A Real History of the Last Sixty-Two Years?

Submitted by: Mike Spindell, Guest Blogger

Being in my late 60’s and having grown up in a liberal family, politics and history have been always among my greatest interests. Those much younger than I would no doubt list 9/11 as the most traumatizing historical event of their lifetime. While 9/11 of course affected me greatly, no historical event in my life has affected me as much as the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I believe that it traumatized my generation so extensively that most of us have not been able to fully believe in our country and its government since that tragic day and its aftermath. Most Americans alive today, who were born in 1960, or afterwards, have only second hand accounts of the total turbulence of the 60’s and the trauma experienced by those who lived through it. There is no doubt that 9/11 has traumatized this nation, but initially it drew most of us together, only to have that unity frittered away by the Bush Administration. The 60’s did that for my generation and that trauma led directly to our current political chaos and deep distrust of government as my generation took the reins of political power.

To most people growing up in the 50’s, on its surface America was the land of opportunity. The USA was a great democracy, unparalleled in human history in the prosperity of its citizens and its standing among nations. For many though, there were obvious cracks in this version of the America Myth. If you were a Black American you faced the viciousness of “Jim Crow” in the South and the somewhat more “genteel” racism pervading the rest of the country. People of Spanish speaking heritage also faced the status of second class citizenship. Native American’s were treated just as badly as they had been from the first European landing on these their shores. Women were, with few exceptions, expected to be subservient to male expectations and were uniformly portrayed as being intellectually inferior. Homosexuals were viciously and violently persecuted. And so it went in 1950’s America. Some great white writers like Mailer, Kerouac, Steinbeck and many others were taking on the myth of the America Dream. Africa American writers like Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison and James Baldwin were standing on the shoulders of their predecessors from the Harlem Renaissance, in exposing the oppression Black people faced. There was among many Americans a weariness of the canards of the Eisenhower Administration, the fear based militarism of the Cold War and a recognition that all was not well with a good portion of the population. There was also for many, a hope for purposefulness in their own lives, beyond marriage, house in the suburbs, new car and two kids.

Arriving on the scene, promising to revitalize the country, was JFK, a brilliant speaker, handsome man and charismatic leader. He won a close election against the unlikable Richard Nixon and proceeded to galvanize the nation with the dreams of his New Frontier. JFK also was the source of great enmity among the Washington Establishment. Seen as nouveau riche by the plutocracy, too idealistic and naïve by the Defense, State Departments and CIA, hated by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, too “Nigra Friendly” for Southern racists and a threat to the “business as usual” Corporate status quo. He was murdered on a Friday Afternoon in 1963 as my University suspended activities and I sat with friends stunned with grief listening to a car radio and puffing Marlboro’s. That day is etched permanently in my mind and the disturbing events that followed it throughout those turbulent 1960’s forever changed the way I viewed the world. Lee Harvey Oswald was improbably murdered as I watched on TV that Sunday; a flawed Warren Commission Report arrived filled with holes; the murder of Martin Luther King and then Bobby Kennedy; along with the prosecution of a vicious and illegal war; with all this my faith in American Democracy and exceptionalism faded into skeptical disbelief. Life for us ordinary citizens, however, still went on and pleasure, friends, lovers, spouses, families and careers took up most of our time and attention.  Nevertheless I devoured everything I could read about the JFK murder and indeed about the history taking place as I lived my mundane life. Recently a book brought all those strange feelings back to the surface and provided a possible explanation why our world seems so much crazier these days.

The book I want to discuss is “Family of Secrets” subtitled “The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government, And the Hidden History of The Last Fifty Years”. It is written by Russ Baker, an investigative journalist formerly of the New York Times. His excellent website is: http://whowhatwhy.com/. While George W. Bush was President I and others kept referring to the Administration as “The Bush Crime Family”. Reading this book, if it gives the true picture, I didn’t know how accurate that appellation could be. This is a book of more than 500 pages of narrative and perhaps 100 more pages of notes and footnotes. Thus it is far too large for me to provide more than a review and overview. To be honest I can’t do the book justice, simply because it provides a narrative that captures you into this sordid tale of a plutocratic America family and because knowing the outcomes of much it discusses, I found that I could only read it in spurts, so painful were its revelations.

