Just Say No To Idolatry: Hamas Shuts Down Program As “Indecent” Under Islamic Law

Those crazy guys in Hamas are at it again. After banning women from riding motorcycles and men working as hairdressers and other “immodest acts,” Hamas has shutdown the Palestinian version of “American Idol” as “indecent” under Islamic laws and values. However, it appears kid shows featuring dismemberment and camps for kids to learn kidnapping are perfectly decent.

The program New Star was informed of the decision this week and barred from holding the competition. One of the complaints is that women appeared in sleeveless dresses. That’s right, sleeveless.

It does appear however that there was a Biblical Idol show that was also a problem back in the day. After all Abraham busted up idols and asked “why worship idols?”

However, “Hamas permits male barbershop style singing groups that do not use musical instruments and sing of the glory of Islam and to fighting Israel.” The image of a barbershop quartet singing about destroying Israel is a bit hard to imagine. Of course, those signing barbers are subject to arrest if they cut female hair.

However, the dark side of barbershop quartets has been seen in this country. Indeed, this act might play well at the Hamas political convention:

Source: Washington Post

14 thoughts on “Just Say No To Idolatry: Hamas Shuts Down Program As “Indecent” Under Islamic Law”

  1. Wow a comment against Palestinians. Dr Al-Arian of the immaculate stone throwing will have your ass for this. Make sure he stays in that house!!

  2. pete,

    I miss the days of scripted television, like “The Flying Mullah” and “Have Fatwa, Will Travel”.

  3. no more “palistinian idol”

    guess they’ll have to make do with “palistine’s got talent” and “dancing with the whores”

  4. ┌∩┐(◣◢)┌∩┐

    Women, the eternal temptresses, demonized, etc.
    Don’t know of a culture which doesn’t picture them so. Name one!
    It’s only nature at work.

    As for the barbershop boys, they were so bad I stopped after 30 seconds.
    How about “Hava nagila” with “slice the mullah” lyrics. Anybody got that?

  5. When feminists attack everything as being misogynistic, I have trained myself to ignore them. Same with most forms of that sort of crap.

    But I really found that Barbershop Quartet video obnoxious and think it’s final scene should be of the four dumbasses on the ground with Officer Pepper Spray going orange.

    I do note the similarity between Hamas and the Utah School District, however.

    Anyway, here’s a sad little video in response.

  6. Some like Humus I don’t. Nor as well put as Frankly, American Idiot. Good choice of words.

  7. The supreme Court held in No. 84-5271 WHITE HOUSE VIGIL v Clark that 1. “aesthetics are a proper focus of governmental regulation” and
    2. The government’s interest in preserving … a legitimate aesthetic goal is not outweighed by the insubstantial infringement on the …. ability to engage in expressive activities.

    If the mullahs do not like the look of sleeveless dresses, what can we say except stare decisis? The rule of law must be preserved.

  8. What do you expect from Hamas? I don’t think that the Hamas officials will be too successful in the long run with this repression. Once the people have experienced Hamas Idol, there is no going back! On a lighter note, the evil barbershop quartet video was wonderful .

  9. OK, on this one I’m with them. American Idiot is indecent. Maybe not in the way they mean it but it is not a decent program.

    Now the image of 4 guys in white shirts, red vests and arm garters with big mustaches and straw boaters singing “Throw the Jew Down the Well” in 4-part harmony makes me laugh more than anything ‘Borat” has done.

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