Protesting Mom Called “More Disgusting Than Any Of These Filths Down On Wall Street”

I saw this amazing clip this weekend from FOX where the anchors attacked a women because she left her kids with family and friends to participate in the Occupy Wall Street protests.

The mother, Stacey Hessler of Florida, was saying that she felt this was a historic moment for citizens to take to the streets. It is funny how such commitment is inspiring in those who share your views, but disgusting for those who do not.

The New York Post has a decidedly negative profile of her, though it seems short on independent sources. What is striking about the Fox report is the view that any mother who leaves her children to join such a protest is “filth.”

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  1. Sorry, should read: Occupy Oakland has called for a city-wide GENERAL strike on November 1.

    Got ahead of myself.

  2. Occupy Oakland has called for a city-wide national strike on November 1.

    I would suggest that everyone do all they can to take this national. Encourage people you know to stay home from work/school that day. If you are close to an Occupy site show up in support; if not stay home in a show of solidarity — occupy@home.

  3. I had thought it curious that police departments all across the country were acting violently against peaceful OWS protesters all on the same day. There have been rumors, unconfirmed as yet, that the order came down from the Dept. of Homeland Security. Maybe that story will be confirmed or disproved today. If true, there will be enough people who know about it that somebody will leak it.

    I read a comment somewhere that the name should be changed to Dept. of Fatherland Security.

  4. Far more people have now been arrested for protesting Wall Street’s mortgage fraud crimes than have been for committing and presiding over them.

  5. Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) has a donation page up for Marine vet Scott Olsen who was hit in the head by a police tear gas canister. Scott is still in ICU with a fractured skull. Donations will be used to help his parents fly out to be with him in Oakland. Neurosurgeons are waiting for the brain swelling to go down before they can operate.

    Here is an article in Scott Olsen’s home town newspaper about him.

  6. Woosty, “the rotten treeā€¦.a tree that can no longer support ANYTHING!”

    That is a very astute observation. For several years now one of the things I have heard in conversation among my acquaintances is that ‘the country just seems to be broken, nothing seems to work’. Once you start actually realizing how much wealth is in play but controlled by so few entities it becomes apparent that that situation eventually distorts everything else in society. It’s like a singularity, everything else bends to accommodate it’s needs. And it has to keep eating.

  7. if a Corporation is a ‘person’, what does that make a Country…a God?

  8. Thanks Blouise, I came back to say I couldn’t find one and there – magically – was a link! Thanks.

  9. Lottakatz,
    ‘147 tightly knit entities own 80% of global revenues and 147 super entities within that number control 40% of total wealth of the network; most are financial institutions.’
    frightening numbers, but that is the whole point , that ridiculous concentration of control is a direct result (and probably cause) of the ridiculous concentration of wealth. It’s like the ax that chopped down the rotten tree….a tree that can no longer support ANYTHING!

  10. Thanks for the link/article Elaine, too true. It’s interesting that when I think of the police acting to suppress demonstrations (and treating citizens rights to protest like a privilege) I recall protests surrounding meetings of the G20, G8 the WTO meetings and other such esteemed gatherings of the wealthy and powerful as they meet to determine the way the world will work. Protect the money and the people that have it. At all costs.

  11. Swarthmore mom1, October 26, 2011 at 10:29 pm
    so these are the greenhats? I didn’t know. It looks like a very cool organization. Why didn’t I know about them?

    Lottakatz, don’t get me wrong I agree with you….inso far as supporting the OWS as being the true face of the Country…and the importance of it. Yes the big bad is completely ingrained and the system has become bound. But own and control? No. Ownership (and ok I know I’m not a lawyer and maybe this will sound like crap but….) ownership involves recognition. And the courts weild ‘borrowed’ power from the people. I borrowed my brothers bike when we were kids….it got stolen….I felt horrid ut I never ever thought it was *my* bike. It never would have been considered that in the eyes of the law until after I reimbursed my brother. So the thief would never honestly be considered the owner either. The bike was still ‘owned’ by my brother. Maybe we are seeing the same kind of lets break it then its ours mentality at work…..but I don’t think so….the corporations stole the car, the banks keep getting paid off so they are happy, but when the car stops and doesn’t again, or becomes a deficit to the ‘usurpers’… how fast they give it back.

  12. Occupy Oakland and the Militarization of America’s Police
    October 26, 2011 at 11:38AM by Charles P. Pierce

    Make no mistake about it: The actions of the police department in Oakland last night were a military assault on a legitimate political demonstration. That it was a milder military assault than it could have been, which is to say it wasn’t a massacre, is very much beside the point. There was no possible provocation that warranted this display of force. (Graffiti? Litter? Rodents? Is the Oakland PD now a SWAT team for the city’s health department?) If you are a police department in this country in 2011, this is something you do because you have the power and the technology and the license from society to do it. This is a problem that has been brewing for a long time. It predates the Occupy movement for more than a decade. It even predates the “war on terror,” although that has acted as what the arson squad would call an “accelerant” to the essential dynamic.

    Basic law enforcement in this country is thoroughly, totally militarized. It is militarized at its most basic levels. (The “street crime units,” so beloved by, among other people, the Diallo family.) It is militarized at its highest command positions. It is militarized in its tactics, and its weaponry and, most important of all, in the attitude of the officers themselves, and in how they are trained. There is a vast militarized intelligence apparatus that leads, inevitably, to pre-emptive military actions, like the raids on protest organizations that were carried out in advance of the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. Sooner or later, this militarized law enforcement was going to collide head-on with a movement of mass public protest, and the results were going to be ugly. (There already had been dry runs elsewhere, most notably in Miami, in 2003, during protests of a meeting of trade ministers.)

    Meet Oakland, Singapore-by-the-Bay. There will be more of these. Depend on it. After all, they have fans out there.

    (It should be noted here that John Timoney, the police chief in Miami who crushed the protests there, is now a recognized authority on how to keep order in the face of public demonstrations. Chris Matthews even has him on Hardball to talk about it. That’s the way the wind’s blowing here.)

    And why shouldn’t the police be militarized? After all, we keep handing them “wars” to fight. A war on drugs. A war on terror. A war on graffiti. (Thanks, Rudy.) Wars are not properly fought with half-measures. Wars are fought over territory and wars are fought over power. You put enough war propaganda into the heads of young men, hand them weapons, and give them a license to use them, and they are not going to see fellow citizens through the visors on their helmets. They are going to see enemies. Wars have enemies. In Oakland last night, the police took action against enemies.

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