Afghan Man Allegedly Strangles Wife For Bearing Him A Girl Rather Than A Son

It appears that Henry VIII is alive and well in Afghanistan . . . but not his wife. In another horrendous attack on a woman in that country, police are seeking Sher Mohammad who they say strangled his wife for giving birth to a girl rather than the boy that he wanted. Putting aside the man’s apparent ignorance of the fact that it was he who determined the gender of the child, it is another example of how women in some of these insular Muslim communities are treated as chattel. The man’s mother, Wali Hazrata, is accused of tying the feet of 22-year-old Stori or Estorai. She has been arrested while her son is believed to be with an illegal militia group.

Mohammad fled after a neighbor discovered his 22-year-old wife dead in their house. Estorai told family members that her husband had repeatedly reproached her for giving birth to a girl prior to her pregnancy and threatened to kill her if she did it again.

The mother-in-law insisted that the woman committed suicide by hanging but that does not explain the flight of her son or the absence of any rope or note.

Much like Henry VIII, no one appears to have told the man that women always pass on an X chromosome to a baby, but men can pass on either an X or a Y to either produce a girl or boy. He supplied the second X chromosome. He should have, therefore, strangled himself if he was seeking a chromosomal culprit.

As horrible as this story is, there is one glimmer of hope in the fact that the government is actually seeking to arrest this man.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. As long as American women are still in the phase or proving their “masculine” skills, then we’ll make little progress.
    But I endorse Oro Lee’s general premise.

  2. What rags this dog is todays story that the Pakis are going to prosecute the guy who fingered Bin Laden, For treason. That is a subject that was touched upon yesterday in a blog about the legislation which would confer authority on some schumcik to defrock an American of his citizenship. There is one way to take your citizenship and it is spelled out in the body of the Constitution. Trial for treason, two witnesses. The Pakis are about to embark on a farce–none dare call it treason. We need to think these things through and the discussion on this jonathon blog are very insightful., This nut that kills a wife for not bearing a son is not considered a nut by many in his culture. There is a mingle to these various stories and issues.
    Just a DogTalkin.

  3. Wow…This is incredible….Are they taking lessons in English….Maybe some of our partisanship folks could correct the grimmer…. I don’t care if too far to the Right or too far to the Left….

  4. “How women in some of these insular Muslim communities are treated as chattel.”

    Alsoranistan, as Gene coined it.

    I’ve said it before — as long as these countries deny half their populace the opportunity to develop and use their full potential as human beings, they will always be “also rans” on the world stage.

    Each day i become more convinced that as long as males dominate world power structures our future is doomed. The sooner women take over, the sooner resources will be brought to bear to remedy societal ills instead of squandered on useless dick-swinging acts of bravado and aggradizement.

    A great future will dawn for this country when educators are honored more than warriors, when our planet is treated like a home instead of a frat house, and work is for the betterment the person doing the work and not for far off corporate shareholders. Ain’t none of it going to happen without women at the wheel

  5. Afghan family found guilty of murdering daughters, woman in Canadian ‘honor killing’ trial
    Father caught on tape railing against 3 daughters, first wife for ‘betraying’ family
    By Philip Caulfield / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

    Three members of an immigrant Afghan family were found guilty of first-degree murder on Sunday in what is thought to be Canada’s first “honor killing” trial.

    Mohammad Shafia, 58, and his wife Tooba Mohammad Yahya were convicted, along with their 21-year-old son Hamed, of drowning their three daughters and Shafia’s first wife, according to The Associated Press.

    They reportedly stashed the dead bodies in the family car, which they pushed into a canal near Kingston, Ontario to make the deaths look like an accident, jurors at the Ontario court ruled.

    The bodies of sisters Zainab, 19, Sahar 17, and Geeti, 13, as well as Shafia’s first wife Rona Amir Mohammad, 52, were found in the submerged car on June 30, 2009.

    Wiretaps played during the trial caught Shafia on tape calling his daughters “filthy” and “whores” for “betraying” his family by dating boys and wearing revealing clothing.

  6. Agreed, she should have taken a birth tourism trip to the USA, dropped her package with instantaneous citizenship rights, and as primary caretaker been given unlimited residence visa. One problem, the only such flights from there are the ones for the government leaders’ wives.

    Now you see, it’s easy to make up horrible stories even worse than yours.
    Say hello to Lucifer on your way back.

  7. There is a mythological place where a primary religion, among a few others of similar persuasion, has a priesthood of males who shun women and take no wives but amoung them many assault and rape male children. The flock ignores the crimes and covers them up. I heard this story through some humans in our dog group. The one guy called this clack Catholics.

  8. how women in some of these insular Muslim communities are treated as chattel” …

    Interesting that you use a picture from Europe with the words that indicate some think women are chattel.

    The Cherokee, at the time Europe considered women chattel, had a law that only women could divorce, men could not.

    If the Cherokee woman put the man’s belongings on “the porch”, that was it, he was divorced and had to leave.

    Knowledge is a warmer gun

  9. This is an example of how fundamentalist religious ideas of any persuasion are dangerous. I will believe that the Afghan government is doing something when this guy actually gets arrested and convicted.

  10. Omg , that is like charging a whistleblower for treason and looking “forward” when it comes to actual war crimes ? This world is messed up !

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