“Satan’s Little Helper”? Christian Group Calls For Boycott Of Movie “Hobbit”

Christians For A Moral America really do not want you to see the Hobbit. It appears that really bad things come in really small packages. Producer Sir Peter Jackson is a self-proclaimed atheist. It would appear that he would have been better off proclaiming that he was an orc.

Here is the statement from the organization:

Invading your local cinema next winter is a new work of evil The Hobbit. The Hobbit follows on from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and seemingly has brought everyone back to “Middle Earth” from the dead. Peter Jackson has once again stepped up as Satan’s Little Helper to direct the two-part film and is once again using witchcraft and wizardry to peddle the film, even though the books had strong Christian undertones (good vs evil; Christians vs Atheists) but Jackson being the self-proclaimed Atheist he is obviously doesn’t want to present this movie in the way it was meant by Tolkien. Let’s vote with our wallets and send a big message to Hollywood and Jackson; Christians will NOT tolerate this blatant Anti-Christian bigotry and Atheist propaganda. Our children’s minds are filled with enough poison these days from the media without us as parents actively doing the same while filling liberal fat cats’ coffers.

The group appears as focused on Jackson being an atheist as the screenplay itself — not to mention “liberal fat cats.” (It turns out that conservative fat cats are acceptable in the eyes of God).

The prejudice against atheists is growing with leaders in both the United States and abroad joining a crusade against those who refuse to embrace a God — any God.

It seems that every religious groups is rushing to warn that the Hobbit is either faith-friendly or faith-threatening. The Catholic writers have found that film to be not only faithful but Catholic in its message — tying its messages directly to Biblical accounts. Others have identified Gandalf as the ultimate Christ figure.

Then, of course, it could be just a really cool movie.

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  1. I love the books but hated the ‘Rings’ movies so I was shy about seeing ‘Hobbit’. After reading this I may go see it more than once. I am tired of small-minded fools insisting we live in a medieval world where succubus steal our vital essence and witches and warlocks invite satan into our soul. Sticking a thumb in their eye makes the $8 investment worth it even if the movie defiles the book.

  2. “When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called Religion.”—Robert M. Pirsig

  3. What about “Sauron’s Little Helper”?

    Some bad guys get no respect.



    I know a bit about screenwriting versus novels. I’m interested in how you think the “Rings” movies defiled the books. Considering the limitations of screenwriting, I thought they did a pretty good job (a couple of small quibbles aside).

  4. I am not a fan of Hobbit, but I am tired of crazy right wing religious wackos invading my personal space. If you don’t like the movie, don’t go to it. I guess Jesus wouldn’t want humans to be creative. Of course, if you read the Bible, there is a lot of fanciful creativity within its pages.

  5. Yeah I don’t see how you could possibly expect more out of the Rings movies than what we got. They did nearly the best possible job.

  6. One tenet of the religion of the Orcs was quite popular it seems.

    Uruk and Uruk-hai were reserved for the Uruks themselves, a special breed or breeds of Orc; they called smaller, weaker Orcs snaga, “slave”.

    They practiced slavery. That was a popular doctrine in southern churchianity circles. And still is in some places in the southern whims.

  7. What I find ironic about the whole hullabaloo is that both the pro-Tolkien and anti-Tolkien Christians omit from their thinking that Tolkien – while a Christian himself – was very purposefully creating modern mythology.

    “We have come from God, and inevitably the myths woven by us, though they contain error, will also reflect a splintered fragment of the true light, the eternal truth that is with God. Indeed only by myth-making, only by becoming ‘sub-creator’ and inventing stories, can Man aspire to the state of perfection that he knew before the Fall. Our myths may be misguided, but they steer however shakily towards the true harbour, while materialistic ‘progress’ leads only to a yawning abyss and the Iron Crown of the power of evil.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

  8. Raff, who’s invading your space? I suppose your opinion is invading their space, no? If you don’t agree with their stance I’m with you. But name-calling across the great distances of the internet doesn’t do us any good. Then you infer that the bible is fanciful – like “The Hobbit”. Well you know … it’s a story, OK? One theme is about diverse groups joining together in a common cause to overcome overwhelming odds. Sound familiar?

