Things That Tick Me Off: Steven Tyler

This week, Steven Tyler — formerly of Aerosmith and presently of American Idol — has made my Things That Tick Me Off list. I watched the two playoff games last night, but the Ravens-Patriots Game began with one of the most painful renditions of the national anthem in the history of mankind by Tyler, who appeared to be offering a rendition (below) of what the song if it was played by strangling a cat. Of course, now that he has made our “Things That Tick Me Off” list I expect his television and singing career will now be over.

Fortunately, Kristin Chenoweth restored the dignity of the nation by singing at the Giants-49ers game. It was hard to tell it was the same song. I am a big fan of Chenoweth from her legendary performances in Wicked. For Broadway musical fans, she is a standout talent and she thrilled the crowd with an awesome performance. I was very sad for the 49ers on the loss (which looked a lot like the loss by the Bears to the Broncos with an disastrous fumble in overtime). It is incredible that people have made death threats against Kyle Williams for his fumble . Bears fans know how disappointing such moments can be but I saw the play and only felt bad for Williams. He was going all out to try to gain yards for his team. However, Chenoweth left millions with a wonderful musical memory that cleared the palate for those of us coming over from the Patriots game.

I have never watched American Idol (a commitment I hope to carry with me to the grave), but I fail to see how Tyler can cast judgment on others when offering such a dismal performance. What I cannot understand is how the organizers would pick Tyler over a Vaudeville one-man-band or twenty trained barking dogs.

You can compare the two below:

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  1. American….What?……

    Never watched it….heard of it….I have to echo messpo’s…comment…..comments….

  2. Those who can do, those who can’t, judge. (just realized the 2 ways that could be taken, I dont mean the posters here, i mean Tyler on Idol show.)

  3. I have not listened to the anthem since waterboarding. When we have perp walks, I will turn up the volume.

  4. What ticks me off is that our national anthem has become something we only listen to. I think that the best performances I ever witnessed were at my elementary school. There, if an event called for the national anthem, they got someone to play the piano, and we all sang it.

    I don’t buy the ‘but it’s too hard to sing’ bit either. The melody was taken from an English drinking song, for goodness sakes!

  5. You know what’s dumb? The way we always have to think we should critique the singer of our national anthem. Dumb. Least Tyler cares, and is proud of his country (unlike the person in this thread that suggested our Nat. Anthem is a celebration of war, like no one else’s is). Tyler is from Boston, that’s why they invited him to do it. They are proud of him and what he’s accomplished. Lastly, he is from a hard-rock band, he has never been known for his singing voice, he is known for his stage presence which fit their style perfectly. He was doing his best, give him a break!

  6. It’s not so much about WHO sings it, but more about the song itself ! It’s a very odd song with strange lyrics and notes. It needs big time make-over.

  7. It’s a close call between Tyler and that other horrendous rendition: Roseanne Barr. If that’s the best we can muster at these events, how about we just plug in an old recording of Kate Smith singing “God Bless America.” If we’re going the nationism route, why not add a little christian exultism? Works for me.

  8. Steven Tyler doesn’t have a very good voice. He tried; the rendition wasn’t intentionally disrespectful, just not very good. I say, give him a break.

  9. Just for the heck of it I decided to tape the game. The machine broke right at the finally of the anthem. I cobbled together two print pictures of this ugly schmuck and pasted them under the kitchen sink. Boy the roaches fled! My bride and I had an argument over whether this idiot was a guy or a gal (the terms man or worman are a bit off) and agreed on “a thing”. I think they should omit the singer and just let a band play the anthem.

  10. Singing the nationalist anthem at sporting events is nothing more than propaganda with a strong militaristic presence in the form of a color guard and a flyover by military aircraft. It is a celebration of war and all things military and I hope people like Mr. Tyler continue to butcher the song in the hope that the unwashed masses finally get tired of it and stop cheering like mindless automatons.

  11. There is nothing even remotely appealing about Steven Tyler. But he did play a role in the creation of his lovely daughter Liv. So, I’ll give him that…

    But who in the world would ever pick this guy to sing the national anthem?

  12. ” What I cannot understand is how the organizers would pick Tyler over a Vaudeville one-man-band or twenty trained barking dogs.”

    Take out the name Tyler and place some of our congressional representative there and you will have hit the nail on the head again.

  13. I’ll start off by admitting the Star Spangled Banner is not my favorite song. Its an unpleasant tune and I don’t find the words as inspiring as, say America The Beautiful.

    But that said I really don’t understand why it has become considered entertainment at the start of a game. We go to the local university’s hockey games. The U has a great pep band & they do a nice job on the anthem but rarely get the chance. Instead they have some local talent sing the thing. Most are almost able to pull it off, too many are not. So far nobody has turned it into their night like the guy at the Pen’s Stanley Cup game but its been close.

    Rarely do people sing along, most just shuffle uneasily and wait for it to be over. Why is this considered ‘honoring America’?

  14. I saw that “performance” and my biggest regret was the C-5 cargo plane flyover did not drown him out. Come to think of it, F-15s in afterburner would not have been enough. Of all the talented people in the world who can actually, you know, sing–how come they chose a geriatric rocker with a burned out voice?

  15. I always hit the mute button when someone is singing our National Anthem. It pains me greatly to listen to it be butchered, especially by “professionals”. When I saw Tyler I knew it would be really, really bad. I had hopes for Chenoweth, but alas, even she could not resist the temptation to f up the ending. Just sing it as it’s written; there are enough high notes to show off the range of your voice without resorting to a mess of high notes at the end that are not there.

    I’ll remove myself from my soapbox now. Thank you for being the one to start the conversation Jonathan!

  16. Two people should be fired over this; the guy who thought it would be a good idea to hire him for the gig & the manager that agreed to it.

    Have none of these people ever heard him sing? Heck, they probably could have gotten Roseanne for less money.

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