Let me summarize it in this manner. The Bush Family dating back to Senator Prescott Bush has aspired to not only great power, but great wealth and has operated as both representative and agents of the “elite” class of American families, who believe it is both their destiny and their duty to rule this country, through whatever means available. In the minds of this class they are beyond the restraints of the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Legal System. At times this “elite” acted as both partners of and agents for, foreign interests and indeed see the aims of those interests identical to their own.

When discussing specific Bush family member’s deeds, the highlights are as follows:

Sen. Prescott Bush: Co-conspirator in a plot to overthrow FDR. Financier of NAZI causes via a banking partnership with John Foster and Alan Dulles. Head of the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee approving/abetting CIA foreign assassinations.

President George (Poppy) H.W. Bush: High Level CIA Agent. Possible Conspirator in the JFK Assassination.  Possible Conspirator in the Watergate Affair as a CIA plot to remove Richard Nixon. Major Conspirator and Impeller of the Iran/Contra Affair. Started the First Iraq War. Possible 9/11 conspirator.

George W. Bush: Possible role in 9/11. Creator of a War Against Iraq, Terror, etc., etc., etc. Approved torture as a viable intelligence method. Approved unconstitutional methods of surveillance of citizens. Bankrupted the country with tax cuts targeted to the “elite” and bailed out a corrupt banking system, with no strings attached.

Obviously, these are pretty heady and serious claims for an author to make. Russ Baker, from my view, backs up what he says with pristine documentation and with supplying the complex context of interlocking individuals. What I find the most amazing is how he shows that the Bush Family friendships and alliances go across party lines and the specific individuals who are all intertwined with these major events to produce a convincing case for foul deeds and conspiracies that could leave us all with a bitter view of the history we’ve been fed.

Let me provide my own possible schematic scenario for some of this thread of history:

  1. Eisenhower, astute in military politics, yet a novice in national politics is offered the Republican nomination and is elected President. His advisers help him choose John Foster Dulles and his brother Alan, both closely aligned with Wall Street, oil interests and the CIA. These extreme cold warriors shape US foreign policy. Ike’s heart attack causes him to allow Richard Nixon to assume many Administration intelligence duties and foreign policy roles. With Nixon as its “case officer” the invasion of Cuba is planned. Nixon unexpectedly loses the Presidency to JFK, who Nixon believes stole the election. As he leaves office Ike cautions Americans to “beware of the Military Industrial Complex.
  2. George H.W. (Poppy) Bush goes into the oil business a novice, yet through his father’s connections establishes alliances with some of the biggest players in Texas oil. Establishes a company with two divisions. One is a CIA front and Bush travels the world presumably as a CIA operative, on purported oil business, even though many locations visited have little to do with oil.
  3. JFK reluctantly approves what becomes the “Bay of Pigs” operation, but refuses to back it up with a US invasion. Thereby gaining the enmity of the CIA and Foreign Policy Establishment. JFK’s experience with the Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis leads him and RFK to become suspicious of the Foreign Policy/Defense “Experts” within his administration and their advice. As the US involvement in Viet Nam starts to escalate, giving lie to the “Experts” advice he begins to contemplate withdrawal from Viet Nam. He is murdered 11/22/63. George (Poppy) Bush is in Dallas on that day, as was Nixon the night before.
  4. LBJ becomes President. Appoints the Warren Commission led by Alan Dulles, who was fired by JFK and hated him. LBJ and Poppy Bush both were closely involved with Texas power firm Brown & Root Corporation, which had CIA ties and later became Haliburton. Warren Commission Report focuses solely on Oswald, refuses to deal with inconsistencies of his history. Gerald Ford develops the “single bullet” theory. LBJ escalates the Viet Nam War pleasing the Defense/Foreign Policy “Experts”. Opposition to the war grows. Poppy Bush fails in bid to become Senator, becomes Congressman, still maintains covert CIA ties.
  5. War Protest Movement keeps growing, while Martin Luther King is morphing the Civil Rights Movement into a general movement for economic justice and against the War. CIA and FBI institute COINTELPRO. MLK assassinated as he begins to speak out more against the Viet Nam War. RFK assassinated after he wins the California Democratic Primary and becomes likely Presidential nominee. Democratic Convention riots lead to Humphrey nomination. Nixon ekes out Presidency in 1968 election.
  6. Nixon further escalates Viet Nam War. He names Poppy Bush Ambassador to China despite lack of qualification. Nixon/Kissinger cut “Experts” out of Foreign Policy and negotiate détente with China, decried by Defense/CIA/”Experts who are all “Cold Warriors”. “Plumbers” unit formed in White House, members all tied to CIA and Poppy Bush. Amateurishly bungled Watergate Burglary performed by intelligence professionals. Nixon reelected but Watergate becomes big deal. Bob Woodward, with past CIA ties, begins investigation with Carl Bernstein. Woodward gains information from “Deep Throat” that is damning. John Dean, who also has ties to Poppy Bush blabs to Congress. Andrew Jaworski, an old friend of Poppy Bush, becomes Special Prosecutor after Cox fired. Poppy Bush becomes head of Republican Party. Poppy Bush advises Nixon to resign for the good of the Party. Gerald Ford becomes President and surprises Poppy Bush by not naming Poppy Bush Vice President. Ford pardons Nixon before full charges are brought and so many details lost as the investigation stops.

