Obama Administration Awards $120 Million To Promote Marriage

There is an interesting debate occurring in Washington — not over the continuing cuts in core health and environmental programs, but one of the programs that was protected from cuts. The Obama Administration has continued the funding of programs encouraging marriage and promoting fatherhood . . . to the tune of over $120 million. It was part of a large effort of the Bush Administration funding both faith-based programs and family-oriented projects.

There is an office called the Administration for Children and Families, (ACF) in the Department of Health and Human Services. It has continued to issue grants totaling $119.4 million in grants to 120 organizations. Of these, $59.9 million went to 60 “marriage programs.”

Robert Rector, a senior research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation insists that the programs are essential to fight the decline of the American family.

I am less convinced that this program is more worthy of funding than, for example, the NOAA budget or other programs. Of course, this same Administration that continues to burn hundreds of millions in Iraq and Afghanistan as we shutdown core programs for lack of funding.

What is clear is that (to paraphrase Animal Farm) will all programs may be equal, some are more equal than others when it comes to budget cuts.

What do you think?


27 thoughts on “Obama Administration Awards $120 Million To Promote Marriage”

  1. C. Misfit “it wouldn’t cost Obama a single vote if he zeroed out the entire program.”

    Are you kidding Comrade? Republican heads would explode if Obama cut a single penny from this program. Fox Noise would be all over “Obama’s attempt to destroy marriage. ” Fill in the blanks for the rest of the 24/7 screed emanating from Faux Noise and the rest of Wingnut media ( aided and abetted by the brain-dead, He said-She said, Corporate Media.)

  2. However, father knows best really is not a good example of this. The husband has all the answers. The show was not like that at all. It was the ’50s of course, but James Anderson was often wrong and was a kind man who always made his wife and children equal to him. They loved him dearly and he loved them. They would talk with each other. What was really sad was the little girl actress was being raped at home repeatedly. That’s what we should be critical of and care about. It’s too bad the TV family was not a real family.
    Barry Eysman

  3. Speaking of NPR.. I was listening to a discussion of poverty in minorities today I believe it was on Tell Me More. It was a lot of statistics but one was glaring. 75% yes that is 75% of african americans with children at the poverty level have the head of household as a single female. If this money is being used to promote marriage in those households I would not have a problem.

  4. ekeyra is confused. I care not what ekeyra thinks. i doubt anyone else who is sentient does either.

  5. Ekeyra, You not playing video games will have little or no impact on society, no one will eventually pay for your lack of game treasure. Domestic abuse and lack of mental health services can and does take its toll on the society at large and someone ends up paying that bill; with a life or the money needed to incarcerate, or pay the medical tab for homeless mentally ill, or the insurance-less battered spouse or kids, or the violence on non-combatant citizens by adults locked in a cycle of learned violence, yada, yada, yada. C’mon, it’s the price of civilization, we’re trying to have a society here. The price of the potential, endless damage in general is more than the price of mitigation and/or abeyance.

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