Department of Just Desserts? Report Shows DOJ Spent Half a Million Dollars on Food in 2008 — For Just 10 Conferences

We have previously explored our concern for a possible eating disorder by a leading Republican. Now, it appears an entire agency could have a serious need for intervention. A report found that the Department of Justice spent roughly $500,000 for food and beverages — at just 10 conferences. That included $16 muffins and coffee at a dollar an ounce.

Maybe this is why the Justice Department has been so slow to move on torture and war crimes allegations. At $32 per person for snacks, one wonders if the conference tables should have include free brochures for Jenny Craig.

This included lunches at $76-per-person for a simple workshop for the Office on Violence Against Women.

The most incredible item was the $4,200 spent on 250 muffins. It is not clear if the milkshake below was included . . .

Source: Fox

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  1. “Not to mention the chutzpah it must take to give it to the Dept. of Justice”

    At Social Security, the former Chicago Regional Commissioner would fly to some city to give a speech. If the organization wouldn’t serve him lunch, he’d tell the local District Manager that he wanted a pot luck dinner with the employees. Attendance was mandatory, even for employees who normally ate at a restaurant.

  2. Elaine M. ,

    from the linked story;

    ‘I’m surprised DOJ even got that much of a breakdown. Far more commonly, your event person negotiates what kind of refreshments you’ll get, and the invoice ends up looking something like this:

    Refreshment table (bev/morn/aft) — 5 days………………..$39,500

    ….isn’t this an amazing ‘bill’ to give to someone, and an even more amazing bill to accept? Not to mention the chutpah it must take to give it to the Dept. of Justice….maybe the wrong things are getting scrutinized…..

  3. Raff,

    You do realize that the normal everyday function of the department of justice is to actively seek the incarceration of non-violent people?

    Thank god we cleared the air about their stupid muffins though so people will stop hassling them about that while they go about their noble pursuits.

  4. Noah V-

    By golly, who brings the lutefisk dere hey? Uff da! I’m already on the cuff for a six-pack of Hamm’s, dere aina? Gol dang it. What the hey?

  5. Elaine,
    thanks for the update. Once again, the truth prevails and what started as a scandal for the Right to attack turns out to be nothing but a normal function.

  6. Having done work as a meeting planner, I can tell you that $50,000 for food at a conference (especially if it is held at a quality hotel) is not unusual. The conference I ran is an annual international conference of scientists and engineers that takes place over the course of 3 days at a 4 star hotel; the average attendance is less than 200 people. We provided breakfast for all 3 days, lunch for 2 days, and one welcoming reception with heavy hors d’oeuvres. We did it mainly to ensure that the attendees would stay close to the hotel and be readily available when the sessions resumed. We would budget between $30,000 and $40,000 for the food functions.

    I’m sure the DOJ conference is larger and much more prestigious (with more distinguished guests and attendees) than mine. The meeting planner would have to crank out a top-notch conference while adhering to federal rules on what can and cannot be provided at a government-sponsored conference.

    Have any of you ever held a meal function at a hotel (wedding reception, anniversary celebration, high school reunion, etc.)? Even the 2 and 3 star hotels make more money on food and beverages than they do on room sales. The report is simply red meat for the masses.

  7. Catalus….

    Now that was cute….Humorous….But if it were not so true it’d be a ROFLOL…

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