Utah School District Rejects Cougar As Mascot As “Insensitive To Women”

School officials in Canyons School District Utah appear to be watching too much Sex in the City. The school officials wanted to pick a mascot for the new Corner Canyon High School and pushed the students to accept the ultra-lame “Chargers.” The students balked and instead picked the Cougars, but Principal Mary Bailey and the school district barred the names as “insensitive to women.”

Bailey said the term makes it sound like their mascot is a sexually aggressive middle-aged woman. Of course, a few people might conclude that it is one of the “mountain lions inhabit territory all across Utah.” A search on the Internet shows dozens of schools on every level, including Brigham Young University, with the cougar as their mascot. It is shocking to learn that they are all rooting for Courteney Cox (above).

Of course, even if the students meant the mascot to refer to human cougars, it may make for an apt mascot. They are aggressive, cunning, and have a habitat stretching around the world.

Returning to that other cougar, I fail to see why the entire Puma concolor population should be converted into a dirty word simply because of a slang term. I also fail to see how these officials assume a dirty meaning when they live in an area with cougars. They should reverse this decision before the students propose the former mascot of the Colorado School of Mines . . . the Jackass. It could be viewed as an insensitive reference to local school officials.

Source: CBS

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  1. Not a whole lot worse than a zero tolerance enabled feminist with a badge.

  2. I heard it was because their mascot was a 42 year old ex-stripper with fake double D’s wearing micro daisy dukes. She had one hell of a half time show!!

  3. In the late 70s, my law partner christened his intramural basketball team at the University of Richmond with the moniker, “Off.” When asked by his friend on the school paper about the thought behind the name, he told the cub reporter that the name insured favorable press for the team in the publication still known as, The Collegian. When asked how any team name could guarantee that result, Tom told him: “Imagine any editor writing in the headlines that any other male basketball team ever beat …. ” Well, you know the rest.

  4. Catullus,

    First laugh of the day. Good show.

    I’d also like to point out that anyone in the target audience to be offended by the use of the word “cougar” is not going to be offended by the chance to have their images worn by a bunch of sweaty young athletes getting dirty. Real cougars have a greater chance of being offended. And they should be. Cougars are magnificent scary beasts and as a mascot should strike terror into the hearts of opponents. I’ll have to say that the idea of being tackled by Courtney Cox elicits an entirely different response than fear from me.

  5. As the French soldier berates King Arthur and his minions from the English castle: “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. …. now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.”

    That settles it then — Corner Canyon High School Hamsters!

  6. Any comments about insensitive mascot names should center around how it’s impossible anymore to have any reference to native americans. Especially when you consider a couple of things:

    The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame … depicts and insults combative stereotypes of the Irish and little people, mythical as they may be.

    Saxons – know any teams named that? Bunch of white guys conquering common folk.

    VIkings – really? These are to be an admired bunch? Rape, pillage, plunder anything and everybody that they decided to visit.

    Spartans, Trojans, etc. See Vikings and Saxons above.

    Should the Girl Scouts rid themselves of this moniker – Brownies. Need I explain this one? Please!

    Just emblematic of whiny diverticulites who think their contribution to humanity is to impose their interpretation of righteousness on us.

    As the French soldier berates King Arthur and his minions from the English castle: “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. …. now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.”

  7. “I also got a potshot at a wolf running on open ground.”
    Maybe I’m misinterpreting this line, but who takes a ‘potshot’ at an animal on the run?

    Either way. This reminds me of the time Devil’s Lake didn’t want to be the Blue Devils anymore so they tried to force some lame ‘idea’ name like Spirit or Force, the students proposed Blaze which has become the moniker. Of course, they proposed Blaze because it was a pot smoking reference.

    Most every name has some sort of euphamism or negative connoctation.

    My guess is that this principal either wants to be a cougar and is not, or IS a cougar and is sick of HS boys gawking at her and calling her a cougar. Regardless, its moronic on her part and all she’s done is brought more attention to a slang term she doesn’t like…and likely made it a HUGE joke in her school.

  8. Ever seen a cougar in the wild? Even tracks scared me.
    Not to speak of the giant rattlers everywhere in Arizona.
    The most dangerous however would be a herd of peccaries.
    I also got a potshot at a wolf running on open ground.
    That was your nature lesson.

    Think, they might have chosen “Shy Violets”.. Just to show their sensitivity.

  9. Little sensitive aren’t we, you know the old saying about one’s most unreasonable reactions…..The reflection in the sewer is ones own. And the reaction is laughable in this case.

  10. Perhaps the school district would consider this:

    Corner Canyon High School Fighting Pool Boys

  11. How about the oversensitive Doofs. If “mature sexually active woman” is your first thought when you hear “cougar” maybe you should get help

  12. I think this unprincipled principal has some guilty feelings, or perhaps shame for NOT being in cougary shape, that she’s trying to overcompensate for.

  13. I cannot imagine what this principal is smoking. Maybe he would prefer that the students chose Redskins as their name!

  14. Principal Mary Bailey is actually a guy.
    He changed his name from “Dick” as he felt it was insensitive to everybody.

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