Libyan U.N. Envoy Denounces Gays and Lesbians As Threatening Humanity

The new Libyan government has adopted many of the habits of its previous regime like torture and it can now add homophobic leadership. Libya’s new United Nations delegate to the U.N. Human Rights Council used a resolution to combat violence based on sexual orientation to denounce homosexuals as threatening the survival of the human race.

The delegate lashed out at how gays and lesbians threaten “reproduction of the human race.” A shocked Council Chair Laura Dupuy Lasserre pointed out that “the Human Rights Council is here to defend human rights and prevent discrimination.” He may have missed the handy pamphlet in the lobby.

To be sure that no one is mistaken about the future of gays and lesbians after the Arab Spring in Libya, the envoy noted that if Libya had returned earlier to the United Nations it would have opposed the resolution seeking to protect gays and lesbians from violence.

By the way, before you text friends out how backward the new Libyan government is, you may want to consider the statements of a few of our Western leaders about atheists and others (here and here and here and here).

Source: Daily Mail

13 thoughts on “Libyan U.N. Envoy Denounces Gays and Lesbians As Threatening Humanity”

  1. As a Group working in the African music industry “Videos: Stuxnet, Libyan War, WW III | Video Rebel's Blog” is of great interest to us
    well written thank you 🙂

  2. It amazes me how powerful some people think we gays are…Once I convert all you straight folks does that make me KING?

  3. The Libyan U.N. Envoy is the threatening one not acting like the Lord God. We need to have God in us to love all as one. All kinds of sex on this planet of sex. Read this,and watch the videos.

    A bird tries to mate with a human. A sea turtle tries to have sex with a diver pinning him to the ocean floor. All kinds of sex occurs. Give peace, and not a sword.

  4. Be patient, sometimes Springtime is for Hitler in Germany and it is Autumn for Poland and France. But Arab Spring is not Nazi Deutschland in 1933 and perhaps the nutcase is just a bit wet behind his tribal earlobe and not ready for prime time. Those dogs in New York are gonna have to watch out for this one.

  5. Yeah. Our planet is so dreadfully underpopulated. That’s why Libya had to appoint a cockroach to the U.N. – no actual humans available for the job. Jackass.

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