    Suggested point: Other people have opinions based on their life’s experiences, valid to you or not. Listen to them, balance their claims vs yours, adjust your thoughts if warranted … or don’t.

    The End

  9. Geeba,
    My opinion of the Bible is just that, an opinion. However, I have the right to express it just like you have the right to express yours. I listen to opinions of all kinds and respond with my opinion. Which I did and for some reason, you couldn’t handle someone expressing an opinion that you don’t like.
    The Beginning

  10. “The prejudice against atheists is growing with leaders in both the United States and abroad”

    Are you friggin’ kidding me???? Atheists for who knows how long have been sucessful in thwarting the justice system and perverting laws to reflect their own warped opinions about religion and have been taking down crosses, making school systems afraid of putting the word “CHRISTMAS” on December 25 on their calendars, changed “Christmas break” to “winter holiday” or “seasonal holiday” vacations, etc… Even though Christmas (Dec. 25) is a FEDERAL HOLIDAY, the nutjob atheists have been able to scare everybody away from even refering to Dec. 25 as Christmas.

    And the atheists are experiencing growing prejudice??? Give me a friggin’ break. I have to call BS here. If anything, more and more people are starting to get fed up with the way atheists are pushing their Godless extremely dogmatic anti-God anti-common sense useless religion of atheism on everyone.

    Eventually people get tired of this obvious prejudice against Christianity. But to say the poor atheists are really having it bad right now is just a bunch of BS. No question.

  11. [“When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called Religion.”—Robert M. Pirsig]

    I find it so ironic, that atheists, who supposedly believe that God doesn’t exist, spend so much time and hot air debating about something they supposedly don’t believe in. And they do it over and over and over.

    The rabid nutjob dogmatic atheism religion is the poster child for delusion, insanity, and nonsense.

    When an atheist criticizes religion, he/she unwittingly saws off the branch they’re perched upon.

  12. GH: thanks for the Tolkien quote; it now has its own little folder on the Desktop. Might I add another —

    “Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”
    ― G.K. Chesterton

  13. “The Hobbit follows on from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and seemingly has brought everyone back to “Middle Earth” from the dead.”
    The events in ‘The Hobbit’ occur many years before ‘The Lord of the Rings’.
    You think wingnuts would get their facts straight. Oh wait…

  14. RE prejudices against atheists

    Thank you Mr. Collier for proving the assertion with such delicious satire. Such genius; by chance any kin to Don Knox, of Barney Fife fame — a comedic genius in his own right?

    If by you are the slightest bit serious in your charges, then I find that there are many reasons Christians should give thanks for atheists — keeping the state out of the church is but one.

    May God bless the Atheist — oh wait, God already has. Well, may the Christian follow his God’s example.

  15. “Invading your local cinema next winter is a new work of evil The Hobbit. The Hobbit follows on from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and seemingly has brought everyone back to “Middle Earth” from the dead.”

    You would think that they could get their facts straight. The Hobbit takes place prior to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and so of course many are alive.
    I’ve read the whole cycle from The Hobbity to the Sylmarians and loved it.
    I’ve seen all of the movies and consider them to be the best translations from book to screen, except for Godfather I & II. Stuff of course had to be cut out or one would have had to have a twenty four hour running time for the trilogy alone.

  16. this is rather interesting, as a high school and college student I remember the Tolkien series being read by Christians and looked at as metaphors for Christianity. In the same way the C. S. Lewis stories are, my how times have changed. Apparently evangleical Christians are “heading” to the dark ages.

    I guess in many respects they are already there. Where are Thomas Aquinas and Brother Peter when you need them.

  17. Gene – I am sympathetic to the problems of getting 3 novels onto the screen & understand why the movies did a disservice to the books (defile was a bit harsh). If I only saw the movies I would think the books were one extended combat scene. I know I couldn’t have done better (unless I could have double the screen time) but I found it irritating.

