“Satan’s Little Helper”? Christian Group Calls For Boycott Of Movie “Hobbit”

Christians For A Moral America really do not want you to see the Hobbit. It appears that really bad things come in really small packages. Producer Sir Peter Jackson is a self-proclaimed atheist. It would appear that he would have been better off proclaiming that he was an orc.

Here is the statement from the organization:

Invading your local cinema next winter is a new work of evil The Hobbit. The Hobbit follows on from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and seemingly has brought everyone back to “Middle Earth” from the dead. Peter Jackson has once again stepped up as Satan’s Little Helper to direct the two-part film and is once again using witchcraft and wizardry to peddle the film, even though the books had strong Christian undertones (good vs evil; Christians vs Atheists) but Jackson being the self-proclaimed Atheist he is obviously doesn’t want to present this movie in the way it was meant by Tolkien. Let’s vote with our wallets and send a big message to Hollywood and Jackson; Christians will NOT tolerate this blatant Anti-Christian bigotry and Atheist propaganda. Our children’s minds are filled with enough poison these days from the media without us as parents actively doing the same while filling liberal fat cats’ coffers.

The group appears as focused on Jackson being an atheist as the screenplay itself — not to mention “liberal fat cats.” (It turns out that conservative fat cats are acceptable in the eyes of God).

The prejudice against atheists is growing with leaders in both the United States and abroad joining a crusade against those who refuse to embrace a God — any God.

It seems that every religious groups is rushing to warn that the Hobbit is either faith-friendly or faith-threatening. The Catholic writers have found that film to be not only faithful but Catholic in its message — tying its messages directly to Biblical accounts. Others have identified Gandalf as the ultimate Christ figure.

Then, of course, it could be just a really cool movie.

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  1. “The only character in the entire story including all four books; who seemingly comes back from the dead is the Wiazrd Gandalf.”

    ## Glorfindel may be another, if he is the Glorfindel who killed, & was killed by, a Balrog during the retreat after the fall of Gondolin during the First Age (see the Silmarillion for the details).

  2. “The Catholic writers have found that film to be not only faithful but Catholic in its message”

    ## Eek 🙁 I wish Christians would stop this idiocy; their inability to read as what it is – a damn good story, told by an author with a great talent for telling such stories – ruins it, bu turning it into Catholic propaganda. One of the reasons that so much Christian story-telling is of no literary value whatever, is that people are too concerned with the propaganda message to give proper attention to the story. If I want Catholicism, I have the Catechism for that – I don’t need not-so-subtle-propagandising that pretends to be a story.

    Is the Traveller in the “Time Machine” a “Christ-figure” ? Why not ? A little misdirected ingenuity could “prove” he “must be”, & that Wells was “really” a Christian; but nobody with an ounce of sense, & an ability to appreciate literature, would believe that for a second. I get really fed-up when other Christians show their inability to read by coming up with such anti-literary nonsense. Tolkien was a Catholic & a philologist, who was also a very gifted story-teller. And that is that. Not an allegorist – he made explicit his dislike of allegory, in the Preface to “The Lord of the Rings”.

  3. Is PJ even an atheist? Or is that just more right-wing radical nonsense? I thought he refused to give his beliefs to the public…

  4. In the Dune books, I thought the first one was the best by far. It left you hanging at the end, and it was obvious Herbert had a sequel in mind, but none of the follow on books measured up to the first and as they multiplied, so did the silliness of the plots and weakness of the writing.

    One science fiction book that has stayed with me over the years was Macroscope by Piers Anthony. I read it twice and can still remember passages from it after more than forty years. I see that it is still in print and can be obtained from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

  5. Frankly said, “Gene, my wife insisted I read Dune years ago. Despite being a big SF reader (while she is not) I did not like the book, don’t remember why at the moment but I never read any of the follow ons.”

    If you should ever decide to give them a second shot? I’d suggest only the first three of Herbert’s works in the series, Dune, Dune Messiah and Children of Dune. After that I thought they got a little silly, although I’ve spoken to others who have read some of the books written by his son, Brian, and Kevin J. Anderson and thought highly of them.

  6. Martin,
    I have no problem with the stories, I have a problem with the over reaction of the religious right to legitimate literature and movies. This is one time where I have agreed with the Catholic Church in its review of the story.

  7. rafflaw you say-
    I am not a fan of Hobbit, but I am tired of crazy right wing religious wackos invading my personal space.

    These “protect your kids from [fill in the blank]” comments seem to me to be well within the accepted principle of free discussion of ideas.

