Human Sacrifice in India Claims Seven-Year-Old Victim

India is facing yet another case of human sacrifice. Lalita Tati, 7, became the latest victim of tribal sacrifice — murdered in order to offer up her liver to the gods to improve crop growth.

The sacrifice occurred in the state of Chhattisgarh. Two men were arrested in the crime.

Occasionally victims are found at temples in India after being sacrificed by witchdoctors.

Such a crime is truly incomprehensible for most of us. What is particularly astonishing is not just the religious faith in human sacrifice, but the purpose: better crops. These killers not only decided to kill a child but do it to increase crop yield. The sheer depravity of the act is breathtaking.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. Hinduism is nothing but barbarianism. There is no good or evil in that religion. Good, bad, killing, fornication, sexuality even with once own mother….whatever it may be if it performed for god or goddess is an act of worship in Hindu religion. Some sadhus known as Aghoras who perform human sacrifice, eat human flesh and have sex with dead people. What a disgusting belief.

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