  18. Frankly,

    Understood and I’ll gladly accept disservice over defile. It’s too bad there are inherent limitations to storytelling in the cinematic form. It keeps many great books from being made into anything other than simply passable or even bad film – the more epic in scale, the more likely this outcome. This is the one of the reasons I find novels still to be the best mechanism for storytelling. But if one compares say the film versions of LOTR and the film versions of “Dune” (an equally epic story and setting), I think the disservice to LOTR is fairly small by comparison. While there are several things I love about David Lynch’s attempt to make “Dune” into a film (the design work – the sets are exceptionally gorgeous, much of the casting), I think it does a far greater disservice to the source material’s story. He sacrificed a great deal of the political subtext in favor of the theological aspects of the story. Even the longer form TV mini-series wasn’t able to fit all of nuance of “Dune” onto the screen – ironically doing the exact opposite of what Lynch did in re focus. That being said, it is possible to write a screenplay from a novel that while capitulating to the restrictions in format still manage to convey the same essential story. All of the examples I can think of, however, are much smaller novels in scope and scale. Like “Fight Club”. Brilliant novel, brilliant film, essentially the same storywise.

  19. Geeba Geeba,
    I don’t think that Raff’s calling a Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wacko a Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wacko is just name calling. Stating his impressions of a person who believes everyone should live by their rules whether they agree or not; in language that is clear and concise; is not just name calling. I believe it would qualify as a full blown statement of Indignation and Repulsion; would it not?

    The idea was for America to be free country. Free doesn’t just mean free from Englands tyrany in 1776. It means free from anyone’s tyrany. Even that of Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wackos.

    Now as to the accusaion of insanity. Are they crazy? Well anyone who tells me that the Spirit of God enters their body and makes them speak in tounges, roll around the floor, prophesy, or cast out sickness; is not crazy. They are possessed. But not by God. Not his style since way back in the days of the Apostles. The Bible even says that such things would stop. It’s in black and white. You could find it yourself if you bothered to read the Bible instead of taking the word of a Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wacko as to it’s meaning and intent. In fact I find it rather insulting that anyone would expect me or ask me to do that.

    I would also reccomend That anyone who believes in or practices such spiritual interactions; take a long hard look at the ceremonies and rituals practiced by the Voodoo community of the deep south and Carribean Islands. When you can tell me that those people are acting in union with the spirit of God (my God anyway); then I will consider discussing this subject again.

    I am a reasonable, intelligent person. I read. So; I am able to understand much more of the Bible than a Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wacko who makes up his own “Truth” using the Bible as a loose refence for story structure ; in order to create a religious frenzy and power play. I have read the Bible, and that’s how I know these Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wackos are full of Shit and that none of the Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wacko crap that these people are pushing has even a modicum of common sense to it or truth; mush less does it respect the rights of the American people to watch, hear, support, believe, and say any Damned thing they want to whether it makes us the target of Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wackos or not.

    The idea that any group; religious or not has a right to inflict their repressive, didactic religion on the rest of America is Unconstitutitonal at best.

    It is; at worst; one of the most dangerous threats to our freedom as a people.

    It comes when people; like these Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wackos you so energetically defend begin to treat their Religion as Government and their Government as a Religion.


    Just as an aside to this; I loved the books and the movies. I thought the movies were near perfect in their recretion of the books; as close as one can and still produce a film and not a reading of the book. I have seen many movies where the story and characters were so butchered that it hardly resembled the book so Hats Off to Sir Peter Jackson for his latest offering; “The Hobbitt”; which BTW the Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wackos incorrectly identified as a Sequel to the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy in which all the old dead characters miraculously come back to life.

    In fact “The Hobbitt ” is a Prequel and the story takes place years before the beginning of the quest to destroy the ring in the trilogy. Only three of the charaters in “The Hobbitt” are also in the trilogy and none of them die until the end of the trilogy; as I say; many years after the story of “The Hobbitt” ends when one of them; falls into the”Cracks of Doom” which are huge fissures surrounding a Volcano. Anyway; no death. No characters miraculously coming to life.

