How-To Beat Your Wife: Book Details The Need and Method For a Proper Beating Of A Muslim Wife

Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi has a blockbuster on his hands. The Islamic writer has a book that has sold out in many bookstores in India. The book lays out in detail how Muslim husbands should beat their wives.

The author supplies a how-to account on spousal abuse, explaining to Muslim men that “it might be necessary to restrain her with strength or even to threaten her.” Such beatings presumably become necessary when a wife does not fulfill her obligations to “beautify herself” or fulfill the desires of her husband or leave the home without his permission.

Then there are the different methods of corporal punishment from beating with “hand or stick” to pulling ears. However, in a humanitarian gesture, the author advises that husbands should “refrain from beating her excessively.” This is only the latest book or personality to remind Muslim men that they have a right if not an obligation to beat their wives (here and here and here). Even in Afghanistan, where U.S. women continue to sacrifice to prop up the Karzai government, women have again been called inferior to men. Now a how-to book on beating Muslim women is a sellout success. This is one book reading party that women may want to miss.

Source: Toronto Sun

25 thoughts on “How-To Beat Your Wife: Book Details The Need and Method For a Proper Beating Of A Muslim Wife”

  1. I was married to a Muslim for one month in 2011. It ended when I had enough of the Islamic Wife Boot Camp he was putting me through.. I knocked him sideways so hard he cried. I assured him that was only the appetizer and he shouldn’t make me have to feed him the grande platter. He let me go in peace. 🙂

  2. Also on that note. Don’t mix culture with religion because they are two completely different things!!

  3. The comments stated in this book aren’t even true id like to know where exactly he got this information from where exactly does it say in the Quran or hadiths that it is acceptable to do such things to your wife. Women have a very high status in the Quran, maybe if some people took more time to educate themselves instead of letting other people “educate” them. Then there would be less ignorance in the world and people wouldn’t be so gullible to believe everything they read. It’s quite sad actually, because if you actually got your information right and looked at things with an open mind, you would find islam to be such a beautiful religion.

  4. Susan: “I hear there’s a blockbuster coming out from Lorena Bobbitt. ‘Speak Softly, Carry a Knife – Ending Disagreements Without Saying a Word’ ”

    During the intermission, visit the lobby for a weiner and a can of Slice.

    (The movie relates that Lorena’s husband, an Army Reservist, was to help invade Granada, but he got separated from his unit.)

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