Forget The Football, What Was The Best Super Bowl Commercial?

Having lost a bet over a good bottle of wine to my father-in-law with the loss of the Patriots, it is time to turn to the real reason to watch the Super Bowl (at least when the Bears are not playing): the commercials. Before asking for your votes, however, I do want to say that I thought Madonna gave the best halftime show in memory. It was a real hit with my family. Now for the commercials, in a close contest I have to take the Doritos Man’s Best Friend commercial, though I admit I am a dog lover. What was your favorite?

However, there were some very strong contenders. I particularly liked the Chevy Mayan Apocalypse commercial. It appears however that the Ford people were not laughing, particularly their legal staff.

My kids and I also loved the Vampires commercial from Audi (which would round out our top three):


Update:  I missed the halftime commercial Eastwood (Yes, I went to participate in the halftime “Big Flush”).  I just saw it and really liked it:


What do you think?

30 thoughts on “Forget The Football, What Was The Best Super Bowl Commercial?”

  1. I wasn’t a fan of the Madonna show – she looked pretty creaky through the whole thing. But the highlight for me was seeing slacklining given a bit of mainstream exposure. Remember the guy with the weird honky-fro bounding around on a wide tightrope? That’s “Sketchy Andy” – Andy Lewis. I can’t begin to explain how hard the tricks he did are – very few people on earth can do that stuff, let alone do it in front of millions of people.

    But then, Andy pretty routinely does high slackline walks without a safety line, so falling on one’s face on international TV is slightly lower stakes. (As good as he is, doing highline walks without a safety rig is really stupid.)

    Here’s a highlight reel of the stuff that he does:

    Seriously, do not try this stuff at home.

  2. I have to go with Nal’s entry for the VW commercial. A St. Bernard, James Brown AND Darth Vader? What’s not to like.

  3. Clint/ Dodge+++ was probably my fav. In the soda pop wars commercials, Pepsi won hands down. Coke, evidently has an educated idiot in charge of their ad dept. One bear commercial (been there done that) was too much to bear. Evidently they are now resulting to catering to the eight year old and under crowd. Most of those were too busy playing tiddley winks to even notice.

  4. The Eastwood spot was definitely my favorite… a serious tone, but well put and not partisan no matter what Rove wants to believe. My favorite silly ad was the Audi vampire/headlight commercial with the Echo and the Bunnymen song. Least favorite ad – the stupid coke polar bears…and they kept coming back! Enough already.

  5. SWM, I didn’t think that the “Halftime in America” ad was all that but if it offended Karl Rove, well, give Mr. Eastwood another Oscar! 🙂

    I followed your link and cousin Karl just seemed to use it to string together a bunch of dog-whistle phrases by way of condemnation. Any excuse will do I guess.

  6. chevy commercial would have been just as effective w/o the direct reference to ford. leave it to the imagination. f-o-r-d = found on road dead.

    i liked the “time to pee” tax ad. love the kid.

    gave up football about 35 years ago. too much like the distraction provided by the gladiators.

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