Is The Media Actively Erasing Ron Paul From Election Coverage?

While some on our blog (including many regulars who I respect) disagree, I have never hidden my respect for Ron Paul. I have occasional lunches with Paul who is one of the brightest and most engaging minds in Congress. This segment by John Stewart does a great job in addressing the concerted effort to ignore Paul despite his almost winning the recent Iowa straw poll. Even “XXX” got more attention by Associated Press.

Though we do not agree on all issues (and sharply disagree on some), Paul is currently the only candidate (including Barack Obama) who has consistently opposed the wars and spoken out against the rollback on civil liberties. The Stewart segment is worth watching. One would think that an anti-war candidate in the Republican primary would receive overwhelming attention. This is the one guy in either party who is actually challenging the claims supporting these wars — and receiving significant support among Republicans. Yet the mainstream media seems intent on avoiding any acknowledgment that Paul or his GOP supporters exist. Why?

Consider the sharp contrast with Rick Santorum:

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  1. darfurwarrior and anon= Shrill, mudslinging rage and false accusations woven into a tapestry of nonsense. Two supporters of Ron Paul. Two loose cannons.

    Swarthmore mom= Interesting, intelligent comments. Facts and links to back them up. No racism. No sexism. And most definitely not “a bully and a coward”.

    darfurwarrior and anon- It’s not Swarthmore mom’s fault that Ron Paul can’t poll more than 9%. Console yourselves with his second place finish in the Ames Looney Tunes Caucus and get on with your lives. You should be happy that “The Rent’s Too Damn High” guy wasn’t running at Ames.

  2. Again, show me any candidate who is ready to immediately put an end to our expensive, deadly, and illegal wars. In either party. I wont hold my breath.

  3. Went to sleep and missed the attacks. Ron Paul is still at 8 or 9 %. Isn’t he?

  4. but the walls just crawl when the thread is on Paul don’t they?

    His “massive support across the country” is the same 8 to 9% of immature thinkers he has always had. As nice as libertarian philosophy sounds on paper it just does not work in the modern world where we actually live. It might be nice to think each of us is an island capable of doing whatever we wish and succeeding or failing on our own merits. But society is to intertwined and the game too easily rigged as we have seen every time we allow it to run too free.

    In the real world things run best when there is a balance between the power of money and the power of a government that is of, by and for, the people. We lost that balance a while back and now the government is more of, by and for the money.

    The way the media, particularly Fox Propaganda Network treats Paul is a glaring example of how they get to define the terms of debate. Paul will fail again this time even without their ‘help’ the real crime is that they do this on every topic and too many Americans are not aware or do not care enough to demand better.

  5. darfurwarrior-

    You got the “Racist Liberal Nazis” thing in. You got the “anti-American Socialist rag” thing in. You got a bloody screaming baby tossed into a bucket. You got Hitler in. And “butchering innocent babies” was a nice touch.

    But where in the hell is there anything about the Communist plot to destroy our children by fluoridating the water supply? And you completely forgot to call anyone a Commie Rat Bastard. And no dire threats about what would happen to any sumbitch who tried to con-fin-skate your guns? And what about the War Against Christmas? And what about the Birth Certificate?

    Pathetic. Just pathetic.

  6. darfurwarrior @ 12:10am & Anon @12:52


    “Unlike any other candidate Dr. Paul has witnessed the true brutality of a living breathing child aborted and tossed into a bucket to die screaming and crying.”

    Ron Paul stated in the video this event happened when he was a medical student in the 1960’s and abortion at that time was still ILLEGAL! Standing by and watching a baby die is MURDER and he had a duty to report what he witnessed, let alone at least attempt to save the baby. Again in his own words “…pretending nobody heard …he walked out of the room because I was a student, an observer.”

    “Only a cold blooded Hitlerian (sic) minded Nazi could carry out or support such a thing.”

    By your definition, you are describing Ron Paul are you not.

    “Paul has been falsely accused of a lot of things, but lying has never,ever been one of them.”

    Oh yea; watch the tape again and see for yourself, right after he tells that very self incriminating story at ~4:20 he lies about the government using the force of the IRS to use taxpayer’s money to pay for abortions and “that should be reversed!” Impossible to believe that Congressman Paul does not understand the Hyde Amendment!

