Utah School District Rejects Cougar As Mascot As “Insensitive To Women”

School officials in Canyons School District Utah appear to be watching too much Sex in the City. The school officials wanted to pick a mascot for the new Corner Canyon High School and pushed the students to accept the ultra-lame “Chargers.” The students balked and instead picked the Cougars, but Principal Mary Bailey and the school district barred the names as “insensitive to women.”

Bailey said the term makes it sound like their mascot is a sexually aggressive middle-aged woman. Of course, a few people might conclude that it is one of the “mountain lions inhabit territory all across Utah.” A search on the Internet shows dozens of schools on every level, including Brigham Young University, with the cougar as their mascot. It is shocking to learn that they are all rooting for Courteney Cox (above).

Of course, even if the students meant the mascot to refer to human cougars, it may make for an apt mascot. They are aggressive, cunning, and have a habitat stretching around the world.

Returning to that other cougar, I fail to see why the entire Puma concolor population should be converted into a dirty word simply because of a slang term. I also fail to see how these officials assume a dirty meaning when they live in an area with cougars. They should reverse this decision before the students propose the former mascot of the Colorado School of Mines . . . the Jackass. It could be viewed as an insensitive reference to local school officials.

Source: CBS

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  1. Since the BYU is the Cougars and that seems to be acceptable, maybe someone should ask the Church if it is okay to approve the High School to have a Cougar for their mascot… many Utah politicians seem to ask the Church for their approval for everything else. 🙂

  2. Every school and military org. that uses the noble bull dog now need to rethink yhe mascot. the bull dogs representing the org. are always male and therefore a son of a bitch . This can be infered as an insult to both sons of bitches and also bitches. You see where i am going with this. In todays society we need to think not only of alternate meanings to any word used but also to alternate associations to any word used….. this means any future coments from me will have to be MMMMM. Oh hell that means that anyone could construe that my comment to any article is SOUP! Frack!

  3. But my life is guided by a desire to get my ears reality between the legs idology.

  4. How many folks waste their time on between the legs ideology is an indicator of the vacancies of between the ears reality.

  5. I find the mascot “Chargers” to be insensitive to people struggling with severe credit card debt. This is a serious issue that should not be made fun of.

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