  8. Aren’t we all to be afraid of what other people think?….Thats the moral of this story….if you read it you will certainly be entered into the books for all to know the error of your reading…

  9. Gene, my wife insisted I read Dune years ago. Despite being a big SF reader (while she is not) I did not like the book, don’t remember why at the moment but I never read any of the follow ons.

    That said, in a just and kind world, Lynches versions would disappear. He did try to get a lot of visual appeal & did a good job overall (although the merry-go-round ‘o death made the audience laugh out loud). The made for TV version was much better. But then again they had more hours & the book is too rich to compact into 108 minutes run time. I think with works like this you have to think in terms of multiple movies but not sure Hollywood is that daring or fans that tolerant.

    1. As far as “Dune” goes I liked, not loved the book. It certainly had its moments. The Lynch movie was a travesty and I was’t interested in the TV series. I have avidly read SF for almost 60 years and Dune doesn’t make it into my top 50 list, I would guess. I don’t do lists. My problems as a fiction reader and as a movie goer is I read and watch movies viscerally. If a book or movie stirs my feelings, then it is hard for me to analyse it critically.

  10. Surely we can expect a consistent stance from these people – they will reject ALL goods & services that are in any way derived from the work of atheists, including any atheist-tainted science & technology.

    1. Only if it brings pleasure to others CB.

      Or if they don’t need it. I’m pretty sure that if they actually were to boycot all goods and services that are the product of “Atheist Labor” somewhere along the line; they would be naked; starving; in the streets; with nothing to drink……………..and no churches either.

      Chances are; if the church was built by a private contractor; someone who worked on the building was an “Atheist Worker” and therfore the building is tainted. Right?

      What about Agnostics? Do they count as well? I mean they aren’t sure if they believe in God or not. So today they might be leaning toward a god; but then tomorrow they might be inclined otherwise.

      What should we do about that? Force them to committ?

      “Look ‘ere sir, your just going to have to pick a side so’es we know if to eat your produce or not.”

      “Well.. Um….well you see I’ve been ‘avin a right bitch of time with this one for a bit now.” “God or no God eh?”

      “How long have you been pondering this question?”

      “I’d say nigh on forty seven years I s’pose” “I used to think there wern’t no God; then one day right about two years ago; I was walking by the creek and I thought i saw God runnin’ off to the wood wif’ the Lilly White soul of a dead infant in his arms” “Turned out it was old Davey McCoy makin’ off with a farmers ewe to have his way with her.” ” So now I’m really confused.”

      “Why is that?”

      “Weeeell; I never thought God would turn out to be Davey McCoy; did I?”

  11. Tolkien wrote his books after serving in the trenches during World War I. It was his way of dealing with the horror he saw, suffered, and inflicted on others.

  12. I am glad that this group has alerted the world to this problem. There is a large group of school age kids who live in our little community and they have an interest in the subject. We decided that the movie would be a perfect topic for the kids and they and their parents are all attending when a comes to a theatre or we can get it on dvd. Thanks for posting the warning. God works in strange ways. Or dog does if you are dyslexic.

    1. Pietro,
      i am not familiar with your views. Was that Thanks for warning me about the Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wackos or Thanks to the Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wackos for warning about the Godless movie? Just asking.

  13. Gene,
    “If you want others to respect your beliefs? You should really learn to respect others beliefs as well.”

    The problem as I am sure you are aware; but i will state for the record is:

    These Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wackos don’t want our respect. They want our obedience and have no problem inflicting any kind of abuse to get it; verbal, physical, emotional (as in the case of young pregnant mothers seeking abortions) or even sexual as in some cases of Molestation sanctioned and perpetrated by Fundamentallist Preachers. (no case law to support this; just my memory)

    As a person who does believe in God and has read the Bible although certainly no connection with any of these Supposedly Christain Religions.

    Jesus would have turned away from these sleezebags as quickly as he did the false religious leaders of his time.

    Jesus never tried to coerce, force, deceive, or tortue anyone into believing in him. He spoke; he taught and he accepted people as they were unless they chose of their own free will to change their lives.

    So any of you Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wackos who want to come on and debate what you know little to nothing of; feel free.

    Your ridiculous mis-statements and outlandish interpretations of the Bible are even easier to disprove than the ludicrous political statements you make.

    You are a shame and a stain on the name of Jesus.

    You are the reason I have never claimed to be a christian here or elsewhere online. I am disgusted that anyone should think that I am you.

    I’m sure Jesus would say the same thing if he were here.

    By forcing your ideas of what is right and wrong; allowed and not allowed; godly and ungodly on others; you provide ironclad evidence that you are in no way a follower of Jesus.

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