    Stick a fork in him, Ron Paul is a pandering fool, and he is done. (Speaking metaphorically of course.) He will never be on the GOP ticket.

  7. I don’t happen to believe that individuals trump or arise prior to the social group, but rather are a product of it.

    You can have individuals without a social group, but you can’t have a social group without individuals.

  8. “Swarthmore mom
    1, August 16, 2011 at 10:04 pm He’s the adult in the republican field? maybe”

    What that link shows is that rawstory employs hacks and enjoys could partisan hackery linkbaiting headlines.

    Nowhere in that link does Ron Paul “compare” social security to slavery. He doesn’t equate them, he doesn’t say one is better than the other, he doesn’t discuss their various attributes.

    He is told the Supreme Court judges Social Security to be constitutional and he uses slavery as an example of how the Supreme Court has made gross mistakes in the past.

    Noting the Supreme Court has made judgments that we now all agree were in error and noting slavery was one of them does not equate all Supreme Court mistakes with slavery. It mainly says that if the Supreme Court can get it so badly, horribly, terribly wrong with slavery, than why shouldn’t we think that they can’t get it wrong on other issues?

    What the hell is swarthmore teaching it’s moms?

  9. @Swarthmore mom,

    Daily in the comments here, you take a stand against a collection individuals that you falsely group together and assign group characteristics too regarding their beliefs and even other malevolent properties. You do this based on things they were born with and cannot change. You damn them. You insinuate they are racists and sexists.

    Me, I think you’re a bully and a coward. And I think if you had anything actual to say you could say it without the gross generalizations that mark your own racism and sexism. I think you’re afraid to listen to other people and so you try to shut down lines of argument and thought with your vague insinuations of racism and sexism.

    It wasn’t so long ago that people could talk openly about the fuckin’ broads, how stupid they are, how they don’t deserve the vote. How they should get in the kitchen and were basically good for getting fucked and little else. And of course the stupid bitches deserved to be hit. And how fat they got after marriage.

    None of that was right. And neither is your bullshit.

    I know you think that white men are stoopid and its okay to throw rocks at them, but the truth is we are all too polite to tell you to fuck off.

    But your bigotry and offensive comments disgust me. You are wrong, and you malign people you don’t know, and whose sole sin is that they disagree with you. Kindly, I request that in the future you keep your gross generalizations and bigoted remarks to yourself.

  10. “Paul is currently the only candidate (including Barack Obama) who has consistently opposed the wars…”

    Hmmm, is that why Obama CONTINUES Bush’s wars? And begins NEW ones [Libya]???

  11. It is clear to see that the Racist Liberal Nazis here, like Swarthmore are TERRIFIED by Ron Paul’s massive support across the board. Anyone who would use a quote from an anti-American Socialist rag like Salon as a legitimate anything, possesses an IQ of two above a carrot.

    Unlike any other candidate Dr. Paul has witnessed the true brutality of a living breathing child aborted and tossed in to a bucket to die screaming and crying. Only a cold blooded Hitlerian minded Nazis could carry out or support such a thing. Paul has been falsely accused of allot of things, but lying has never, ever been one of them.

    However, what can one expect from a pack of low life scum who get their jollies butchering innocent babies, like Swarthmore Mom. To bad your Mom wasn’t as evil and sick minded a piece of gutter trash as yourself.

    What a pathetic little idiot you are!!!

  12. anon nurse, The ‘chat down” isn’t for just the TSA. I opened a new bank account recently. It was a small checking account for online purchases. The bank clerk told me that she had to ask me a series of questions directed by Homeland Security before she could process my request for an account, no interview = no account.

    She wanted to know among other things:
    How long I had lived at my current address;
    Where is the money for this account coming from- wages, other accounts, retirement income, other;
    Do I do business with any foreign companies;
    Will I be depositing or withdrawing more than $1000.00 at a time;
    Will I be making payments to any foreign persons or corporations;
    Will any foreign persons or corporations be depositing money into the account, and there were a few others.
    She said all banks now have to make these inquiries prior to opening new accounts.

    Back on topic: I’m sure there will now be a steady stream of stories of people being denied boarding because they in some way fail their “chat”. I suggest that people use small words when being interviewed. I wonder what they are going to do about people that have speech difficulties or illness’ that cause uncontrolled muscle movements?

  13. puzzling, I actually thought Hillary outperformed Obama in the early debates. So the answer is no.

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