Police In Canada Face Outrage After Responding To Call Of Escaped Calf By Repeatedly Shooting The Animal

This YouTube video is raising some disturbing questions about the judgment and training of police in Gatineau, Canada. The police are shown responding to a call of an escaped calf by shooting the animal about a dozen times.

The horrific scene has left many asking why the police could not throw a rope around the animal or use a tranquilizer gun rather than move immediately from bovine to beef.

Yet, Const. Pierre Lanthier defended the action, saying police “have to decide if it’s threatening for the population” and, in this case, determined that “they had no choice but to shoot the animal.” Really? No choice? It is not like this was a terrorist ungulate from Al Cuda. I can think of a host of options before getting to the choice of peppering the animal with bullets.

Nevertheless, Gatineau police say there are still no plans to add tranquilizers to the officers’ options.

This is probably why the department has one of the lowest levels of missing child reports in Canada.

Source: Ottawa

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  1. How common is it ?: that each department trains to ” Shoot first, exert Authority & Dominance , then think about asking questions later…if victim allows?
    I know that our local PD’s have performed this tactic as 1st Response procedure on a regular basis. ( practice makes perfect)… Sounds like the ” Old West” has struck again

  2. in the case of pierre francois Blais who assaulted a 73 year old woman and killed her son David Leclair in gatineau, pictures at the scene show Blais wearing an illegal military combat uniform so it is clear that David leclair might have concluded that Blais was an intruder and leclair simply wanted to defend and protect his family against what he perceived to be a crazed mad man not a cop.

  3. Thinking about the outcome of this, reminds me of the time my uncle gave my family some fresh fish.

    My uncle told my mother that his friend had caught a lot of fish and had given him quite a bit. He offered her half. She cooked it for our supper. As we started to eat, we found that the fish meat was full of shotgun pellets.

    I imagine hearing before the expiration date: “What are these metal things in my hamburger?”

  4. Did anybody notice that when the calf got away, the officers jumped into their cars and chased it WITH THEIR SIRENS ON!

  5. Not the first time Gatineau Police allegdly use careless force as per article about 73 year old woman being assaulted by officer Pierre francois Blais and then he kills her son by shooting him in the back.:

    Gatineau police officer faces 10 Quebec Police Act charges in 2008 shooting death
    OTTAWA — A Gatineau police officer faces 10 charges under Quebec’s Police Act in the shooting death of 35 year-old David Leclair in 2008 outside his mother’s home.
    On June 29, charges were laid against Const. Pierre-François Blais by province’s police ethics commissioner. Blais remains on active duty.
    “We all basically cried. It was at least one step in a positive direction,” said the victim’s sister, Donna Leclair. “This is a fight that we’ve been doing for three years now and it’s something that is very all-consuming. It’s our every breath, our every moment.”
    Blais faces the following charges under Quebec’s Police Act:
    Imprudent and reckless behaviour;
    Using obscene or offensive language;
    Displaying a lack of respect or courtesy;
    Abuse of authority;
    Violated Leclair’s Charter right to life, liberty and security of the person;
    Using obscene or offensive language when dealing with Leclair’s mother, Dorothy Leclair;
    Displaying a lack of respect or courtesy;
    Two counts of excessive force;
    Making threats.

  6. Gatineau is in Canada even though it is in Quebec but this is shame and these police officiers should be fired for killing 2 stray calves who ran away from van leading them to a slaughter house..well they slaughter house was the police..this is pure and simple animal abuse and they should be charged as anyone unless would be under the law…they only show 1 in the video…I WOULD NOT TRUST THEM AROUND ME CHILDREN AND NEITHER NEAR MY PETS..not for 1 second….

  7. pete,

    With spot on edgy dialog like that, you should consider a career in Hollywood screenwriting.

  8. put down the horns and get on your knees. “moo”

    drop the f**kin horns and on your f**in knees. “moo”


    smith, drop this near the body.

    yes sir!

  9. In addition to every other ridiculous aspect of this incident, what I found really amazing was what terrible shots these guys are. I hope they get sent to a serious gun training course after this. I was sure the second volly was going to be an instant coup de grace. Nope. More limping away. Reminds me of drunk ass-holes I’ve been hunting with. I didn’t count how many rounds they shot, but the bullet salad they served up seems like it might have been more of a public health hazard than the brisket they were chasing. Jeez, I’m hungry for bar-b-q all of a sudden.

  10. Tex’s car has been hit three times this year by deer. No joke, they watch for him from the side of the road and then plow right into his vehicle … he hasn’t shot one yet

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