Having only superficially summarized some of the details from Family of Secrets I will stop here in 1976 because this would become far too long a post were I to continue my summarization up to the present day, as does the book. My lack of detail is necessary because the connections made by the book are so intricate as to defy retelling in as short a space as I’m allowed. Here is Russ Baker himself speaking on these matters:http://whowhatwhy.com/2012/02/12/russ-baker-on-deep-history-and-little-known-origins-of-current-problems/

Here also is a direct quote from Russ Baker talking about why as we near the 50th Anniversary of JFK’s murder there is so little talk as to the strange circumstances surrounding it:

In any case, none of the films that Hollywood seems willing to tackle touch on what the great, great mass of careful investigation, research and scholarship has shown over the years—the extremely high likelihood that JFK’s death was a covert operation engineered by exactly the kinds of people whose profession was to displace leaders and carry out military-precision operations under cover. (My own book, Family of Secrets, has four chapters of new, abundantly documented and heavily footnoted material on the Kennedy assassination, including the answer to why George H.W. Bush cannot remember where he was on Nov. 22, 1963—and there are many other fine books, both recent vintage and released over the years, which carefully lay out enough evidence to settle the matter to all but the most closed-minded. Examples here, here, and here.)

Nearly half a century after the death of a President, who took bold steps against abuses by the one percent of the one percent, we are still in denial about how and why he died. Our leading institutions and individuals are not only scared to talk about the truth, but glad to cynically profit from tired lies and evasions. http://whowhatwhy.com/2012/01/23/the-deaths-of-jfk-rfk%E2%80%94and-the-silence-of-the-lambs/

My own view of the history Russ Baker reveals is that it not only seems plausible, but explains so many of the inconsistencies most people see in our history, but either ignore, or at a loss to explain. While all of this information is rather glum there is some hope to be derived from it. The Bush Family may well be plotters and executors of plots, but they are not omnipotent. G.H.W. Bush would not have been a one-term President if that were the case. I’ve said before, that I do believe that our country is run by a loosely connected oligarchy, from which the only redeeming feature is their own internal battles for power and the egos behind those struggles. Please understand though that because the JFK murder takes up a good part of my meanderings here, that is but the tip of an iceberg concealed below its apparent surface, a conspiracy of violence and greed that makes a mockery of America’s Constitution and its values. Some other links that I recommend to you to assist in your contextualizing this information:













Submitted by: Mike Spindell, Guest Blogger

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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Geithner
    also see for the Ford Foundation:
    © 2002 James Petras
    Reprinted for Fair Use Only.
    http://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/FordFandCIA.html (but the following is still right on the wikipedia link continuing from above):

    His father, Peter F. Geithner, was the director of the Asia program at the Ford Foundation in New York in the 1990s. During the early 1980s, Peter Geithner oversaw the Ford Foundation’s microfinance programs in Indonesia being developed by Ann Dunham Soetoro,

    President Barack Obama’s mother, and they met in person at least once..

