Nancy Grace Demands To Know Who Shoved Houston Under The Water

Nancy Grace has long thrived on the carrion of high-profile murders and disappearances. Sometimes, however, there simply is not time to lose to distort facts into a juicy murderous tale. Thus, when Whitney Houston died, Grace was virtually hyperventilating in fashioning the death as a presumptive murder. Grace demanded to know who pushed Houston under the water in her tub or gave her the lethal dose of drugs or both.

Grace drew an instant comparison between Houston’s death to those of Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith. She then grew impatient with the suggestions that she may have simply died from mixing prescription drugs with alcohol: “I’d like to know who was around her, who, if anyone gave her drugs, following alcohol and drugs, and who let her slip, or pushed her, underneath that water? Apparently no signs of force or trauma to the body. Who let Whitney Houston go under her water?”

Of course nothing is more immediately suspicious to a trained eye than “no signs of force or trauma to the body.”

Grace’s snarling signature analysis has been an embarrassment for both journalists and lawyers alike. Her show requires a steady fare of murdered and missing victims as well as an open hostility to concepts of due process. However, CNN has continued to show an equally craven desire for ratings, including incorporating Grace on news shows as a legal analyst despite her history of unethical and abusive conduct both a prosecutor and later as an anchor.

Grace obviously appeals to a rather sad segment of our society who relish her vigilante-like take on criminal cases. However, CNN can hardly criticize rivals like Fox when it offers Grace nightly as a legal analyst. What is rather pathetic was CNN’s effort to reclaim some credibility after serving up this type of low-grade sensationalism. After Grace’s comments, CNN news anchor Don Lemon emphasized that “[t]his is not CNN’s reporting. We don’t know that to be true.” That sounds a lot like “this is really not true, we just offer it up for the ratings.”

I know many of the folks at CNN and respect them. They deserve better as do the viewers. However, CNN has to decide whether it is a journalistic enterprise or just Dancing With The Stars with a news crawler.

Source: L.A. Times

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  1. Nancy Grace Sux.

    She is a functioning piece of the entire MSM propaganda system. A good example of an Ignorant Distraction and Fear Wing (wouldn’t it be cool if they named things based on reality?) of a “news” network, and because that is what the system brings into my house, a great reason not to own cable.

  2. No won asked about Bobby Brown and his part in doing drugs and using them and jail time ,O well .Thank God the daughter gets her estate and not Bobby Brown.

  3. Nancy Grace is more terrible than ever
    Wild and unfounded speculation about Whitney Houston’s death is a new low for the HLN host
    By Mary Elizabeth Williams

    Cable news depends on colorful characters to draw eyeballs in between those reminders that there are “no new developments” in the real stories of the day. But even in a sea of distinctive jerkwads – your Erin Burnetts and Piers Morgans and Bill O’Reillys and Megyn Kellys – HLN host Nancy Grace never fails to distinguish herself. And just when you think she can’t find new depths to plumb, along comes the Whitney Houston story.

    Grace, the woman who has made an entire cottage industry out of her indignation over Casey Anthony, who paints herself nightly as the avenging angel of poor dead Caylee, has never been one to trade in subtlety — or, for that matter, facts. CNN had to settle a wrongful death suit after the mother of a missing child killed herself after being browbeaten on her show. (The parties agreed that Grace “engaged in no intentional wrongdoing.”) She fearlessly championed the prosecution’s side in the Duke lacrosse team rape case, blithely referring to “the victim,” and went ballistic over the very notion that the accused might be innocent. (She then conveniently remained quiet on the subject after the case was dismissed.) This, folks, is a woman who has guilt-tripped abduction victim Elizabeth Smart for not playing along with her interview tactics. And even after a jury found Casey Anthony not guilty last summer, she has held on to the story like a dog with a bone, insisting that “I told the truth,” luxuriating in descriptions of “the backdrop of 2-year-old Caylee’s decomposing body just a few houses down from where Tot Mom put her pillow every night,” and excoriating Anthony for – rich irony alert –“generating interest in herself.”

    Yet apparently there just aren’t enough kidnapped babies and alleged gang rapes out there to keep Grace satisfied. She’s turning her attention now instead to the mysterious death of a diva. Grace, who famously said last summer that she knew more than the “kooky jury” on the Anthony case, now seems to know more than the L.A. coroner’s office. Despite word that foul play is “not suspected at this time” in Saturday’s death of Whitney Houston, Grace isn’t so sure. On Monday she appeared on CNN to ponder, “Who, if anyone, gave [Houston] drugs following alcohol and drugs.” That itself isn’t a crazy question, though it is a bit of a reach – a suggestion that the story of a superstar dying alone and surrounded by prescription bottles just isn’t sexy enough. Not when surely there’s a villain on the loose for Nancy Grace to bring to justice. Cue dramatic theme music!


    ah, who am i kidding. could someone at cnn please give nancy the tornado beat. maybe somebody’ll drop a house on her.

  5. CNN may have some wonderful people (I’ve lived in ATL, so I’m not just being polite), but Nancy Grace fits their overall news model pretty well. They like inflammatory speakers. They like cheap, local celebs. they’ve never invested much indepth. They are best at dropping an anchor in a warzone and having him read wire service copy, or playing the work of stringers, or perhaps following white Broncos. Local, nodepth, big mouth. That’s her and CNN.

  6. Being that this is happening literally in my back yard,I can see these events unfolding up close and personal.

    “Nancy Grace Demands To Know Who Shoved Houston Under The Water”

    “Bill O’Reilly: Whitney Houston ‘wanted to kill herself’

    Garbage comes from Garbage!!

