Ashes To Go: Ohio Church Offers Drive-Thru Service For Ash Wednesday

Ever get up for Ash Wednesday and just hate to have to get out of your car and walk into a church? Now, getting your ashes is as easy as a McDonald’s cup of coffee. Just pull up to Mt. Healthy United Methodist Church in suburban Cincinnati and Rev. Patricia Anderson Cook will appear at your window for ashes on the run.

Bridget Spitler explained that “Some people may not be too comfortable coming in for a serious service.” So, they can get the quickie roadside ashes with a church brochure and a Lenten booklet.

It’s a first at her church, but some other churches have also taken more-informal approaches to the ashes. There’s even a Web site called “Ashes to Go,” but do not be confused with this Ashes To Go site. It also promises to make “problems a thing of the past” but not the same problems.

Now if only they would offer a Latte and donut, this would be a full service option for the Christian on the go.

There is however one item that would help set the mood for the drive-thru ceremony:

Source: MSNBC

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  1. Mike, Romney seems to think tithing is a free pass for all his lies about Obama, (and Santorum, for him I guess his excoriation of contraception, abortion rights, etc will earn him his free pass.) Don’t need church, just the proper political stance or money, and your free entry to heaven is guaranteed.

  2. LOL, those Methodists are just the kind of religious people I like and wish we had more of- they don’t take it too seriously. Those serious religious people are trying to turn the country into a theocracy and the Middle East into glass to bring on the rapture. Give me those drive-through Christians any day. 🙂

  3. Yeah boys yeah.
    The dialect sound like from a suburb outside Stockholm.
    Two generations and half will be millionaires, pop stars, playwrights (two are already) or behind concrete for 10 years. Falling for drugs ain’t so bad here as there.
    The song text was like the orphanage school song. They were tough. It was a hard life for them then. Maybe in parochial school too.

  4. Ashes to ashes..
    Dust to dust..
    We got the other team by their nuts..
    Pull Team Pull!

    –Parochial School Rally Song

  5. I still think that (?) comment about multiple appendectomies being no hindrance to bishop hugs and Papal audiences is the best so far.
    Maybe that was on another thread.

    Hope others are still reading because now am gonna go off-topic with something worth everyone’s personal attention. JC at the Iran thread asked for it. I think it everybody that eats, breathes and hope that their children will to, should know about The EU parliament asked him to inform them.
    How it went after that I don’t know.

    JC and All others please NOTE.


    All the man writing to the Sec for Agriculture was asking was to not take away “guard zones” around RoundUP alfalfa. He had the responsibility to chair the FDA committee for detecting and countering plant and animal diseases as it applies to our food supply. He identified the grave problem with a microfungus linked to miscarriaging in first time breed heifers. He had other evidence of the negative effects of RoundUp noted in studies over several years: appearance and overgrowth of aggressive new microorganisms, reduction in production in small cereal grains. etc etc.

    It’s all there: There should have been a storm, but after brief media notice it disappeared. Dr Huber who wrote the letter was later invited to the EU parliament to present his findings re GMO and Roundup. He has 20 years of studiying glyphosat the main ingredient in RoundUp and 35 studying agricultural plant diseases.

    Read it if you want to know how you are fed.

    He summarized his own opinion by saying he thinks we are at the tipping point as to a viable food chain. Let’s hope we have time.

    The facts he reviewed in more scientific tone, and am sure he is not inclined to hyperbole. .

  6. Well, Mike, the RCC used to sell indulgences. I don’t think they mailed in a check, though, in Medieval times.

  7. The muslims repent five times a day. So when do they have time for sinning? And they bathe on each occasion. At the mosque here they have dispensed with bathing, perhaps in deference to the climate.
    Apparently Allah protects their barefeet from athletes foot, if not colds.

  8. The Ash Wednesday ritual is intended to be a public acknowledgment of sinfulness and the need for repentance. A drive-through service demeans the purpose.

  9. Or is it the pursuit of the vanishing dollar (choose your own currency) and the vanishing minute that must be economized?
    And it’s not just the common man, it is the employers, the media, the govenrment, etc. And then the big question, what will be the next epoch-maker.

    The man behind the mule has been replaced by the man behind the tractor, and then replaced by the man behind the drone. And you watch it all happening on your info center, my name for smart phones.

  10. Pathetic attempt to rush something that should have meaning. It shows how Americans are willing to compromise even on their deepest held beliefs. I am not even Catholic.

  11. One would think that being faithful to any religion would require a little more effort on the part of the believer. Imagine the RCC allowing you to mail in confessions with a small check and a SASE. They would of course guarantee a two day turnaround on your penance, or your next confession is free.

  12. Did you get Satan fries or halo rings with the imposition of this insane christian ritual..

  13. Well in the old days we, involuntarily (?), made babies in drive-in movies.
    So why not get your ashes in the car too, you can take whatever you want as refreshment, and that’s not only food of course.

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