11,000,000: Turley Blog Hits New High

Well, it is official. Yesterday we passed the 11 million mark for “hits”.  We continue to be ranked in the top ten most visited legal blogs in the world by AVVO. We are also just short of 5000 followers on Twitter.

This year is already shaping up as a record year. Each year, we have grown significantly in readership — a credit to our guest bloggers and readers. Thanks for making this such a unique place for civil and substantive exchanges about the law, policy, and life.

Congratulations everyone.

37 thoughts on “11,000,000: Turley Blog Hits New High”

  1. All honors to lawyers. That there is a society that has need of them and there are a corps, a competition, several career paths, etc are as it were not unusual.

    But that there people so enthralled with this mixture of highly reality grounded professional exercise, but who are attracted to the highly intellectual, and in spite of clerks and computer/internet resources, study regime requiring the memory exceeding that of a doctor of medicine, and the debating powers of a Roman, is not common.

    That some of them for reasons hotly debated aspire to do good or become powerful by becoming politicians is also an added question to be solved.

    Are we friends again, boys and girls and those of undecided position?

  2. Woosty and all serious lawyers, et al.


    Yeah, you’re right, but actually imy mirth in this case had nothing to do with law and lawyers (other than my own faulty logic).

    It was a universal (?) professorial fault I used the occasion to illuminate.

    As long as I can remember, 1955+ ,professors have written books, and some are so corrupt they force them on their own students. I have read bad books and good ones—but was thinking of the human fault common to all of us—-not a professional nor professorial one.

    We all love our own voices.

    Listen to me, a prime example.

    Hopefully, other than the touchiness, when I’ve been in conflict here, which I admiit I deserve, it has been perhaps not realized the dangerousness of making mirth out of somenones profession, I hope I have nothing more to fear in terms of reprisal.

    Do I, JT?

    Besides, I’m beginning to understand the magnitude of the stage I’m cavorting on. Kudos from Kentucky don’t come everyday, and in such humble tones.

    And not having been around in America, I did not know it was an OASIS as AN says. All the more kudos to JT. and all the more commiseration to Americans for their sad lot.

    That I am allowed to cavort speaks well for JT’s site, and it allows me also to speak for the little common man, as more illustrious voices than mine have done.

  3. Congratulations, Professor Turley, on the oasis that you’ve created here. Many thanks to all who contribute.

  4. “Perhaps my proposal, full in the service of mirth, is full of holes.”
    Do be careful Id…lawyers are a mostly serious bunch and easily offended ( that being what they study and all…)…luckily, when they do let the guard down…, they are appreciative of mirth and all that is mirthy! (me too!) šŸ˜‰

  5. CONGRATS! Well done, Jonathan.

    I am a faithful reader and enjoy the blog very much. I “copy and paste” articles and forward to the the membership of the Kentucky Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (KACDL) on a regular basis. kacdl.net.

    I enjoy the postings of the regulars and I participate on selected topics on the criminal justice system during the course of the year. Thanks for allowing me to visit and learn.

    All the best Jonathan.
    Frank Mascagni

  6. Here comes the spoiler, uhh contrarian, uhhh smart-ass, and sassy remark.

    You do know folks about the professoriial code, don’tcha?
    It is do unto your fellow professors as you would have done to you.

    Assign some other’s blog as obligatory reading. Only the students are not allowed to post.

    How that egalitarian situation was fixed in JT’s favor remains to be seen

    Perhaps my proposal, full in the service of mirth, is full of holes.

  7. pete1, March 28, 2012 at 9:08 pm

    ooohh, turley BLOG hits new high.

    i gotta start paying more attention to the middle of words

    pete, you do know that you’re brilliant, don’t you?

  8. ooohh, turley BLOG hits new high.

    i gotta start paying more attention to the middle of words

  9. BobPuchli: I think it’s in the wrong thread, but your post is intriguing. I am unfamiliar with the legislation you cite and plan to check it out. Thanks for your comment.

  10. Cool. (sure wish I knew your magic to get us all over here for the first read. since being here I know what it is -, a combination of the posts and the often wonderful, scary, brilliant, dumb, strange, and more, comments and commenters.

  11. No kidding a lot of the attraction is the hilarious nonsense your commentators tack on “below the fold” – and of course the way they quarrel with each other – it’s possible to find an actually interesting difference of opinion here practically everyday.

  12. woosty,
    was it steam, must be an amusement park. And the horse is a comedian.
    A shame he did not show his biggest surprise, then the reaction would have been interesting to hear from the family.
    Eating my supper now. Smlle. 2 PM at yours. Taking naps?

  13. Elaine,
    Bron is a hit, at least he thinks he is.
    The other 10,999,999 are also hits, but he can’t read.
    I stiill ask, per day, can’t be—-WordPress could not handle it.

  14. L’chaim L’chaim Professor Turley,

    May you always be No. 1 in everything you certainly deserve it !

    Mazel tov.

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