    Geithner’s maternal grandfather, Charles F. Moore, was an adviser to President Dwight D. Eisenhower and served as Vice President of Public Relations from 1952-1964 for Ford Motor Company.
    Geithner worked for Kissinger Associates in Washington for three years and then joined the International Affairs division of the U.S. Treasury Department in 1988. He went on to serve as an attaché at the Embassy of the United States in Tokyo. He was deputy assistant secretary for international monetary and financial policy (1995–1996), senior deputy assistant secretary for international affairs
    (1996–1997), assistant secretary for international affairs (1997–1998).
    He was Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs (1998–2001) under Treasury
    Secretaries Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers. Summers was his mentor, but other sources call him a Rubin protégé.
    In 2002 he left the Treasury to join the Council on Foreign Relations as a Senior Fellow in the International Economics department. He was director of the Policy Development and Review Department (2001–2003) at the International Monetary Fund.

    It’s Obama vs infinite war
    By Pepe Escobar
    “It’s a story that should take your breath away: the destabilization of what, in the George W Bush years, used to be called “the arc of instability”. It involves at least 97 countries, across the bulk of the global south, much of it coinciding with the oil heartlands of the planet. A startling number of these nations are now in turmoil, and in every single one of them – from Afghanistan and Algeria to Yemen and Zambia – Washington is militarily involved, overtly or covertly, in outright war or what passes for peace.”

  3. Kennedy Assassination was an Military-Intelligence community Coup D’etat
    Succession Planning for the Executive office of the USA has been orchestrated pretty much ever since; clearly Bush (was the attempt on Reagan an attempt to seat Bush like Johnson?)…Clinton’s hands are dirty and Obama is a direct front man.
    Both Regime change and rigged elections were practiced overseas before they were brought home to take position and possession of the most powerful country in history. Fanatical and pathological ideologies drove the process forward, but basic greed and lust for power has been the real motivation. The Cold Warriors became the Real Politik. BCCI and other international and offshore banking financed this power. Looting was a graduated practice up to and including the Treasury itself which is just a glorified and bolder version of the S&L looting schemes.

    The Treasury was looted initiates The financial Coup D’Etat.
    Obama and his Nobel Peace Prize are all false flag sucession planning that is domestically progressing that agenda;
    and the “rainbow” revolutions are flaring up in foreign countries, while the Constitution of the USA is being insidiously dismantled under the guise of National Security State and the ideological fanaticism it legitimates against a terrorism


  4. Isn’t it possible that the cold war attitude of supporting despot regimes might conceivably have turned and plotted a course for our own government control? Considering the understanding of the Texas Strategy for Looting and the similarities between the S&L/ Junk Bond “swindles” and the current sub-prime/ derivative Treasury being a financial scheme for essentially covert operations for unaccountable (forget about unregulated…) interests, such financing would be in line with BCCI and other global network money operations. It is not beyond the scope of people involved in these paramilitary operations to seize the opportunity to literally orchestrate a coup D’etat from within ranks, and not disturb the shell game of patriotism or democratic cover that hides the process. I don’t have to tell you the implications. It is all too easy, however, to simply dismiss it as too fantastic…just another conspiracy theory. People have taken greater risks and at much greater costs to obtain, encroach, conquer and seize much less. It cannot be considered impossible that people practiced at cold war power displacements and real politik could not turn their opportunity into ambitions that would essentially conquer and control the most powerful position on earth. It is precisely because of these considerations that I send you these links to consider.