    The only character in the entire story including all four books; who seemingly comes back from the dead is the Wiazrd Gandalf. He falls into a similar fissue while fighting an impressively powerful creature. The book however never says that he died. Only that everyone assumed so. The book tells the story of his falling and defeating the creature and then being transformed from Gandalf the Gray; to Gandalf the White thus officially being given the title and authority of the Wizard who betrayed them and went over to serving the Dark Lord, Sauron. His name was Saruman the White. It never says who makes that descision only that it is made. My impression was always that there was somewhere a Council of Wizards or some other governing body directing the work of the wizards to defeat the Dark Lord in his bid for dominion of MiddleEarth. This is well into the trilogy however so does not apply to “The Hobbitt” at all.

    I’m not surprized that this group made such an elementary error. I’m sure that none of them bothered to view the film before forming a judgement about it; which is not to say that they would like it any better if they did view it but it seems to me that if you are going to broadcast a vitriol filled, full damnation of something; you might what to know what the hell it is your damning Huh?

    Or maybe they could take the “American Way”. Quietly pass the lies about the movie as well as their opinion to their parishoners and members and allow everyone else to see the movie without having to listen to the uneducated ranting of men who are equivilent in attitutde and temperment to the Orthodox Islamic Mullahs and Talliban Extremists they condemn everyday. Or do they?

  20. Sorry. Scratch this:
    The idea that any group; religious or not has a right to inflict their repressive, didactic religion on the rest of America is Unconstitutitonal at best.

    Insert this:
    The idea that any group; religious or not should try to inflict their repressive, didactic religion on the rest of America is Un-Constitutional at best.

    Also; Sorry if I seem rude. It’s a gift.

  21. If I may pose a question, how does this infringe on anyone’s right to see this movie and impose this group’s morals on you?

    “Let’s vote with our wallets and send a big message to Hollywood and Jackson; Christians will NOT tolerate this blatant Anti-Christian bigotry and Atheist propaganda.”

    It seems they are making a suggestion to those who are like-minded rather than affecting your rights or decision to see this movie.

  22. So, the real problem here seems to be a copyright dispute. Even though Jackson is not really bringing back people from the dead, this mistakenly appears to be the crux of the issue. Jesus has the registered trademark on rising from the dead. He purchased it off Lazarus with some money he got tossing the money changers. If Congress would just pass SOPA this kind of thing would never have happened in the first place (except on an alternate earth in the distant future).

  23. lol @ Catullus


    lol @ ladyruth54 – but for entirely different reasons.

    You, as “Christians” won’t tolerate others? You won’t tolerate “anti-Christian bigotry and Atheist propaganda” that was written by a Christian? That’s not only not very Christ-like – He was big on tolerance – but it’s ignorant and stupid as well. Have you ever read Tolkien? There isn’t a single thing in any of the books that is either anti-Christian or pro-Atheist. They are carefully constructed mythologies that represent heroic archetypes found in all of Western literature. Tales told for entertainment to illustrate that it is the heroic and good in the nature of men that triumphs over evil. Nothing more, nothing less. In that respect, it’s a message Jesus would approve of – seeking the nature of good (or God if you will) within yourself as a way to combat the evil in the world. Jackson being an atheist is irrelevant to the source material which was indeed written by a Christian and is in itself neutral on the issue of Christianity. I see some bigotry here, but it’s not on behalf of “atheists” or those who simply wish you’d learn to keep your religion to yourself.

    If you want others to respect your beliefs? You should really learn to respect others beliefs as well. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” – That was the entire point of the Parable of the Good Samaritan and it’s a reciprocal ethical duty. For example, I disagree with those who worship Jesus as God, but I have no issue with those that do . . . until they try to force me to believe as they do. Call it proselytizing if you will, but it’s simply coercion meant to override free will, free will which by your own Bible is a gift from God. No one is forcing you to be an atheist. No one is forcing you to see a movie. Those are choices everyone is free to make on their own; an expression of their free will. However, you sure are interested in propagandizing yourself. Promoting the idea that others shouldn’t see a movie that you disapprove of (without understanding the material properly I might add) and seemingly based on your bigotry against atheists. A bigotry which I suspect extends to any who don’t believe as you do.

    Not very tolerant of you.

  24. Jill,

    Thousands of zombies would disagree with your snark about who has the rights on returning from the dead.😀 Just as George Romero. Also arguably the Greeks have a prior claim of art with Prometheus. As you can’t live without your liver and Zeus punished him for giving fire to the mortals by having him bound to a rock while a great eagle ate his liver every day only to have it grow back to be eaten again the next day? One could say he had dibs on the whole rising from the dead thing. Over and over again.

