Minnesota Woman Poses With Prize Deer For Hunting Site . . . Later Charged With Illegal Hunting

Valery Vawn Wright, 49, of Two Harbors is shown on a website posing with her prize 199 pound buck. The photo may now be part of a criminal case against her for allegedly baiting deer and hunting without a license.

Wright is charged with shooting two deer while hunting over bait and hunting without a valid license. The two deer had attracted many onlookers at the nearby golf course due to their large size and beautiful racks. Hunters, however, were also interested in the bucks as trophies, including Wright.

She was discovered with one of the dead bucks at a stand after people complained of someone hunting within city limits. The stand appears to have been placed just outside of the city limits. However, officers found the ground covered with carrots and grain to attract deer. Wright reportedly admitted to coming out the week before hunting season to drop grain to bring the deer under the stand to be shot. I remain perplexed why it is so much fun to sit in a stand over baited ground to shoot an animal feeding.

These violations remain only misdemeanors for hunting deer over a baited area as well as for hunting without a valid deer license and for having deer over her limit. She is also charged with gross misdemeanors for transporting an illegally taken animal and for taking or possessing wild animals with a restitution value of more than $1,000.

Wright insists that she was not aware that she had to rake up the bait before killing the deer. For that reason, she insists “[t]he charges on the first deer are being disputed.”

She posted her trophy picture on http://www.northlandoutdoors.com) which ran with picture with a caption that reads: “Val Wright of Two Harbors shot this 10 point buck on opening day south of Silver Bay that dressed out at 199 pounds.”

That should be helpful in her prosecution.

Source: Duluth News

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  1. I’ve been away from this thread for some time and usually don’t bother getting into arguments with those with whom I completely disagree on literally everything. However, I do feel the need to explain a couple of things.

    One-I do not hate anyone; I do hate the ACT of killing and condone it only for self defense and, as I said, for necessary food. (See below for a clearer definition of the word “necessary”)

    Two I did make a mistake when I called these animals helpless..What I should have said is that they are helpless to defend themselves against a bullet or an arrow coming out of nowhere from a hunter who is hiding in the bushes. Once wounded, they WILL-if they can- go after the person who tried to kill them, and if you happen to be on the receiving end of an attack from a 400lb deer, I suppose it hurts. I also suppose you are getting your just desserts. If you are going to go around hunting animals three times your size you had better be a damn good shot or be a very fast runner.

    As to Mr. Erbs comments about driving laws.. (a) In Texas…A “small crime” is a CRIME..And a $200 fine is, in my humble opinion, an appropriate penalty for driving without a license..Now, if a person drove without a license and ran someone over or otherwise KILLED someone with his/her car, that would be a different story (b) in California; I lived in California for 25 years. They require all drivers to have a license; all cars to be registered and all registered vehicle owners to have insurance. My brother still lives there and the law has not changed. The law that you refer to re: illegal aliens ALLOWED them to get a license; previously they were PROHIBITED FROM OBTAINING ONE.The same law prohibits the state from impounding the cars of unlicensed drivers (illegals or not) stopped at DUI checkpoints IF they are not drunk .Illegal aliens still can be and are ticketed and pay fines for breaking the law by driving without a license, registration or insurance,This is HARDLY the same as absolving them of all criminal penalties.

    Finally, I totally agree that the way the animals raised and killed for human consumption in the US is treated is horrific; I would love for Mr. Lambert to point out to me where in my comments I “defended it”.The fact is I do not eat meat, and I have been a vocal advocate of strong legislation to force the “meat” industry to treat the animals that other people eat humanely and kill them in the most painless way possible..I am happy to say many of those laws have been enacted, although there is still a long way to go. When I refer to “necessary food” I mean NECESSARY” not, “So you can have roast beef for Christmas dinner.” In some parts of the world a single pig will feed an entire TRIBE for weeks…that’s “necessary food.”

  2. “Since this is a public forum, I will tone this response down for general “consumption”.and simply say..BALONEY! I do not have to participate in the slaughter to want to stop it…”

    You contradict yourself, since in your previous post you advocate the slaughter of animals “for NECESSARY food”.

    Do you not realize that the number of animals killed for food by hunters is *miniscule* compared to the number of animals killed – many if not most of them in terror and pain – by the meat industry? Yet this industry, which divorces people from any appreciation of the horrors inflicted on food animals, is the one you defend?

    Before you start casting aspersions on the IQ’s of others, you might want to be sure your own positions bear such fearsome scrutiny.

  3. I can’t help myself, I have to reply to this too, then I think I’ve made my point: From Roger Lambert:
    ” Modern consumers have no experience of the act of killing, or feeling of responsibility for the lives of the creatures which die for their consumption, because these acts are done by someone else and out of sight and mind. They are completely divorced from the concept of the value of the lives of these billions of vital, conscious beings that are sacrificed by proxy each year.”

    Since this is a public forum, I will tone this response down for general “consumption”.and simply say..BALONEY! I do not have to participate in the slaughter to want to stop it, any more than I need to go fly over Iraq and Afghanistan dropping bombs to have a feel a moral responsibility to stop the slaughter of innocent men, women and children on the ground there.

    I am truly beginning to believe that the average American is either born stupid or loses his/her intelligence somewhere on the road to adulthood.

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