British Medical Schools Facing Backlash Over Evolution From Muslim Students

It appears that British medical schools are facing a growing problem of Muslim medical students and doctors walking out of courses in protest when evolution is taught as part of biology. The students and teachers believe that Darwin’s theories conflict with the Koran, as do many Christians (and apparently most — but not all — GOP presidential contenders) believe in the United States. The view is a bit more unsettling when future doctors refuse to even hear about evolution as a blasphemous subject.

Professors at University College London have raised the concern of the boycott and
have noted that, while facing this problem years ago with a few fundamentalist Christian students, it is now a widespread problem with Muslim students and doctors.

The article below notes that the backlash is not confined to professors. When Usama Hasan, iman of the Masjid al-Tawhid mosque in Leyton, suggested that Darwinism and Islam could be reconciled, various Muslim suggested that he should be removed from the gene pool . . . literally. He was denounced as an “apostate” who “must be executed” He was suspended from the Mosque instead.

The death threats mark an increase in the movement against evolution — made popular by Turkish author Harun Yahya who associates Dawinism with Nazism. The result for many future doctors is to refuse to hear scientific theories that conflict with their personal religious beliefs. Yet, patients will not know that they only practice an Islamically correct view of medicine that excludes whole areas of science.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. What is even more disturbing is that these people are taking up places on courses with far greater demand than places that are denied to others who would learn the full curriculum

  2. “The view is a bit more unsettling when future doctors refuse to even hear about evolution as a blasphemous subject.”

    What do you mean “future doctors”? Evolution is the basis of modern biology; you don’t learn it, you don’t pass med school, you don’t become a doctor. Anything less would be dangerous pandering to a religiously deranged minority.

  3. There once was a character requirement for admission into all professions. This has been watered down to the point where this type of silliness is no longer viewed as a hindrance to admission into the profession by the students. While I don’t advocate the rigidity of the old system, I do think the faculty has the obligation to explain that this disrespectful kind of behavior has a consequence and that repeated violations will have severe consequences.

    The ignorant do not have the right to dictate to the learned on most topics and in the area of providing health care to the public this seems even more the case. A certain respect is owed to those who dedicate themselves to mastering the material to such an extent they can educate the next generation. The students are wrong here.

  4. As many have said before if you don’t take the required courses and pass them, you don’t and shouldn’t get to graduate. As for the relevance of evolution to medical school, I wouldn’t want treatment from any Doctor who accepts that the beginnings of humanity are the factual province of any religious beliefs.

    Providing one understands that in all religions their creation stories are metaphors and were meant that way by those who wrote them, be that source divine, or human, then even very religious individuals can be excellant scientific practioners.
    Those who choose a strictlty fundamentalist view of their scriptures are not capable of scientific inquiry and thus to me not scientific material.

  5. I honestly don’t see what the problem is. Walk out of class early = a missed class. Miss x# of classes? You fail. The end.

    Thanks for the giggle about the author who invoked Godwin on Darwin. That’s just funny.

  6. Oro Lee, they had better learn if they are going to go into OB-GYN. There are many times a D&C procedure is needed that has nothing to do with pregnancy or abortion. Refusal to learn would land one (1) in the Dean’s office and if they persisted, (2) out on the sidewalk with their luggage.

  7. This is disturbed and disturbing. I agree with all above comments.

    We live in a religious community. It is inescapable. If you don’t get a dose of christians you’re bound to hear jewish, muslim, hindu, buddhist or new age bull crap. Thus when we go for medical care, it may be overheard in the waiting room that god fixed the fax machine. Oracular statements such as “it was meant to be” are quite common. Women are often victimized by dangerous religious sexism.

    Medical practitioners should keep their religious ideology away from patients. If they want to practice a scientific profession, then science it is. If they want to be religious counselors, they need to mark their office with signs attesting to their true intent. If they do not do so, they are unethical.

  8. I never attended a class where the students got to tell the professor what they could or could not teach. If they want to boycott, my reaction is to tell them not to let the doorknob hit them in the butt on their way out.

  9. Take the classes, perform ALL duties a doctor may be asked to perform, or don’t be a doctor. This is really a lot simpler than folks are making it out to be.

  10. bet the koran’s not up to date on gsw’s either. oops, it’s the UK, not many of those anyway.

    let them go into virology. see if they can explain that without evolution.

  11. Kick them off the course. People who choose dogma over science have no business being in jobs where scientific objectivity is important for the safety of the people. What next they refuse to do blood transfusions?

  12. Force them to keep a sign in their office: “We are not real doctors. We mock science.”

  13. What ARE said. Those courses are part of the cirriculum, part of medicine andpart of life. Students must either attend and pass or they fail. If there are medical schools which DO NOT teach evolution, I’d like to know so I can avoid seeing a doctor so poorly educated. One wonders how they might explain and deal with the fairly recent development of drug-resistant bacteria?

  14. I feel so much more inclined to go to the “new” doctors after reading this…. It reminds me of Ross Perots statement about the crazy aunt in the attic or the elephant in your living room…. You know and everyone else knows… But you just don’t talk about it….

  15. If these students refuse to accept the scientific method, they should not be doctors, and should be kicked out. They will be a danger to us and their patients when diseases evolve as a result of antibiotics changing them. It should also be made clear to them that if they choose religion over science, there are consequences in their own lives. That should keep the fanatics out who have no business treating people in any case.

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