  25. The “Hobbitt” was required reading in fifth grade at the catholic prep school my son attended. Not a fan my self. Tolkein was a devout catholic.

  26. Gene,

    You are correct. This claim does stretch back further in time but right before Jesus copt it, Lazarus was the holder of the papyruswork!

  27. BTW,

    Keep your mouth shut about what I’m about to tell you. Even Dan Brown never wrote of this before. George Romero is the true Priory of Sion. It is how he legally obtained the rights to dead raising and brain eating. This is why any legal claims against him by Christians have been suppressed.

  28. Gene,
    “If you want others to respect your beliefs? You should really learn to respect others beliefs as well.”

    The problem as I am sure you are aware; but i will state for the record is:

    These Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wackos don’t want our respect. They want our obedience and have no problem inflicting any kind of abuse to get it; verbal, physical, emotional (as in the case of young pregnant mothers seeking abortions) or even sexual as in some cases of Molestation sanctioned and perpetrated by Fundamentallist Preachers. (no case law to support this; just my memory)

    As a person who does believe in God and has read the Bible although certainly no connection with any of these Supposedly Christain Religions.

    Jesus would have turned away from these sleezebags as quickly as he did the false religious leaders of his time.

    Jesus never tried to coerce, force, deceive, or tortue anyone into believing in him. He spoke; he taught and he accepted people as they were unless they chose of their own free will to change their lives.

    So any of you Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wackos who want to come on and debate what you know little to nothing of; feel free.

    Your ridiculous mis-statements and outlandish interpretations of the Bible are even easier to disprove than the ludicrous political statements you make.

    You are a shame and a stain on the name of Jesus.

    You are the reason I have never claimed to be a christian here or elsewhere online. I am disgusted that anyone should think that I am you.

    I’m sure Jesus would say the same thing if he were here.

    By forcing your ideas of what is right and wrong; allowed and not allowed; godly and ungodly on others; you provide ironclad evidence that you are in no way a follower of Jesus.

  29. I am glad that this group has alerted the world to this problem. There is a large group of school age kids who live in our little community and they have an interest in the subject. We decided that the movie would be a perfect topic for the kids and they and their parents are all attending when a comes to a theatre or we can get it on dvd. Thanks for posting the warning. God works in strange ways. Or dog does if you are dyslexic.

  30. Tolkien wrote his books after serving in the trenches during World War I. It was his way of dealing with the horror he saw, suffered, and inflicted on others.

  31. Pietro,
    i am not familiar with your views. Was that Thanks for warning me about the Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wackos or Thanks to the Crazy,Right-Wing Religious Wackos for warning about the Godless movie? Just asking.

  32. Surely we can expect a consistent stance from these people – they will reject ALL goods & services that are in any way derived from the work of atheists, including any atheist-tainted science & technology.

  33. Gene, my wife insisted I read Dune years ago. Despite being a big SF reader (while she is not) I did not like the book, don’t remember why at the moment but I never read any of the follow ons.

    That said, in a just and kind world, Lynches versions would disappear. He did try to get a lot of visual appeal & did a good job overall (although the merry-go-round ‘o death made the audience laugh out loud). The made for TV version was much better. But then again they had more hours & the book is too rich to compact into 108 minutes run time. I think with works like this you have to think in terms of multiple movies but not sure Hollywood is that daring or fans that tolerant.

  34. As far as “Dune” goes I liked, not loved the book. It certainly had its moments. The Lynch movie was a travesty and I was’t interested in the TV series. I have avidly read SF for almost 60 years and Dune doesn’t make it into my top 50 list, I would guess. I don’t do lists. My problems as a fiction reader and as a movie goer is I read and watch movies viscerally. If a book or movie stirs my feelings, then it is hard for me to analyse it critically.