    PRIVATIZING THE US Government has become the ultimate gaming of the system from what goes under the false heading of private equity (in reality a conglomerate of international sovereign and private interests).
    This represents the finalization of executive capture and the hostile takeover of the United States Domestic Society under the tools of monopoly monetarianism (which is the contemporary version of totalitarianism over the economic factors of survival).

    LOOTING finances global strategic succession planning etc.

  5. Catherine Austin Fitts Interview — The Looting Of America (Part 1 of 4)

  6. Mike: The book was not released in November and is actually pending release shortly (this was confirmed with the author: Andrew Kreig

    November 2, 2012
    Book Review: Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters
    by Andrew Kreig (author)
    (Review) By Rob Kall
    “Read “Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their

    PS: This is a great article and I am very much parallel to you and the experiences you so vividly bring to meaningful life and authenticity.


  7. http://www.commondreams.org/video/2013/03/26-0
    Ralph Nader Talks Money in Politics and How Voting for the ‘Least Worst’ Candidate Corrupts Democracy
    Ralph Nader decries the lack of choices at the ballot box and predicts super rich candidates will run in 2016.

    BruceEWoych • Comment to Ralph Nader
    The fallacy of distinction is a false “choice” between two intrinsically bad options resulting actually in no real choice; predetermined outcome one or the other…not the “lesser of two evils” which sounds like a decision.
    Looking back it seems that elections since Kennedy have been rigged with fallacies of distinction, and questionable eventualities that appear to be media marketed decisions. So the real question arises as to how the power structure of this country predetermines the options that are handed to the people on silver and gold platters of party affiliation. There are “obvious” answers that are self fulfilling in their circularity, but perhaps too obvious when put to a scrutiny of reason. The question of election begs the question of selection in our manipulated era of intelligence communities and cold war power politics looking for uncontested spoils.

    November 2, 2012
    Book Review: Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters
    by Andrew Kreig (author)
    (Review) By Rob Kall
    “Read “Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their
    Masters,” a book just published this week by OpEd News contributor
    Andrew Kreig. and you’ll learn a lot more than you could have imagined,
    and you’ll start seeing the world, politics, and the justice system in a
    very different, clearer, smarter way.
    This book exposes the puppet masters who pull the
    strings of leading officials in both major U.S. parties, including Obama
    and Romney.

    Obama, for example, is reported to have worked for a CIA
    front company, Business International Corporation, in his early
    twenties. At the time, he was dating, in his first serious love affair,
    Genevieve Cook, the daughter of the head of Australia’s CIA.
    Obama thus developed, like George Herbert Walker Bush
    and Bill Clinton, career-enhancing intelligence connections in his early
    20s, according to the book, which draws on declassified CIA materials
    and other reports. Obama’s formative ties are just one of many examples
    of how the military-industrial complex and its Wall Street allies
    maintain a special relationship with presidents no matter which party
    prevails in any given election.”

    The national intelligence background of the president may be among the
    biggest surprises to the general reader. So, it is worth a moment to
    summarize the book’s documentation, which is similar to that on other
    topics, including his harsh assessment of the Supreme Court.

  8. “the work is good”

    I write as I do, with my real name, because I see humanity in its warts and glory. Protest is needed against those that would bring tragedy against the many in service of the few. It doesn’t mean much against the rising tide of
    banal evil we face, but at least I raise my voice. Two years ago I was dying and constantly running through my head, as I battled to survive, was this phrase:

    “Do not go gently into the night”.

  9. Mike Spindell — I hope you have been able to see the play “Caroline, or Change.” It played a short while on Broadway with Tonya Pinkins (after playing the Public in NY starring Tonya as well) and then went various places with other “Carolines” and then Tonya did it in London. For some reason the play got short-changed. Even if I could put in those little frowny-faces or smiley-faces, there would not be one that I could choose to fit in here, and the thousand words that the picture is worth are not coming to me, but your article about the last 62 years here makes me feel like you deserve a couple of comp tickets.

    The work is good, your work is good, the work is good, your work is good.

