaging minds in Congress. This segment by John Stewart does a great job in addressing the concerted effort to ignore Paul despite his almost winning the recent Iowa straw poll. Even “XXX” got more attention by Associated Press.

Though we do not agree on all issues (and sharply disagree on some), Paul is currently the only candidate (including Barack Obama) who has consistently opposed the wars and spoken out against the rollback on civil liberties. The Stewart segment is worth watching. One would think that an anti-war candidate in the Republican primary would receive overwhelming attention. This is the one guy in either party who is actually challenging the claims supporting these wars — and receiving significant support among Republicans. Yet the mainstream media seems intent on avoiding any acknowledgment that Paul or his GOP supporters exist. Why?

Consider the sharp contrast with Rick Santorum:

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  1. OPPS! Correction time. The sentence should read “The good news is that this jive & the revival of ‘Ron Paul racist’ horse poo shows us who actually want to rescue the US from the socialist ‘progressive’ movement, of which Captain Zero is poster child for, are becoming very desperate.”


  2. Garofalo is the biggest nut on Earth today. Using her words discredited you BIGTIME.

  3. Tootie,
    I am curious, when you say Dr. Paul is the greatest statesman of our time, just how are you defining “our time”?


    Janeane Garofalo on why a woman or person of color could be a Republican. It has to be Stockholm Syndrome, Money, Self-Loathing, Nuts, etc.,

    ““But Herman Cain, I feel like, is being paid by somebody to be involved and to run for president so that you go, ‘Oh, they can’t be racist. It’s a black guy. It’s a black guy asking for Obama to be impeached’ or ‘It’s a black guy who is anti-Muslim,’ or ‘It’s a black guy who is a tea party guy,’” she continued. “I feel like, well wouldn’t that suit the purposes of whomever astroturfs these things, whether it be the Koch Brothers or ALEC or Grover Norquist or anything. It could even be Karl Rove. ‘Let’s get Herman Cain involved so it deflects the obvious racism of our Republican Party.’”

    Why would Cain, a “person of color,” participate in this electoral process? As she has theorized about Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, Garofalo believes Cain suffers from Stockholm syndrome:

    “There may be a touch of Stockholm syndrome, because anytime I see a person of color or a female in the Republican Party or the conservative movement or the tea party, I wonder how they could be trying to curry favor with the oppressors? Is it Stockholm syndrome or does somebody pay them?””

  5. Hmmm, you say Ron paul is racist. Hmmm. Is that why he considered Martin Luther King, Jr one of his idols? Is that why he attended the Morgan State University [all black college] GOP debate in Baltimore on 9/27/07 and Giuliani, Fred Thompson, McCain and Romney did NOT attend it?

    In fact, heres the video of that debate.

    Watch the video at 11:28 and you will hear them introduce Ron Paul. Listen to the crowd [of nearly ALL black people]. He gets the loudest applause of anyone introduced—even Alan Keyes [who’s black]. Now why would the “racist” get a roaring applause? And why would a “racist” attend the black college debate?


  6. Tootie—–excellent posts and excellent points. Blacks can have Black Entertainment TV, their own history month, the United Negro college fund and the Million Man March. If you inserted the word “white” everyplace the word “black” is at, or if you had a WHITE million man march, they would be considered the largest KKK gatherings ever. Before you morons throw around the word “racist”—tell me first, where am I wrong?

    These douchebags on this thread bashing Ron Paul are following the old adage by Ghandi:

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win”

    Right now, these fools are on the “ridiculing” Ron Paul phase.

  7. Tootie, if the only thing I knew about you was the last half dozen or so sentences in your post just above at 3:48 AM, I can easily conclude that you, yourself, are a racist. So what we have here is a racist defending a guy who has repeatedly made racist statements.

    Now I have no idea if Dr. Paul is a racist or not. His statements may just be pandering to his base and do not actually represent his true views. So what we have here is either a racist or a demagogue. Or maybe both.

  8. Ron Paul is not a racist. And the comments in Paul’s newsletter (not written by Paul) were not even racist. They were frank talk about racial aspects and culture.

    Racists on the left do not like frank talk about race. If you tell them that different races have different IQs they will screech like banshees because it doesn’t fit in with their political ideology. If you talk about race and crime (relevant topics) they start screaming racism. But if talk of race brings handouts to blacks or Hispanics, they want to talk about that until the cows come home. You can have Black Entertainment Television, but just try to have White Entertainment Television. The leftist racists will not permit it. So they label frank talk racism merely because they do not approve of in order to shut down the discussion.

    Only an imbecile, dirt-bag, or a liar thinks Paul is a racist.

  9. Dr. Paul is the greatest statesman of our time. In other words he is not a politician. He is an honest and just man. The most honest and just in D.C.

    If you care about America you will support his campaign for president even if you cannot vote for him in the primary.

    If you support Obama you support totalitarianism and genocide. And if you support any other Republican you support them as well. You might not realize it, but that is what you are doing.

  10. Darfurwarrior, of all the posters on this board, you most personify the conservative trend of spewing hatred and impugning the motives of anybody who disagrees with your politics.

    I’m not a liberal and voted Republican most of my life, but when I told my cousin, the gun collector, that I can no longer vote Republican because they want to give corporations free rein with no consumer protections, he called me “a liberal, bleeding-heart, pig (fornicating), Communist pussy.” You’ve got him beat. You kiss your mother with that mouth?

    Recent elections show a country roughly divided in half – 51% to 49% “mandates.”

    Apparently you believe half of the country to be right and the other half to be anti-American Racist Liberal Nazis with an IQ two points above a carrot. In a republic, you should be selling us on your ideas, not calling us names or painting us all with the same brush. Shame on you for vilifying the half of the country who don’t share your political views. They don’t all want cradle to grave (erection to resurrection) free handouts. Some just want pure food, clean air, ethical financial transactions, and the right of everybody to participate.

  11. Catch22oy: “In the Stewart clip, Paul was at a loss to name a country that is run by his version of libertarianism. I got one : Somalia. Small government, no regulations on business, no taxes (except those collected by warlords), and no Education department. I like Paul’s consistent anti-war message but some of his other views are crazy.”

    Very well said!

  12. JT, if you can pal around with a racist like Ron Paul then Obama and MSNBC can pal around with a racist baiter like Al Sharpton.

  13. @Henman,

    “Shrill, mudslinging rage and false accusations woven into a tapestry of nonsense. ”

    Really? Can you show me my mudslinging rage and false accusations please?

    Can you tell me how my statements about another person’s uncorrected sexist comments and bigoted remarks amounts to my being full of rage?

    Can you compare my statements where I take you and SM seriously with your “Shrill, mudslinging rage, false accusations, and tapestry of nonsense”?

    Thank you for calling me shrill, though I don’t deserve it. Can you tell me who our most shrill pundit is? And what is track record on the issues is? (Hint: Nobel Prize in Econ.) Can you even understand how silly you become when you therefore dismiss others as shrill?

  14. Thanks, HenMan. I think all of Ron Paul’s positions need to be looked at. Maybe if the media gave him more attention as he says he wants, people could see what he really stands for.

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