  35. Aren’t we all to be afraid of what other people think?….Thats the moral of this story….if you read it you will certainly be entered into the books for all to know the error of your reading…

  36. Only if it brings pleasure to others CB.

    Or if they don’t need it. I’m pretty sure that if they actually were to boycot all goods and services that are the product of “Atheist Labor” somewhere along the line; they would be naked; starving; in the streets; with nothing to drink……………..and no churches either.

    Chances are; if the church was built by a private contractor; someone who worked on the building was an “Atheist Worker” and therfore the building is tainted. Right?

    What about Agnostics? Do they count as well? I mean they aren’t sure if they believe in God or not. So today they might be leaning toward a god; but then tomorrow they might be inclined otherwise.

    What should we do about that? Force them to committ?

    “Look ‘ere sir, your just going to have to pick a side so’es we know if to eat your produce or not.”

    “Well.. Um….well you see I’ve been ‘avin a right bitch of time with this one for a bit now.” “God or no God eh?”

    “How long have you been pondering this question?”

    “I’d say nigh on forty seven years I s’pose” “I used to think there wern’t no God; then one day right about two years ago; I was walking by the creek and I thought i saw God runnin’ off to the wood wif’ the Lilly White soul of a dead infant in his arms” “Turned out it was old Davey McCoy makin’ off with a farmers ewe to have his way with her.” ” So now I’m really confused.”

    “Why is that?”

    “Weeeell; I never thought God would turn out to be Davey McCoy; did I?”

  37. rafflaw you say-
    I am not a fan of Hobbit, but I am tired of crazy right wing religious wackos invading my personal space.

    These “protect your kids from [fill in the blank]” comments seem to me to be well within the accepted principle of free discussion of ideas.

  38. Martin,
    I have no problem with the stories, I have a problem with the over reaction of the religious right to legitimate literature and movies. This is one time where I have agreed with the Catholic Church in its review of the story.

  39. Frankly said, “Gene, my wife insisted I read Dune years ago. Despite being a big SF reader (while she is not) I did not like the book, don’t remember why at the moment but I never read any of the follow ons.”

    If you should ever decide to give them a second shot? I’d suggest only the first three of Herbert’s works in the series, Dune, Dune Messiah and Children of Dune. After that I thought they got a little silly, although I’ve spoken to others who have read some of the books written by his son, Brian, and Kevin J. Anderson and thought highly of them.

  40. In the Dune books, I thought the first one was the best by far. It left you hanging at the end, and it was obvious Herbert had a sequel in mind, but none of the follow on books measured up to the first and as they multiplied, so did the silliness of the plots and weakness of the writing.

    One science fiction book that has stayed with me over the years was Macroscope by Piers Anthony. I read it twice and can still remember passages from it after more than forty years. I see that it is still in print and can be obtained from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

  41. Is PJ even an atheist? Or is that just more right-wing radical nonsense? I thought he refused to give his beliefs to the public…

  42. “The Catholic writers have found that film to be not only faithful but Catholic in its message”

    ## Eek😦 I wish Christians would stop this idiocy; their inability to read as what it is – a damn good story, told by an author with a great talent for telling such stories – ruins it, bu turning it into Catholic propaganda. One of the reasons that so much Christian story-telling is of no literary value whatever, is that people are too concerned with the propaganda message to give proper attention to the story. If I want Catholicism, I have the Catechism for that – I don’t need not-so-subtle-propagandising that pretends to be a story.

    Is the Traveller in the “Time Machine” a “Christ-figure” ? Why not ? A little misdirected ingenuity could “prove” he “must be”, & that Wells was “really” a Christian; but nobody with an ounce of sense, & an ability to appreciate literature, would believe that for a second. I get really fed-up when other Christians show their inability to read by coming up with such anti-literary nonsense. Tolkien was a Catholic & a philologist, who was also a very gifted story-teller. And that is that. Not an allegorist – he made explicit his dislike of allegory, in the Preface to “The Lord of the Rings”.

  43. “The only character in the entire story including all four books; who seemingly comes back from the dead is the Wiazrd Gandalf.”

    ## Glorfindel may be another, if he is the Glorfindel who killed, & was killed by, a Balrog during the retreat after the fall of Gondolin during the First Age (see the Silmarillion for the details).