    FWTY (new e-phrase): For Which Thank You.

  10. The only reason Poppy was a one term president was the powers that be needed a Democrat in the Oval Office to push an agenda that a Republican could not pull off, i.e., NAFTA, GATT, the destruction of welfare, and the repeal of Glass-Steagall.
    That’s the same reason Barry was selected. He’ll get a second term because his job as the first black president, and a Democrat to boot, is to deal the death blow to Social Security. He didn’t get it done during his first term, not for lack of trying, so he’ll get another shot.
    And I think you’ve confused Russ Baker with Russell Baker who was a long time NYT columnist.
    Great post.

  11. The thing about conspiracies and conspiracy theories that is just intractable is that IF a conspiracy takes place well enough, with individual co-conspirators who ALL have enormous incentive to NOT reveal the others, it is practically unbeatable, even if people actually DO know that it occurred. Nowadays, very few people are silly enough to imagine that the Kennedy assassination (JFK) took place as it was presented (all too quickly) on TV at the time. Ridiculous. Yet it is easy to marginalizea nd even destroy anyone who comes forward with the LOGICAL explanation for what happened. The point is that when someone is accused of being a “conspiracy theoriest,” there no longer needs to be any real, convincing denial of his theory. The explanation of how things could have happened in a way that defies belief is simply: “Oh he’s just a conspiracy theorist.”

    I have had the clerk of a court — the elected clerk, not her employees — say to me that I am not entitled to ask any questions about how long a case noticed for hearing takes to get scheduled. She threatened to get an order of protection against me being allowed to ask questions in her courthouse. This was in the United States of America. (Maryland) I have had a young lawyer who was clerking to a federal judge tell me, in answer to a question, “When will the judge make a ruling on this, after all, it’s been under advisement for more than a year (a federal habeas corpus!)?” by saying, “You’re a conspiracy theoretist and I don’t have to talk to you any more; I’m sick of this!” I have had real evidence that the only answer a co-conspirator ever needs to give is: “You are crazy; you are wrong; you have no credibility; you are a conspiracy theoretist.” Even when you have not suggested the possibility of a conspiracy. THEY know who they are.

    A friend of mine, a physician, says it this way: “I’m not saying this is a conspiracy; I’m just saying that IF it WERE a conspiracy it would work exactly the way it is actually working already.”

    I am working on a case right now where I can easily prove that:

    1. One party committed a felony that was not charged;

    2. Another party deliberately used a public agency to take actions that it was not authorized by law to take;

    3. A local prosecutor allowed felony charges to be drawn although she knew they were bogus;

    4. Four individuals lied in official police and county government reports and the facts showing that their statements were untrue resided in the same file with the untrue statements themselves; and

    5. Lawyers took a case while agreeing with the advesary that they would “throw” the case and force their own client to settle against interests;

    and in the face of this information, it is being regarded as BEYOND BELIEF AND BEYOND THE POSSIBILITY OF BELIEF that there was a conspiracy. You don’t even have to kill a building full of people or a president. You can hide an illegal conspiracy at a local level without breaking a sweat, and one of the main reasons for that is that PEOPLE do not want to feel afraid.

    They don’t want to think: “Hey, if the CIA can kill our president, anything can happen!” They don’t want to think, “Hey, if our government could allow a giant building in the middle of a city to be blown up while we sit quietly in our cubicles, we are without protection in this life.” They don’t want to think, “Hey, if government agencies and government authorities and doctors and lawyers will all lie to accomplish something that is not really even important, and they will all give up their integrity for THAT, there is no terra firma, we are all at risk, this whole thing is not worth a bucket of warm spit,” and they DO NOT WANT TO THINK THAT.

    OK, that’s enough. Thanks for your posts.

  12. Carrie Taranova-

    Get over it, Reb. Actually, Lincoln was a good friend of Groucho Marx- Karl was the one who played the harp and chased pretty girls. Kennedy was shot in a Lincoln, but Lincoln was shot in a Ford- thus unraveling your entire theory.

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