Baltimore Moves To Sell Off Historic Sites

The great American selloff continues with cities and states selling parks, government buildings, and other sites (here and here and here and here and here) to raise money — as we continue spend billions in Iraq and Afghanistan where our allies have called us “demons” and sought to create governments that deny basic rights to citizens. Even national parks are being pushed on the chopping block. The latest such example is Baltimore which is preparing to selloff over a dozen historic sites.

Baltimore’s Shot Tower will go to the highest bidden. This was once the tallest building in the nation back in 1828. The sites have been allowed to deteriorate due to a lack of funding and upkeep by the city. So we are pouring billions into the coffers of the Karzai family and other corrupt allies while we auction off historic sites and parks. Rest assured, we are continuing to fund the preservation of historical sites in Iraq — a nation now holding the largest oil reserve in the world.

Source: CBS

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