Iranian Supreme Court Upholds Death Sentence Of Canadian Resident Over Use Of His Photo-Uploading Software

The Iranian Supreme Court has added its authority to the campaign against free speech in the Islamic Republic by upholding the death sentence of Iranian-born Canadian resident Saeid Malekpour, who is charged with “insulting the sanctity of Islam” and “corruption on earth.” Malekpour was arrested while visiting his ailing father because his photo-uploading software was used by a porn website even though it appears to have been done without his knowledge. Citizens around the world have rallied to his side, but the court insisted that Sharia law demands death.

Malekpour was reportedly tortured into signing a series of statements, but the evidence against him is laughable. What is not laughable is the campaign against free speech being waged by Islamic systems — a battle where the Western nations appear absent without leave (here and here).

Source: Globe and Mail

17 thoughts on “Iranian Supreme Court Upholds Death Sentence Of Canadian Resident Over Use Of His Photo-Uploading Software”

  1. Swarthmore mom, that movie looks really good. I have added it to my must-see list so I will not forget.

  2. My friends and I have found that when sarcasm isn’t translating well, a simple astrisk * works wonders.


    bomb, bomb, bomb

    bomb, bomb, iran, eh*

  3. Another example of why theocracy is one of the worst forms of governance possible if your goal is a just society.


    There really does need to be a sarcasm font.

  4. A society that tolerates evil will evenually fall into the same fiery foxhole that has consumed many other societies. What would the world say if the USA were to have a public hanging of a Muslim for carrying out an “honor killing” on one of their own children? I have to agree with pete.

  5. US Iranian relation were well on the mend in 2000. But then came President Eastwood and his make my day strategy called the Axis of Evil. One stolen election, decades of fallout.

  6. Think of the Children: While I agree with your main point, he was visiting his ailing father. That is something that sometimes is necessary.

  7. The Iranian drama, “A Separation”, could very well be the best movie of the year. I saw it last weekend and highly recommend it.

  8. Now exactly how did they become aware of the use of this software….who was handling the States’ Firmware…..Just asking….

  9. I don’t understand why anyone is still surprised by things like this. Don’t go visit Iran, don’t go hiking along Iran’s border, don’t go to Iran for business, don’t go to Iran to do charity work, don’t go to Iran. In the official view of the Iranian state, all westerners are a corrupting force that must be punished and scoured from the Earth. I have no more pity for a westerner who goes to Iran and gets into trouble, then I have pity for some who goes to a “polar bear swim” and get hypothermia.

    Individual Iranian people are on average as good and kind as any people, but the kind of Islam that forms into theocratic governments is on par with the Spanish Inquisition in terms of human rights, theology, and being reasonable. That’s why the social laws on Islamic countries seem medieval to most westerners, because Islam is in the same place theologically that Christianity was in the 1500s.

  10. The Judges have been penalizing, encarcerating and putting their opponents to death for millenniums. It allows them to maintain the unethical confiscatory practices of the institution they work for; govenrment. And people wonder why I am a libertarian.

  11. If they kill him the U.S. and Nato countries should impose an embargo on all techical devices of any sort being shipped to Iran. Iran only needs megaphones and loud speakers to announce the prayer schedule–that is it. Expel all governmental employees of Iran from the United States except for their United Nations contingent. Killing an American citizen on trumped up charges is an act of war. It is worse than the taking the hostages from our Embassy thirty years ago.

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