Paris Appellate Court Upholds Fraud Conviction Against Church of Scientology

The Church of Scientology has lost another case involving its allegedly fraudulent practices in extracting money from followers. A Paris appellate court has upheld the entirety of a fraud conviction and the fine of hundreds of thousands of euros against the Church of Scientology. The ruling comes at a time when current members have joined former members in challenging the practices of the Church.

As part of the prosecution, Alain Rosenberg, the French leader of the Church, was given a two-year suspended jail sentence and fined 30,000 euros on the same charge of fraud. The trial led to a standoff with the Church which raises constitutional objections. When those objections were rejected, the defendants walked out and boycotted the trial.

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  1. I’m afraid that any attempt to apply the Paris judgements to the situation in the United States are a non-starter because here in France Scientology cannot use the First Amendment to block legitimate lawsuits. This is the obstacle that Marc and Claire Headley and Laura DeCrescenzo are trying to overcome on appeal in the California courts. The Paris court judgements focussed on the fraudulently pseudo-scientific nature of the personality tests used as a recruitment tool and the relentless hard-sell tactics recruits were subjected to.

    Nor was it an attack on freedom of religion as such, despite what the movement’s lawyers tried to argue. This from the original judgment against Scientology:

    “Thus individuals who use a philosophical or religious doctrine, which is itself lawful, to deliberately deceive other people for financial or commercial ends, are liable to be prosecuted for the crime of fraud.”

    Jonny Jacobsen

  2. “if current Scentology members can realize they are being defrauded”

    Not likely… Just like how “Obama is attacking religion in America”, this ruling “is an example of religious discrimination” for their internal consumption. In order to run a proper cult, you need to have enemies. Some of them are supernatural, some are just real people pushing an unwelcome dose of reality into your little fantasy life.

  3. Everybody is great, but let me add:

    The BIGGG point is that if current Scentology members can realize they are being defrauded (not only money wise); then maybe we could get help from them in wising up our RWA, teabaggers, and other defectives.

  4. martingugino
    1, February 2, 2012 at 8:37 am
    AY, You don’t think a churches is able to defraud? Or is it that you think that if they can’t defraud, the game is over.

    Well…You hit the nail on the head…They do it all the time….Many a Billions has and is being collected as I type this…

  5. The problem is differentiating between civil case and doctrinal.
    I started a case against a minister who had emotionally and verbally abused me. I had proof. I spoke with one lawyer who said bring it to the court where you will lose on first amendment grounds. Then do not bother to take it higher.
    I did lose on the first round, at the lowest court, the Magistrate staing it was on first amendment grounds. I regret to this day i did not take it further.
    I did not go to the link so have not yet read the specifics but if not a case based on tenets of their religion of scientology fraud is proved it is nothting against beliefs, only the cheaters and criminals involved. And an appropriate ruling.

  6. If only this court had been around to confront the eschatological but non-apocalyptic message that was at the root of Jesus’s teachings …

  7. In this case I think the established con men are unhappy with the new grifters in town. Its not that they are upset with belief in invisible beings from the heavens its that this particular grift uses the wrong invisible being and might cut into their profits.

    Had the HRC had courts like these Martin Luther would simply be known as some guy who had tried to scam the peasants and died in prison

  8. I am unsure how the fraud occurred…If his is allowed to stand….won’t others have the same fate?

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