  7. It would be appropriate for CNN to change the name of Nancy’s show to “Sharpening The Pitchforks For Dummies” …

  8. It is amazing that this Grace is stil on the air. Ever notice how she ramps up her southern accent. It is, in the minds of the mindless who employ her, a way to seguey into the hearts and minds of the num nuts who watch. It would be fitting if Fox News would take her on full time so that she does not ruin my tv screen resolution when I troll by her ugly face on CNN. Not to be harsh about it, but I am fed up with hearing about Casey Anthony and now this rant about some person who drowned in her bath tub without assistance. The poor sould cannot yet be buried before this horses ass starts ranting in her hyper-accenuated hillbilly accent. What happens in Texas ought to stay in Texas, we dont need this twit on national television.

    Dont mind me if I sound a bit frothy– I am just a dog ranting

  9. Every time a famous black female singer dies, somebody murdered them? I mean, they just put away Michelle Jackson’s killer, and now Houston!?

  10. Yeesh, I thought Ol’ Nancy was breaking a story about the City of Houston being held under Galveston Bay. Imagine my relief when I found out it was just hocking of the usual sensationalistic wares.

  11. Nancy Grace.

    The woman who makes me wish the mute button worked on more than just the TV and stereo.

  12. Nancy Grace is but a more obnoxious version of those hired to do news analysis by CNN and FOX. MSNBC functions at a higher level when it comes to their analysts, but that is why it is weak ratings-wise. Those who regularly watch the 24 hour news networks are for the most part people who seek sensationalism and “sky is falling” commentary to reinforce their own dyspeptic world view.

    Broadcast Network News is usually superficial analysis of stories of the day, interspersed with “in depth” features that rarely actually deliver useful information as promised. Sunday Morning News Shows are pale imitators of what existed in those slots in years past. Tim Russert for instance was someone who worked his way up to “Meet the Press” by able politicking and brown-nosing at NBC. He finally lost me in his Hilary Clinton interview in those impeachment days.

    The end of TV news began when formerly separate network news divisions, were put under the aegis of the entertainment divisions in the 70’s. Coverage of the Civil Rights Movement and the Anti-War (Viet Nam) Movement convinced the Corporate Elite that they were acting against their best interests by allowing another perspective of America to be aired. That began a trend of ignoring and diminishing protests. After Reagan’s election this attitude hardened as staunch Republican corporate interests bought out each of the three major networks.

    With the rise of Cable and the start of CNN we then had news covered on a 24 hour cycle. This was unworkable, however, because there wasn’t enough content to fill airtime. They dealt with this by starting hour long shows, with hosts that would stir the pot by having people with two opposing viewpoints goaded into yelling at each other. This devolved into highly partisan hosts who would flamboyantly express their viewpoints.

    Thus our “news shows” have evolved into entertainment for those who enjoy their adrenalin levels heightened. I watch them rarely and rely on my internet sources to keep me informed. Please understand that this is not a sign of my having an elite, superior attitude, because I watch some of the worst reality crap on TV. My choice to avoid such shows comes from the fact that often my adrenalin spikes watching them and I find myself futilely yelling at the TV. The ignorance expressed on all sides of the political spectrum as depicted on these shows distresses me too much to bear. Nancy DisGrace.

  13. If she was a real woman, she’d be home tending to her family instead of running around and mouthing off about something she knows nothing about…unless she’s a pill popper herself. Kids’ll do that to ya.

  14. When I used to work as a nurse, I saw this syndrome all the time. There are people who believe that no one dies; someone kills them. That falling asleep in a bath tub is a life-threatening act is lost on them. A paranoid nutzo like Ms. Grace can never believe that Ms. Houston fell asleep in the tub, possibly under the influence of a combination of drugs/beverages that have sedative side effects, and died as a result.

    She probably also believes that JFK was assassinated by LBJ, and that Elvis is still alive.

  15. Gee! Can you imagine that this disgusting waste of human DNA lost her job as a DA for prosecutorial misconduct? She does like to whip the rabble into a frothy lather & she does it very well.

    What she, and Joke Judy and all those other TV lawyers do is destroy the credibility and quality of American justice while undermining the confidence in one of the great bastions against total chaos we have. They are speeding idiocracy on.

    Defendant: “I’m innocent.”
    Defense Lawyer: “Thats not what the other lawyer says”

  16. Preliminarily, it looks live alcohol and Xanax. People saw her drinking a lot, and it has been said that xanax was in her room. We will have to see, but it appears that she switched her cocaine addiction to pills and booze. It is not unusual for an addict to do this as the benzos are prescribed so it is easier to justify them.

  17. carol,

    I agree with what you have said….. it only appears that you’d be the next suspect……this is a sick display of a so called credible news station…. I am sure that we have some that think that Nancy Grace is misunderstood and mistreated…..

    I’d like to see what Mike S has to say….

  18. I hope you aren’t in the same hotel (or maybe even same city) the next time some famous person dies. If is the kind of ‘mysterious’ death she can turn into a murder you will be the prime suspect forever, Or until some one better known pisses her off.

    I wish Graceless and so-called Judge Judy would get a show together. It might be fun to see whose head explodes first.

    I can’t think of the name of the woman who comes on after Graceless. I usually see her while channel changing. I did stop long enough once to hear her say how ‘outraged’ she was about something or other. My only thought was , ‘Lady, you get paid to be outraged’.

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