British Medical Schools Facing Backlash Over Evolution From Muslim Students

It appears that British medical schools are facing a growing problem of Muslim medical students and doctors walking out of courses in protest when evolution is taught as part of biology. The students and teachers believe that Darwin’s theories conflict with the Koran, as do many Christians (and apparently most — but not all — GOP presidential contenders) believe in the United States. The view is a bit more unsettling when future doctors refuse to even hear about evolution as a blasphemous subject.

Professors at University College London have raised the concern of the boycott and
have noted that, while facing this problem years ago with a few fundamentalist Christian students, it is now a widespread problem with Muslim students and doctors.

The article below notes that the backlash is not confined to professors. When Usama Hasan, iman of the Masjid al-Tawhid mosque in Leyton, suggested that Darwinism and Islam could be reconciled, various Muslim suggested that he should be removed from the gene pool . . . literally. He was denounced as an “apostate” who “must be executed” He was suspended from the Mosque instead.

The death threats mark an increase in the movement against evolution — made popular by Turkish author Harun Yahya who associates Dawinism with Nazism. The result for many future doctors is to refuse to hear scientific theories that conflict with their personal religious beliefs. Yet, patients will not know that they only practice an Islamically correct view of medicine that excludes whole areas of science.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. If it’s true, then they fail the required curriculum. Not sure how this is a big problem–they’ll never get their credentials anyway. Besides, I know a number of Muslim physicians who are not anti-science–a large number of incredibly talented individuals, in fact. This seems like a bit of a smear attempt. At the very least, the Daily Mail is painting all Muslim medical students with an awfully large brush.

  2. Lest you think theocracy is only a challenge to Britain, here’s Frank Luntz and the Six Dwarfs discussing their assault on the Wall of Separation Between Church and State. Start from about 38:00 onward:

  3. This is a quick comment for the author and those of you who are not familiar with the British tabloids, including the Daily Mail (which is cited as the primary source).

    They just make these stories up. They shouldn’t be regarded as in any way true.

    Some of the crazy stories they come up with here

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