De Jesus Loves You: Hit Man Stages Killing After Falling In Love With Target

Let no one say that criminal lawyers and their clients are not romantic. This picture is a staged death scene by a hired killer, Carlos Roberto de Jesus, who fell in love with his target in Brazil. Presumably, Sylvester Stallone is taking Spanish in preparation for the film.

De Jesus was paid roughly $1000 to kill Iranildes Aguiar Araujo — allegedly hired byMaria Nilza Simoes, who believed Iranildes was having an affair with her husband. That is when Cupid stepped in and slayed De Jesus. He used ketchup to prepare the worst faked murder shot in history. It appears that Simoes did not find the classic knife in the armpit to be problematic.

Simoes was shocked to when she later saw the hired assassin kissing the dead woman. Now here is the wonderful conclusion to the story: Simoes went to police to charge De Jesus with stealing her money for killing a woman that he did not in fact kill. I would love to see how the police filled out that theft report.

She then went to the police to complain he had stolen 1000 dollars from her.

All three are now facing charges.

Source: Daily Mail

16 thoughts on “De Jesus Loves You: Hit Man Stages Killing After Falling In Love With Target”

  1. “Really great actor, really heinous health problem. Meth is evil.” -Gene H.

    Yes, yes and yes. (“The Last Lullabye” is probably worth watching, if one is a TS fan… I think he’s spent some time in jail, too… It’s too bad…)

  2. I’ve been meaning to catch “Lucky Number Slevin”, but I hadn’t heard of “The Last Lullaby”. Thanks, AN. I’ll add that to me “to see” list. I like Tom Sizemore when he’s acting instead of sprawled out in some hotel room in the throws of his addiction problem. Really great actor, really heinous health problem. Meth is evil.

  3. Let’s just pretend I hit the “b” key twice.

    Also, in Lansdale’s book, Vanilla Ride as similar thing happens. Gender roles are reversed though.

  4. Will the movie that will be made of this incident be a thriller or a rom com? I vote for the later.

  5. Stallone needs to take Portugese if the film is to be authentic since that is the language of Brazil.

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