American Taliban: Meet John Benefiel

Sarah Palin had Thomas Muthee and John McCain had John Hagee and Rod Parsely and Barack Obama had Jeremiah Wright. For Rick Perry, his bizarre religious ally may be John Benefiel, the head of the Heartland Apostolic Reformation Network. Benefiel was one of the official organizers of Perry’s controversial The Response prayer rally. In this YouTube clip, Benefiel calls the Statue of Liberty a “demonic idol.”

Here is what Benefiel states on the Statue of Liberty:

Libertas is also called the Freedom Goddess, Lady Freedom, the Goddess of Liberty. You know there’s a statue in New York harbor called the Statue of Liberty. You know where we got it from? French Free Masons. Listen folks that is an idol, a demonic idol, right there in New York harbor. People say, ‘well no it’s patriotic.’ What makes it patriotic? Why is it? It’s a statue of a false goddess, the Queen of Heaven. We don’t get liberty from a false goddess folks, we get our liberty from Jesus Christ.

He has also insisted that the District of Columbia be renamed. In an August 2010 sermon, Benefiel insisted that he would “divorce Baal” from Washington and had unilaterally “renamed the District of Columbia the District of Christ.” He added: “I tell you I have more authority than the U.S. Congress does, see I guarantee you that that will not forever be called the District of Columbia, it will be changed by somebody, it will be changed by the Lord when He comes back or our Congress.”

Benefiel is just one voice against the separation of church and state in America. Despite the violence and repression caused by religious-based regimes around the world, such figures are seeking a new theocratic government in America.

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  1. Just watched a 2010 video from him (J Benefil) that stated the drought in Oklahoma greatly improved after their prayers, etc. The U.S. Drought monitor does not support his claims and the drought now is much worse in that state. So … false prophet.

  2. Actually he is 100 percent correct. This is why the statue is FEMALE. This is why starbucks uses the female goddess. Actually I can prove all of it and so can he. My great grandfather is a freemason. Before he died he verified all of this. Lucifer or satan is out to deceive anyone, and this world is so brainwashed, they cannot even think for themselves in reality anymore. So they reject anything that defies what they have been told as the norm or mainstream.

  3. We don’t get liberty from a false goddess folks, we get our liberty from Jesus Christ the false god-son.

    How do these guys remember to breathe..

  4. “These lying dirt bags who call Christians the Taliban would be terrified to mock Muslims in a Muslim country.”
    yes, and prior to our response to 9/11 we could actually denounce this kind of behavior…

  5. Yeah, that good Christian, Torquemada, had a solution for unchristian behavior as well.

  6. OS,

    However, in defense of Fundamentalist Christian tolerance, they do these acts in the interest of saving souls. Witches were burned at the stake so that the demons within them would be cast out, leaving the pure soul to be rewarded in heaven.

  7. Sometimes, Mike, just living among those good Christians can be life-threatening if you are “different,” or engage in activities that are considered “unchristian” according to their tenets Just ask the parents of Matthew Shephard. Or Dr. Tiller’s family.

    An acquaintance of mine, a truly fine psychiatrist, but who happens to be Muslim, had his home firebombed twice in the middle of the night, putting his wife and children at risk to say the least. He moved to another area more tolerant.

  8. “These lying dirt bags who call Christians the Taliban would be terrified to mock Muslims in a Muslim country.”


    And I imagine they would be just as afraid to mock Christians in any Bible Belt town, because I doubt they’d be treated tolerantly.

  9. The trouble is that this guy can spout whatever lies and distortions he wants about the statue of liberty and his audience is too stupid to know he’s wrong and, what’s more, lacks the intellectual curiosity to actually check out his bizarre assertions.

    Remember, this is Texas where anyone with an IQ over 90 or who went to a nationally recognized institution of higher learning (Texas A&M wouldn’t be included in this list) is considered an elitist. GWB managed to downplay his Yale attendance by playing the buffoon and telling people he had to go there cuz Poppy told him to.

  10. “Christians are decent people who will not respond with violence or hurt them.”

    Like all those “Pro-Life” Christians that call for the vandalism of women’s health clinics , put out wanted posters for doctor’s that perform abortions and, you know, actually kill them. Or those good Christians that would outlaw abortion even for women who’s lives are threatened by carrying the fetus to term. Those decent Christians?

  11. The Taliban shoots women in the head for not obeying Sharia. Leave it to hate mongers and Christophobes on the left to insinuate that Christians behave like the Taliban.

    The reason those at this blog viciously attack Christians is because it is understood that people can get away with it because Christians are decent people who will not respond with violence or hurt them. This is a tribute to Christians. And it is an indictment of hatred by those who hurl the Taliban accusation.

    These lying dirt bags who call Christians the Taliban would be terrified to mock Muslims in a Muslim country. They have no guts. Just like the left wing papers in America that refused to publish the Danish cartoons. They are never afraid to mock the harmless Christians, but when freedom of speech really matters in regard to imperial and totalitarian Islam, they are terrified and run and hide. That is because they would lose their heads or tongues (as is the threat against David Letterman).

    Letterman is now a target for speaking out against Osama bin Laden. When has a Christian advocated torturing or murdering Letterman?

  12. Woosty,

    For what it’s worth, that was hardly the first time we’ve thrown a collective hissy fit like that. Remember Liberty Cabbage or (my personal favorite) the Liberty Measles?

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