Police Taser Teenager in Face To Stop Fight With Another Teenager

A Canadian police officer is the focus of an inquiry after a citizen filmed him shooting a Taser in the face of a teenager involved in a street brawl. While the 17-year-old is recovering, he took a surgery to remove the prong from his ear.

There is no warning audible on the tape before the teenager is shot in the face. Witnesses insist that the officer made no attempt to speak with the teenagers. Obviously, the taser could have caused eye damage or even permanent damage to the face.

The video below shows no evidence of a warning or even hesitation as witnesses object to the officer’s conduct:

The controversy follows another case in Toronto where police tasered a man on a balcony and caused him to fall to the concrete below. The police had been called in response to a domestic incident. The tape below does show the man was not on the edge of the balcony, but it would still seem pretty unwise to use the taser on a balcony.

We have seen equally unwise use of tasers in such circumstances in the United States (here and here and here).

Source: Daily Mail

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