  44. As a Christian myself, I enjoyed the LoTR movies very much, and when they came out in the movie theaters, I held them each as some of the best films I’f ever had the pleasure of watching.

    As a Christian myself, I believe the entire stance against sorcery and witchcraft are not Biblical and completely made up. The English translation of the Bible has had quite a few mishaps since the 1600s and I believe the word sorcery is one of them. The translation of the word sorcery in the Bible comes from the Greek word “farmakeia” or the more modern spelling “pharmakeia.” This word did not mean spellcaster in ancient Greece, but rather referred to the more familiar term of “witchdoctor” or “shaman”. Various drugs and/or hallucinogens were often administered by shaman to put someone into a trance, through which strange and unexplanable experiences could be had.

    To make a long story short, as a Christian, the only reason see to avoid watching the Peter Jackson directed Hobbit movie is if you really just don’t like Hobbits.

    BTW, King Kong was a horrible movie, and most of it had to do with the atrocious casting effort, or lack thereof. Jack Black is a hilarious comedian…and Adrian Brody a great drama actor….neither of which were actually cast in this movie to use these talents whatsoever. I hope the Hobbit follows in the footsteps of the LoTR movies and not King Kong.

  45. 27 animals were basically killed with cruelty for entertainment including patronizing the skinned alive animals with fur. The Hobbit is TRASHY FILTH!

  46. So many above boldly share its just a movie? Tragically, look at the rising number of teenagers in America that are demon possessed because of their fascination with porn? You haven’t seen anything yet as the number of serial killers spreads through our cities.

  47. as an ordained christian minister, let me say that it isn’t movies one watches or music one listens to that condemns the soul.it’s the unacceptance of christ in one’s life..salvation is unconditional,hobbit or no hobbit!!you moronic legalists that claim that the media is to account for the world’s woes ,are all uneducated biblically..here’s your story:you accept christ and toss all your R stuff in the trash forever and stop listening to aersosmith and your saved//.that kind of christian makes me want to puke as they’re misconstruing the entire basis of salvationand what god REALLY expects/I’ve never felt convicted regarding the movies i watch ‘nor the music i listen to so i watch things i’m sure that would make legalistic christians cringe.i watch horror movies and i listen to music like aerosmith and evanescence…most churched christians today believe in works as the key to seeing god’s face…do that and don’t do that..the don’t do that is just as much works as the opposite..ie,church christians today really believe one has to to be living with one’s a nose in the bible 24/7 to eventually see heaven.i watch horror movies,i listen to green day but i also have my study,my prayer and my meditation in the lord time as well as a 24/7 conciousness of his presence and spirit..but uh oh.what you’d be focusing on is that i watch american idol..or the following..etc…uh oh..my bad/get my drift you legalistic pharisees??you put trivial requirements that aren’t even god’s requirements on the shoulders of people and you chase them away from the cross with your bantering about the media causing the damnation of everyone’s souls..really? in gods day there was no tv or radio..and i’m curious..what good did bashing elvis and the beatles jim morrison and now lady gaga do to further the christ mission..NOTHING.the media is NOT the cause of sin,it’s the product.what’s seen and heard on tv is only there because society desires it.not the other way around.society is the cause ,media is the product .stop focusing on tv movies and hollywood and focus instead on instructing other believers,especially new converts, how to pray and how to listen to god’s voice and how to hear it..but no..you’d rather be bashing people because they aren’t christians/i don’t expect hollywood to get saved anytime soon and you know betetr as well..oh well..go ahead and make your kids listen to what you lisetn to,pick their friends ,etc cause that’s what you do.i think it’s sinfulo to ban a preteen or teen from being a normal child of their peers and to toss their rap music or pop stuff in the trash telling them (quote)”cause that’s what jesus would do” /and unfortunately this is what many church people..religious people,not christians..do to their kids.if you’re going to go after the hobbit at least have the decency to admit you do so in the name of religion and not christ/obedience means listening to his voice,his convictions..the holy spirit/,not the red letters in a book.but i don’t believe most christians understand that clearly///i’m on the side of the unbelievers here as the only christians i see posting are self righteous ,arrogant religious legalists.i can’t call you ‘fools cause..well..you know..(look it up).

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